Hillary Clinton and Homophobic Moscow Mayor to Inaugurate Monument to Gay American Poet Walt Whitman


Will Hillary Clinton mention the human rights abuses against LGBT people inflicted by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov when she and Luzhkov inaugurate a monument to gay American poet Walt Whitman in Moscow tomorrow?

Luzhkov Luzhkov has said publicly that he suppresses the opinions of gays because they spread AIDS, arrested gays rather than their attackers following a violent 2006 Gay Pride parade, and has branded gays "satanic".

Yet he is erecting a monument to a gay American poet who wrote overtly about sexuality.

UK Gay News reports:

Clinton "The monument to Walt Whitman, an author forever linked
to gay culture and its history will be located in the gardens of the Moscow
State University, where last May the Mayor ordered the arrest of 32 gay and
lesbian activists from Russia and Belarus who were attempting to stage a
Slavic Gay Pride. Among the people arrested were also British human
rights activist Peter Tatchell from Outrage! in London and Andy Thayer from
Gay Liberation Network in Chicago. Mr Luzhkov was accused last
week of trying to shut down Moscow’s oldest and most popular gay club. The
Club is due to close by November 15."

Said prominent Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev: "Hillary Clinton will have a good chance to publicly
express her position on gay rights to one of the top homophobic politicians
in Europe. I think that no one would understand her silence on
the breach of fundamental rights of LGBT people in Russia, the day she
inaugurates the monument to a gay poet together with the homophobic Mayor of


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    “It’s interesting (and blatantly obvious) how you chose to use unflattering pictures of those who you dislike… ”

    Yeah, ANDY, you coulda’ used a much younger image of Walt Whitman–you know, when he was kinda’ sexy. (Mrs Clinton looks fine, KYLE–what do you want? Rita Hayworth?)

    I always thought that Whitman was openly homosexual–because of the homoeroticism in “Leaves of Grass”. He wasn’t. Turns out he was fired from a government job because some people thought he was homosexual–“that evil that Christians must not even speak of”. Nevertheless, he was brave, and at times, he seemed brave about being open about his sexuality. But it was a choice between being in the “closet” or being in prison or a mental asylum, and so…

    Of course, 19th Century Drag Queens were openly gay, but y’all don’t want to hear about them.

  2. says

    Kyle, you’re right. I hate Luzhkov. Not Clinton. I used that photo because it’s one from the Moscow trip she’s on now. And honestly, it’s the most flattering one I could find. Please go troll elsewhere.

  3. Donovan says

    Way to avoid the topic, Kyle. Hillary could be giving the Moscow Mayor a rimjob while he fires a rifle into the crowd at a Pride Parade and you’d still be screeching about how she’d have made a better President than Obama. OMG – Andy used an unflattering photo! Proof he has political preferences dissimilar to your own! Burn him!

  4. Rocky says

    Alright you know what…All of you queens who are still kissing Hilary Clinton’s ASS,need set yourself on fire or come back to reality and accept that she is NOT president.She lost fair and square and was not on top of her game.However President Obama was.That is why he is in the White House and she aint.The way you tired old fags carry on with your hate for President Obama,it is no different from the pathetic white trash special interest “White Power” groups which has been calling President Obama every name in the book,and gun taunting at those damn town hall meetings.If only you realized how stupid you look and sound when you say shit like “Im voting Republican next time,atleast they hate you to your face”.Oh so let me get this str8,you plan to vote for Palin in 2012,right? Well when your tired old fag ass in locked up in some goddamn concentration camp or in some gay to str8 conversion cult.Thats all we need is yet another white trash hillbillie in the white house,didnt we have enough of that for 8 str8 yrs? Apparently you didnt.Furthermore this probably has more so to do with President Obama being a Black man in the white house than some of you are willing to admit.I mean come on…What coward would really admit to their racism and own up to their bigotry? Ive always known there is racism against black folks in the gay community,however I had no idea there were so many racist white gay men.Racism is expressed in many more ways than you want to admit than just flat out calling a black person the “N” word.You dont have to say it,just thikining makes you a racist.Or just the overall stank attitude and resentment a white gay man shows to a black gay man is racist.But I digress.Had Hilary been the one to win the Primaries…YES I would have voted for her,Im sure many others would have done the same.But if you have been doing the research instead of carrying on like the tired bitter buffoons you are.You would have realized that Hilary didnt really want to be President in the first place.Maybe thats why she started slacking off in the Primaries.She is now on President Obama’s cabinet (For those of you who are still living in a damn cave).

    Im just sick and tired of logging into this fucking blog and finding the same tired bullshit from bitter fags that I would most likely be finding from the bitter uneducated racist,bible-thumping,homophobic right-winged trash on some right-winged nutjob blog.

    This is the prime example of why I dont visit gay sites anymore they are MESSY and full of ignorant bitter queens,it doesnt even matter what the sites purpose serves,news blog,social network,pop culture site,the same shit different day.
    If this was my blog Id be 86in and banning half yo asses.ESPECIALLY for your RACIST anti-black comments.Thats my rant

    As for Walt Whitman,I found out he was gay a couple of yrs back,when I was doing voluntary research on him.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    you oughtta’ write speeches for the President (be no ambivalence then, for sho’).

    Speaking of white gay racists: our beloved Walt Whitman wasn’t too crazy about the newly freed black people in the 1970s. He thought there were too many of us for the country to handle. He must’ve feared that we would eventually out number white folks. Poor old fool, I guess he didn’t know about Latinos. The hairy old fart.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “…newly freed black people in the 1970s”

    Nope, not Freudian at all. CRISPY made me do it. It took a while for the Emancipation Proclamation to really settle in. Nixon signed it, didn’t he? Reluctantly.

  7. jimmyboyo says



    yepp Latinos will be outnumbering both white and blacks in a few more years

    But that is apropriate since they have a much larger amount of genetic material from the original citizens of the americas

    Europeans tried to wipe out the Indians in north america and interbred with them in central and south america…….now the descendants of those who were pushed down by europeans are retaking what belonged to their ancestors without ever firing a gun

    I call it sweet irnoic justice. Besides, this cracker likes sweet latino ass.

  8. AERES says

    @ ROCKY – i agree, you should stop reading blog comments on this site altogether and spare us all your ridiculous, illogical, and idiotic rants.

    As for Clinton – news is she didnt take the opportunity to criticize the mayor. But she did make progress towards a new arms control treaty and other significant foreign policy issues. Maybe some here don’t think that rates as highly, but I do.

    One could also argue that it would be somewhat hypocritical for our chief diplomat to lecture a local Russian leader for his homophobia when here at home we have our own homophobic local leaders/city councils/school boards/etc.

    Does she deserve some criticism for this? Yes. But people should also consider the context of the larger issues involved – and the need to observe some diplomatic decorum.

    In my mind she’s proven her committment to LGBT issues time and time again. Missing this opportunity to improve on that record is unfortunate – but in the end – somewhat understandable.

  9. shi says

    I am really ashamed of people..

    we are all human and the things you are saying and writing are inhumane. How could you possibly have these beliefs about different people that bleeds the same?

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