1. acorlando says

    That’s it. Not another dime for HRC.

    And why would they want equality to come sooner…it would put Joe out of a job.

  2. Kit says

    Why target the “end” of a SECOND term for a deadline? At this juncture, Obama is only guaranteed ONE term, and the time should be used wisely. Never count one’s chickens before they’ve hatched.

  3. Wayne says

    So we should just sit quietly at the back of the bus until 2017?! Why does anyone donate any amount of money to HRC? Is this thier idea of advocacy? Really?

  4. taodon says

    Once again, HRC proves they are a business – if we are actually able to be treated equally under the law, they will have to close their doors. Our continued oppression is good for their wallets. It is the only reason why they told Obama to wait months ago and it is the only reason why they’re writing this claptrap now.

    At least with the fundamentalists we know they’re not on our side. HRC just pretends to be, and then pulls crap like this – over and over and over again. And some of you STILL defend them.

    Enough already.

  5. ichabod says

    In light of this truly tragic e-mail, I sent the following to HRC this morning:

    After more than fifteen years of uninterrupted financial support, I now demand my monthly donations to your organization be immediately terminated.

    Thanks to Friday’s (Oct 9, 2009) e-mail blast from Joe Solmonese, I see that the HRC’s prevailing message to the LGBT community is to “sit on your hands and wait, preferably at the back of the bus –if not under it” for President Obama to finally make good on his numerous campaign promises.

    With an attitude like that, HRC is no longer the solution, but part of the problem.

    You won’t get another dime out of me to fund your fawning efforts to stay on the White House’s preferred guest list.

    Screw you, Joe.

  6. B-rod says

    HRC is a self-serving organization that has done NOTHING to advance gay rights. They only serve to advance themselves, throw nice cocktail parties for their friends for the big suckers, oops, “donors” who contribute to them and pay for that nice, big fucking building they built for themselves to show how important they are.

    THEY DO NOTHING. Don’t give them a dime, it just a waste of your money.

    Work at the state level to get things done. HRC doesn’t even bother at the state level, b/c that’s where the work is, and they don’t like work. They like galas and black-tie events and big dinners where they can pat themselves on the back and then get bent for politicians who pay lip service to gay rights. Pathetic.

  7. Kelly says

    Perhaps HRC supporters ought to keep that January 19, 2017 date in mind when making further contributions. Let’s just hold off on those checks until then so we can fairly assess HRC’s work. How does that sound, Joe?

  8. uselessHRC says

    even the homophobes must be stunned! 2017??? you obviously don’t care about the pressing issues of the LGBT community. Let someone else run HRC.

  9. T Riggs says

    Remember President Clinton’s two year window to push his agenda with a Democrat Congress? All the Republicans need is control of one House and there will be NO GAY RIGHTS legislation. DO IT NOW

  10. Ishaq says

    Ugh, why did he write this crap? He can’t be serious? Do not listen to Solmonese. Write or talk to your local and state representatives. Persistance is key.

  11. Keven says

    Not another dime to HRC – not ONE DIME ever again!

    How dare you Joe? How dare you ask me to wait until 2017 for rights that I deserve NOW!

    This email is utter bullshit and I am calling HRC to let them know – everyone should!

  12. DR says

    Wow. Delusional. I don’t know what else to say. Oh, right, “ass kisser” comes to mind. So does “politically impotent”.

  13. Darren says

    Yup, he’s high and they long ago jumped the proverbial shark, this just confirms it. I’m tired of being told “wait”.. if not now, when? Sorry but HRC, if you won’t fight the battles you claim to fight, then we’ll do it for you. Good luck in that job market.

  14. walter says

    What happens if in 2010 the republicans regai control then all hopes of GLBT Rights goes out the door Why is the HRC so willing to let everything slide No battle was ever won by doing nothing except having tea and cookie photo ops Yes Obama will speak to the HRC but tomorrow will be playing golf far away from the March. HRC and Barney Frank dont want to put pressure of the President. Why not? Frank tells everyone not to come and he is leaving town Hrc has done nothing to push the March Great leadership Both should be on the dias tomorrow. Time for leadership changes

  15. QL Dallas says

    We are protesting the President AND the overpaid “do-nothings” at HRC’s dinner tonight. We do out direct-action with very little money, but we are very effective. If anything comes of tonight’s ass-kissing dinner – it will be because of us. Demanding and using our anger and frustration is the only thing that makes results.

    Imagine what we could accomplish if we had HRC’s $30 million per year? We don’t wait for anything. Our actions get results.

    Look for us on CNN tonight.

  16. Jefffrey says

    How many people who wish to be married will be DEAD by 2017? How many teenagers will have committed suicide by 2017? How many gay bashings will have occurred? How many soldiers dismissed from the armed services?
    How many fired from their jobs simply because they are gay, lesbian, or transgendered?
    And how much money will Joe Suckonthese have earned as the head of an organization that is supposed to be fighting for our rights?

  17. Brian Leitner says

    Dear Joe:

    Thank-you for your thoughtful Retirement Letter. Please wish your co-workers success finding new jobs. I agree with your assessment that there really isn’t anything to do for our full equality but “wait.”

    If Obama doesn’t deliver on his promises by 2017, and if you’re still seeking employment, maybe we should consider reviving HRC.

    Waiting Together for Equality,

    The LGBTQ Community

  18. John says

    “Why is the HRC so willing to let everything slide”

    They’re lobbyists. If they win, then they’re also unemployed.

    The trick is to (1) present the illusion of progress so you don’t scare away all your donors and patrons; and (2) to limit actual progress to a snail’s pace so that these same donors and patrons continue to give you money.

    And that, folks, is how the federal government “works” in a nutshell.

  19. Ken says

    Joe Solmonese is a starfucker. He has become so enchanted by the celebrities he meets that he has been transformed into a fawning Uncle (or should that be Aunt?) Tom.

    Screw HRC.

  20. Jeremy says

    “I’ve written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I’m not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say: It’s not January 19, 2017.”

    What the hell? I would love for him to “trot” out the list of accomplishments….. Are people still getting thrown out of the military under don’t ask don’t tell? Or is Joe speaking of the wonderful LIMITED benefits that partners of government employees receive? Because if this is the “good deal of ground” that we have covered so far then I have to say Joe and the HRC are so delusional. It is time to stop kidding ourselves and find another solution. It is obvious the HRC is not part of the solution….

  21. Sean R says

    Really alarmed byt this… loath though I am to quote Ronald Reagan, his quotation “If not us, who? If not now, when?”seems to apply! Get moving on reform while you still can!

  22. RedCedar says

    Of course HRC is doing this!

    That’s why they don’t matter. That’s why they are truly irrelevant.

    They are just a bunch of parasites, sucking up money so that they can put on their next black tie fundraiser.

  23. Liz templin says

    One major thing i think obama HAS to address: if he can’t repeal DADT, then why the hell hasn’t he signed an executive order? I keep hearing he can do this, but he hasn’t. i wanna know WHY. very confused on that

  24. says

    I’ll defend Obama until my face is blue, but it’s pretty clear to anyone who pays attentio that Joe Solomonese is an idiot with an ego that rivals Andy Cohen.

  25. steve says

    Once again, members of the GLBT are being horse-traded for other political means. If we wait quietly in the back of the bus, we’ll never be invited to the front. By waiting “for the right time” to repeal DADT, it will never come.

    I paid my taxes – I want my rights, now. No more excuses.

    And HRC – no more money for you. And I’ve written them to complain about this memo – you should too!

  26. says

    All you queen need to calm the fuck down.
    Did any of you actually READ the email or was it just TL;DR. Joe is only saying that when the Obama administration is over, then he can look back at his accomplishment and not only 9 months into his term. Right now though, unless Obama does something soon, I see him as a one term wonder.

  27. RedCedar says

    “I’ve heard that what’s coming tonight from Obama is an announcement of a push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2010, some recognition of David Huebner, the new gay ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, and some words against Question 1 in Maine.”

    If they do indeed push to repeal DADT that will be progress worth applauding, even more so when DADT is repealed.

  28. says

    Well I’ve had it.

    I put it very bluntly on my blog and I made a Boycott The HRC graphic if anyone wants it.

    F**K Joe Solomese

    F**K the HRC

    And quite basically F**k anyone who supports them because you are only supporting our own rights being delayed.

  29. says

    But, but, but, Obama sounds so pretty. What’s substance got to do with it. Personally I think Solmonese ought to apply for the job of Obama’s proctologist. His lips seem so firmly attached to that area of the president’s anatomy he’s perfect for the job.

    When will people realize the HRC is a front for the Democratic Party and puts the party ahead of the rights of gay people?

  30. daniel says

    Yet another disappointment from our “leaders” at HRC. Is he assuming we have 7 years to wait for our rights to be recognized? Is he kidding? We have an burning issue and we have to wait until 2017 to deal with it? I agree with ICHABOD and I am terminating my financial support as of today of this sorry ass organization. It should be renamed: HRC, Hopeless Rights Campaign!

  31. Mario says

    Here is what I wrote to HRC:

    “2017…REALLY??? That is beyond despicable! I will never support or defend this organization EVER! Why don’t you all just align yourselves with the Westboro Baptist Church. HRC has become nothing more than a corporation looking out for its bottom line. This comment by Joe Solmonese just made me lose my lunch. I’m guessing tomorrow he will also defend the Justice Department brief comparing homosexuality with incest and pedophilia because the President has asked him to. We are never going to win this fight with the HRC’s “help.” Grassroots is our only hope. I just ripped off your stupid equality sticker from my car. If you want to help us gain equal rights, do us a favor… DON’T! HRC does not speak for the gay community anymore.”

  32. narishkeit says

    Rather presumptuous of Joe to think that Obama will be around until 2017…I won’t be supporting his re-election if he doesn’t move on our issues. I don’t expect them all in one day, but christ, move on something.

    Change will not happen, unless there is a call for it. We must keep demanding equality.

  33. jake says

    Why do we always let Democrats do this to us? They push us off; always with a different excuse. We always have to be the people who give something up for the current agenda, yet when it comes to vote they call on us! Why cant two people who love each other cannot hold each others hand at the last moments of life in a hospital room?

  34. cybearsage says


    I advocated for civil rights in the 60s, and women’s rights (ERA) a little later that decade and through the 70s. I’ve been advocating and waiting for my gay/lesbian/transgender rights for the last 40 years. I’m an advocate for any and all civil rights for all people. I would like to live the remainder of my life as a first class citizen—sooner rather than later!

    You’re a wimp on our behalf! Get out of our way!

  35. says

    I belong to the Lou Sheldon school of Congressional political action.

    Several years ago I was on a panel at the Americans United for Separation of Church and State national conference. My panel was preceded by a panel which had the homophobic Rev. Louis P. Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition.

    Repeatedly he said when you are in political power you can do whatever you want to do, “That’s the way the cookie crubles.”

    Most of what we are asking for are really minor matters for the Congress to handle especially when the Democrats have such a large majority in the Congress.

    All Nancy has to do is have the appropriate committees in the House hold a couple of hours hearings in the morning, vote it out of committee and send it to the floor, limit the time of debate, pass it and send it to the Senate where the same procedures take place a few days later. The Senate passes it and sends it to the Prez the next day for his signature.

    There doesn’t have to be a long drawn out debate. Just do it and let the Rebulicans and the RRR howl.

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles!!

  36. Mark says

    If only Solomonese spent as much time and energy on his job as he did on posing for that photograph.

  37. Randy says

    HRC and Joe Solmonese are delusional. 2009 was our best hope for any progress. 2010 is an election year where nothing controvesial will happen. (DADT repeal and ENDA aren’t really controversial but still seem to terrify congress anyway). Don’t even talk about DOMA repeal.

    2011 may start with a Republican House just like 1994.

    2013 may start with a Republican President.

    2017 may ALSO start with a Republican President, who may block any progress until 2025.

    Who here is willing to wait until 2025 for DOMA repeal?

  38. Terry says

    Anyone read what Barney Frank just said about the march?

    Frank , in an interview with The Associated Press, said he considers such demonstrations to be “an emotional release” that does little to pressure Congress.

    “The only thing they’re going to be putting pressure on is the grass,” the Massachusetts Democrat said Friday.

    Am I alone in thinking, “FUCK YOU!”?

  39. QL Dallas says

    Queer Liberaction will force the President to do something TONIGHT. Watch CNN. Thank us for protesting and demanding our rights. We know how to play this game – angrily – and we will WIN.

  40. FizziekruntNT says

    I guess we’ll see. If any of you watches via Internet, here’s the URL for tonight’s address:

    I was rather ready to jump on the bandwagon and be just as angry, but really, to read the letter thoroughly exposed a lot of holes in the arguments being made against HRC and Joe Solomonese. I am NOT an HRC supporter, nor have I ever been, but I’m not sure what the head scratching is all about. He’s just basically said, “we’re still workin’ it.” Nothing, NOTHING at ALL was said about waiting until Obama’s second term was over to achieve results.

  41. says

    So it’s “not January 2017″?
    Great! Next time the HRC wants a donation, that will be my response.

    On most of Obama’s gay rights issues, he has nation-wide majority support.
    ENDA? VAST majority support it.
    Sexual orientation hate crimes legislation? VAST majority support it.

    I can be somewhat sympathetic to a statement that the health-care package is more important so gay rights will be accomplished next year, but to push the dead-line back to a date WHERE OBAMA’s NEXT TERM is NOT guaranteed???

    It sounds like HRC is more interested in getting gay support for Obama’s next term rather than making sure Obama makes good on his promises in THIS term.

  42. Keith says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; organizations like the HRC exist soley for the prestige, power and money which we happily continue to funnel into their coffers with the hope that we as GLBT (a)mericans will ultimately be treated as equals under the constitution.

    Anytime you here them say “let’s just take it slowly” should sound off alarms. Truth be told, it’s in their best interest to prolong the struggle as long as possible. Like most politicians, I don’t think they would know what to do with themselves in the private sector if they were actually forced to work; maybe become a lobbyist.

    Personally, I find the HRC and their ilk offensive as they try to manipulate our community with false promises. If there were ever a third rail in politics, they are it.

  43. Sargon Bighorn says

    I suspect very few people will be getting calls from HRC asking for donations, just a thought.

  44. says

    Yea, I pledge until at least Jan 2017:

    No money for the HRC will come from my wallet.
    No equal sign will be displayed on anything I own.
    I will not sign or converse with HRC people at events except to say a polite, “No thanks.”

    So tell me in Jan 2017 (when I’m 47 years old) will I finally have the right to marry my partner? Will he be able to take care of me when I’m in the hospital and vice versa? As a government employee will I get equal benefits for both myself and my partner?

    I’m tired of waiting.

  45. David says

    Solmonese – Obama: Action not words. I have given up on GL rights groups and political figures that who say they are our champion. No reason each and every bill cannot be introduced before the Christmas Break.

    So tired of it all.

  46. crispy says

    It’s a fake letter! Obviously, it’s not a real letter from Joe Solmonese. There’s no “Donate Now” button at the bottom.

  47. Chris says

    Well I’m glad Obama didn’t say that and his speech tonight was very appropriate.

    All I can say is this to those of you who will go to The Equality March on Sunday. Please leave your parents Hitler posters and all the nasty racist posters and signs HOME. Especially you kids who did not support him AT ALL from day one because of The Hillary Factor which is most of the haters on most of these Gay Blogs.

    Truth Be Told!

    This community cannot afford it!

  48. Patrick says

    I do not see why the gay community is so upset at what Obama has apparently not done for them. The man has been in office for nine months!

    I am all for gay rights and equality for all citizens across the board but lets be realistic.


    We want him to get re-elected.

    Obama will not do anything of “significance” for the gay community until he gets elected for a second term.

    If he does it now, the right will come out in full force throwing money at any right wing fundamentalist that opposes the social issues that Obama has supported and made into law (gay rights/marriage) within his first years and the Democratic party will more than likely lose the majority and the presidency by 2012. It will become a 2004 election all over again.


    I believe that he will accomplish universal efforts like hate crime and equal employment reform for the gay community in his first term but as for the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and same-sex marriage, those will not be topics he will touch until he has won his second term.

    If he waits until then, reverses “don’t ask, don’t tell” and makes marriage a right for all citizens then it will give society as a whole four plus years to get accustomed to these new measures/laws and by the time he leaves office it will be a non-issue.


  49. xman says

    I dont know whats worse Joe SHMOE blowing smoke up our ass or Obama giving us more of the same Bull Shit lip service. I had $200.00 in my pocket and it went right to NO ON 1 for Maine equality.
    We need to concentrate on Washington and Maine right now to fight off the BIBLE THUMPERS and NOM idiots. when were done with that battle than we start to force mr Joe outta of his little comfy chair. let him see whats its like to be unemployed.

  50. Mark says

    HRC does nothing but is ready to take ALL the credit when anything happens.

    Just wait for the repeal of DADT and marriage rights. Joe-tard and HRC will be right there taking credit and using it to fundraise for more champagne and new tuxedos.

    Both Joe-tard’s speech and Obama’s speech were bullshit. ALL THEY DID WAS NARRATE THE GAY RIGHTS STRUGGLE AND THROW IN SOME PLATITUDES.

    How stupid are you to think any of this meant anything?

  51. Will says

    Let’s start the NOD campaign. NOT ONE DIME. Not a damn dime to HRC, RNC, DNC until lawmakers and lobbyists get results. Less award bestowing. Less asskissing. Less dinners. Less “how friendly are you to the gays” indexes. Get the laws on the books. Defeat the hate mongers. Get the hypocrites out of office. Put the gay dollar toward getting gays and straights who work for equality in local, county, state and govt positions.

  52. Dave says

    What is with the supreme masochism of the HRC? They seemingly don’t want a resolution. They grovel before the establishment. They keep delaying the satisfaction they could benefit from once certain rights have been attained.

    I promise that their claimed purpose of fighting for gay rights will not go away if/when DADT and DOMA are rescinded. Other minority groups that have achieved some rights still face massive discrimination. There will be plenty more to do and maintain.

  53. says

    Maybe he knows something something that the rest of us don’t. Is it possible that a time line has been outlined to him, but he was asked not to release any details?

  54. says

    I’m sorry, but anyone who donates money to HRC may as well — nay, would be better off — flushing it down the toilet. At least when you flush money down the toilet, it won’t work against progress for civil rights of glbt Americans. HRC does — on a regular basis.

    HRC is well past its expiration date. Joe Solomnese needs to go away, now, in disgrace. He should be ASHAMED for his leaderships skills of a mouse. GO AWAY, Joe!!!!!!

  55. Brian says

    Many gay activists are still the ugly girls at the dance standing in the corner, waiting to get a glance from their favorite football player. It is like they are all that character on “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” waiting, waiting and waiting some more.

    They are victims of flattery. Straight guys do this thing when they go to a club. It called the wingman. One guy goes up to the pretty girl, while his friend goes to the ugly girl, and pretends to be interested in her while his friend gets all the action. The ugly girl no one wants to dance with gets all the flattery and attention, while the real business of the friends happens with the pretty girl. TIME FOR GAYS TO DUMP OBAMA AND LEAVE THE CLUB.

    The Obama supporters buy every one of his tired lines, “See, I don’t make the laws, I only sign the bills.” Or here is a good one, “I promise I will call.” Then he goes back to his friend, “Yea, I promised to call, but I didn’t say when!”

  56. John says

    Again, typical bitchy criticism of HRC.

    In no way did Solmonese say he was setting the goal post til 2017. If you read the eblast CAREFULLY and IN ITS ENTIRETY, you would notice that he wrote in the last paragraph to say that we will be “pleasantly” surprised by Obama and that all good things take time. Do we want to put DADT to a House or Senate vote TOMORROW? NO! We would lose and the movement would lose steam.

    Yes, he hasn’t spread marriage equality to every corner of the USA, signed an inclusive ENDA, or for that matter signed the hate crimes bill yet, but these issues aren’t salient to most Americans.

    Our community runs the risk of sounding too selfish (although most here would not see it that way) in a time of true national crisis. Our economy is in the dumpster, modern-day robber barons are still plundering the US Treasury and we have 2 wars going on.

    It’s important to push our leaders on these issues, but don’t sound WHINY.

  57. thomas johnson says

    Good God. Could you people read the letter in its entirety and put the letter in context. For all of you that say, “never another dime to HRC…” Fine, I get it. Take your $20 a year and give it to your local state group. HRC doesn’t need your money.
    No where did Joe Solmonese say to wait until 2017…read the papers this week about Hate Crimes.

  58. Buck says

    I’ve never liked HRC. I grew up in the South and they couldn’t have cared less about our plight. When we were fighting constitutional amendments against marriage they were throwing star studded parties and keeping the money they raised to pay themselves huge salaries. When LGBT people were targeted for violence, they were busy building fancy office buildings.

    The HRC has never done anything for ordinary LGBT Americans. They fawn over celebrities and giggle like school girls over politicians. We never elected them to represent us as our voice and it’s time we as the LGBT community put them out of business. Give money to your local organizations and help elect strong progressive and pro-LGBT politicians. Hell, run for office yourself! But don’t write another check to HRC.

    When we’re trying to raise money to fight for equality in Maine and Washington, HRC is using precious dollars to produce stupid co-branded tote bags they give away at booths, self promoting baseball cap giveaways, and obscenely huge salaries for people like Joe “Pee Wee Herman” Solomnese. The aunties and HRC must go if we are to move forward.

  59. RW Ritchie says

    Typical really. It’s all photo op material. Nothing happens in Washington until Washington really ‘changes.’
    Neither the dems or GOP could care less about LGBT people. they want their donations an pay great lip service at our expense. Obama is not going to do anything that doesn’t help Obama. He’s a politician, and when you say one thing and do the opposite, that makes you the worst kind of politician. I hated Bush/Cheney, but I knew when they said something they really meant it, and intended to do it, or did it. Now that Obama’s embedded Wall Street in the White House, the dems look even weaker than ever in 2010. I’ve championed the Democrats, I vilifed the GOP, and I realize they are not that different in the end. Do nothings with only one real job, get re-elected and F over the country for more donations from corporations, special interest and China/Saudi’s. Thanks for nothing HRC, maybe you should run for office Joe, you have what it takes.