Health Care Bill Approved by Senate Finance Committee

SnoweWith Republican support. A little:

"Legislation that would transform the nation's healthcare system cleared a significant hurdle today as the Senate Finance Committee voted (14-9) for a sweeping overhaul. Just one Republican, Sen. Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, voted for the bill. But that represented a victory for the White House, which had heavily courted Snowe, and it allowed overhaul advocates to claim that there was a vestige of GOP support for the measure. 'Is this bill all that I would want? Far from it,' Snowe said in announcing her vote. 'But when history calls, history calls.'"


  1. bobbyjoe says

    Oh…my…GOD…they got Olympia Snowe!!!! Olympia Snowe, can you imagine it??!!! Olympia…freakin’…Snowe.

    You cannot underestimate how important Olympia Snowe is to our system of government. Despite having a supermajority, if the Democrats can’t get OLYMPIA SNOWE (we should have a plane sky-write her name and write it in flashing neon rhinestones across the dome of the Capitol Building)… if they can’t get Olympia Snowe, then nothing can ever be done. Thank God, she finally said yes!

    Join me in calling your Senators and Congresspeople to introduce the “Olympia Snowe Democratic Bathroom Break Initiative Act,” a bill which will make it mandatory for any Democrats in government to raise their hands and politely ask “please, Ms. Snowe, may I go to the bathroom” and obtain her permission before they’re allowed to visit the restroom.

    You know it’s the right thing to do.

  2. John says

    That’s right.

    We “need” Olympia Snowe.

    Because Washington is obsessed with this “bipartisanship” and “cooperation” nonsense, even though they all hate each other and everyone knows it.

  3. Dan says

    Christ, what a bunch of whiners.

    Having a moderate GOP senator on board is a good thing, gents. We not only get the reform we want, but we also get political cover for all the other stuff we want to do.

    Yes. People have to deal with politics in DC. How untoward.

  4. says

    The Baucus bill is terrible. Let’s hope for the final piece of Senate legislation look more like the Senate HELP bill, which passed long ago.

  5. stolidog says

    I’m all for healthcare reform, but I fully expect that once this becomes law, my employer will raise my benefit contribution in about 2 seconds flat (because our insurance provider will skyrocket the rates overnight).

    Be prepared for it.

  6. Caleb says

    Um getting Snowe on board is not fooling anyone into thinking this is bipartisan. She is a Republican in name only. MSM thinks we are really f***ing stupid, clearly.

  7. LincolnLounger says

    By the time the liberals like Schumer and Pelosi get their hands on this bill in reconciliation, not even Olympia Snowe will be able to hold her nose and vote for the final product.

  8. John says

    I think Bill Maher nailed it.

    He said a couple weeks back that ever since “the black guy and women folk” – I presume he’s talking about Obama, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton – took over the reins of government, all the white men in America have gone from merely paranoid to an extraordinary form of “batshit crazy.” And Maher should know, he’s one of them.

    There aren’t enough guns and prozac in the world to calm down people like Caleb and Lincoln. Obama and Pelosi could be passing legislation to open orphanages, and the nutjobs would twist it into some ridiculous conspiracy to “indoctrinate our foster children in vile feminist ideology and unwholesome Afro-Socialist ideals.”

  9. Mr Chris says

    Comment from StoliDog:
    I’m all for healthcare reform, but I fully expect that once this becomes law, my employer will raise my benefit contribution in about 2 seconds flat (because our insurance provider will skyrocket the rates overnight).

    Be prepared for it.

    Posted by: stolidog | Oct 13, 2009 6:06:36 PM

    Well Stoli honey WOOF WOOF…..
    Your rates were going to get raised anyway. So don’t blame this on the healthcare bill Those damm HMO’s don’t give a rats ass about you or me for that matter anyway.

  10. says

    ummm – has anyone not noticed that health care rates have already been skyrocketing? I was just in spain and paid retail for antibiotics and tamariflu (swime flu) – total out of pocket cost for someone without insurance – 25 dollars. My copay for the antibiotics in the states with “good” health care – 25 dollars. Something stinks here.

  11. dc-20008 says

    I am self employed. Every single year my health insurance goes up. I never even go to the doctor, get sick, or file a claim [knock wood]. But my rate still goes up?

    Greedy greedy greedy. Piggy piggy piggy.

    Ins. Cos. are for profit and need to pay dividends to stock holders. That is capitalism at its best. I applaud that.

    But there has to be a Public Option for those who cannot afford to be gouged year after year simply to pay dividends to stockholders.

  12. Robert says

    Socialized medicine has failed everywhere it has been initiated. If you think a trip to the hospital is bad now, try it on for size in Europe or New Zealand. Consequently, it makes no sense for the United States to adopt a broken system. Furthermore, this so-called healthcare reform movement is too important to rest solely within the hands of idiots in Washington. An issue of this magnitude should be voted on by the American people. In fact, this representative democracy of ours is the only thing in need of reform, because I for one always feel less than represented. I also bet I am not alone in such sentiment.

    Finally, I get tired of the lust that the gay community exudes towards the Democratic Party. Keep in mind this party has done very little to equalize us under the law. As a result, they don’t deserve our support; especially when it comes to cockamamie schemes with the potential to cause economic destruction. With this in mind, it’s about time gays start boarding the libertarian train. Now that’s change we can believe in.