Human Rights Campaign Building Vandalized


The Human Rights Campaign headquarters in D.C. was vandalized over the weekend. The damage, in pink paint, included a message that read "Quit leaving queers behind" and was captured by blogger Leslie Ewing early Sunday morning.

A group called 'Queers Against Assimilation' later took credit on the blog Lez Get Real, calling the action an act of "glamdalism". They also left a sort of manifesto, which you can read in full here.

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  1. Well, that little incident is about as useful as an HRC dinner: completely self-absorbed and accomplishing absolutely nothing but bad press.

    Posted by: taodon | Oct 12, 2009 9:13:27 AM

  2. Woohoo, we have morons on the left now. We've come of age!


    Posted by: protogenes | Oct 12, 2009 9:14:48 AM

  3. LOL! That's funny. Funnier still because they sound like they expect to be taken seriously. They do have a point, though. What good are the HRC besides being glorified party planners? They should branch out to do weddings and bat mitzvahs, too.

    Posted by: Amused | Oct 12, 2009 9:35:35 AM

  4. Isn't that a security camera in the top left corner of the picture?

    Posted by: crispy | Oct 12, 2009 9:36:31 AM

  5. I really see no bad press. It's obvious we are IN FIGHTING we all know that. Perhaps this will make the HRC actually stand up and take notice that mnay people are pissed off and they need to start to do some changing.

    Most of the comments around the web have not been overtly condemming of this action

    Posted by: Wolfie | Oct 12, 2009 9:38:09 AM

  6. Folks have the right to criticize the HRC if they so choose. When they start vandalizing stuff, however, it damages our ability to point out when our buildings or people are attacked by right-wingers and homophobes. It evokes in me the same disgust when every now and then someone "fakes" being gay bashed or attacked. We need to be better than this.

    Posted by: Dback | Oct 12, 2009 9:43:08 AM

  7. crispy

    Yepp, it looks like a security camera

    Anyway; the group responsible would do better by funneling its energy into trying to turn donors against HRC for HRC's "WAIT..........WAIT...........WAIT" stance

    Posted by: jimmyboy | Oct 12, 2009 9:44:17 AM

  8. It's obvious much of the mob mentality around HRC in being engendered in the same spirit (and with the same intellectual basis) as the screamers at the health care town hall meetings.

    Posted by: Jeff In Boston | Oct 12, 2009 9:47:45 AM

  9. Jeff In Boston perhaps if the HRC didn;t ignoire the "screamers" who do have a valid point by they way then maybe it wouldn't reach this point.

    Posted by: Wolfie | Oct 12, 2009 9:52:41 AM

  10. why does no one understand that money = power, especially in a recession?

    instead of marching, and vandalizing, and in-fighting, and party planning, just oppose people/things financially.

    as a gay youth, i will never, and have never given my money to the HRC. i would never vandalize it, because that's foolish on several levels. but because i disagree with HRC practices, I don't give them my money. It hurts them more than having to hire a cleaning crew to chip off glitter paint residue.

    Posted by: Gregsy | Oct 12, 2009 10:06:59 AM

  11. The HRC and Joe need to be held responsible for not getting anything done. Ever.

    Posted by: KFLO | Oct 12, 2009 10:10:57 AM

  12. Having read their note, I have to say they don't seem to have much to offer other than whining and foot-stomping, and bashing the HRC.

    While I agree that HRC is assimilationist and elite, the vandal group didn't actually bother to tell us what they want, or describe a plan to get there. They wasted their opportunity.

    I also agree with previous posters that this now means that when vandalism is a hate crime against us, now we also have to prove in the court of public opinion that it isn't community in-fighting. Stupid. :(

    Posted by: Randy | Oct 12, 2009 10:29:26 AM

  13. Unfortunately there is no way for us to "fire" the HRC

    Posted by: Wolfie | Oct 12, 2009 10:41:11 AM

  14. I have to admit that those vandals speaks for me. What does the hrc does ? My friends are forced to live in Australia instead of the states because no one is able until now to get doma repealed, and the hrc is part of the problem not the solution. They are an extension of the democratic party to cash in on your dollar. And their role for the democratic party is to give the media a pictures of gays cheering the president so that the average Joe liberal sympathetic to our cause thinks that gays overwhelmingly support Obama.

    I seriously hope this campaign of vandalism won't stop because the hrc. The Obama administration and the DNC failed us. If they wanted they could have passed everything they wanted in the past few month. A stop loss order the same day they order the stop of the use of torture, they had a blank card for the first few month and decided to play like if we were in 2010 midterm campaign. I don't see any gay rights achievement coming from the hrc. They aren't behind the lawsuits against doma and they have no part in new englands victories. They are parasites and are just here to divert our efforts in useless gimicks and vouching for the president in the mainstream media.

    It's time we pull those leech off our back.

    And those act of vandalism are useful because the main advantage of the hrc is that they can pretend for now they represent the lgbts opinion to the media. Vandalizing them show to the media that "no they don't represent everyone".

    And the proof that it work:

    the white house was forced to give a speech to an hrc dinner before the march in order to save their credibility and reduce the impact of the march. Reduced today as a "left fringe" event. The Obama dinner speech was against us, not for.

    Posted by: Esurnir | Oct 12, 2009 10:43:39 AM

  15. Also, I really wish we could replace B with Q in LGBT.

    Posted by: Turi | Oct 12, 2009 10:47:14 AM

  16. You only feel "left behind" if you don't have the power to move yourself.

    Posted by: JeffRob | Oct 12, 2009 11:11:19 AM

  17. @wolfie, yes we can fire the HRC. We stop funding it. We convince those that fund it to stop giving to it, and give them alternatives to give to. We turn HRC into an irrelevant organization, by individual or new groups doing the lobbying that HRC is currently doing.

    Wouldn't it be nice if an HRC lobbyist went to a senator and he said well 10 people came lobbying at my door from other groups saying they represent the community.

    We withhold cash and support and HRC will either go away or change itself into something relevant.

    Posted by: kujhawker | Oct 12, 2009 11:18:58 AM

  18. "What good are the HRC besides being glorified party planners?"

    So I'm assuming YOU'RE responsible for the federal hate crimes protections you'll be getting in the near future. And YOU defeated the federal marriage amendment...twice? And you've helped elect pro-equality candidates for decades? Also, if you had an ounce of understanding of Washington politics you'd know the infrastructure that HRC has worked to build for decades so all things that are going to happen over the next decade can happen for YOU. Change doesn't happen overnight. If you're so impatient, run for office.

    Posted by: Anthony | Oct 12, 2009 11:19:05 AM

  19. The 2-3 commenters here who support petty vandalism can barely tap out a proper sentence without making multiple spelling errors and breaking just about every rule of grammar. Is "ignoire" like some anarchist version of "ignore"? WTF?

    I don't know if this means anything. Just thought I'd point it out.

    Posted by: crispy | Oct 12, 2009 11:29:29 AM

  20. Sorry Anthony.. I dont buy it.

    HRC is not responsible for the hate crimes protection.. Part of the lobbying effort I am sure.. but not responsible.

    HRC did not defeat the FMA..again.. part of it but I see no evidence that they in some way were the ones carrying the water.

    HRC, at least in my state is virtually silent in electing pro-equality candidates. And speaking of their infrastructure.. they have been co-opted to become part of the problem because they fail to represent the rank and file and represent those with money.

    Finally, any gains we have seen lately, mostly all on the local level, come from state organizations, not HRC. People are better off putting their money in local organizations that still have an ear to the ground, listening to what their constituents want.

    And this comes from an ex federal club member who got tired of getting these missives from Joe that demonstrated how out of touch they really were with the reality on the ground. HRC has the potential to be a true ally to the LGBT community. But until their leadership is changed and they start listening.. No one should support them. Look at their dinner on Saturday night. Obama gets up and gives them the same pablum he has been spouting since his campaign and they acted like he was giving them manna from heaven. Come on, they need to start acting like they give a damn.

    Posted by: Trace | Oct 12, 2009 11:43:57 AM

  21. And how was that HRC dinner, Anthony? Did you have the chicken or the fish?

    Posted by: Mike | Oct 12, 2009 11:47:56 AM

  22. The Republicans aren't the enemy. The religious right isn't the enemy. The heteronormative laws and attitudes in our society are not the enemy. The HRC is the enemy, Obama is the enemy, Barney Frank is the enemy, the Democratic Party is the enemy. HRC needs to stop wasting its time pushing for gay-friendly legislation and join with us in concentrating on what really matters, which is to say, destroying the HRC.

    Posted by: mcc | Oct 12, 2009 11:49:18 AM

  23. @anthony: I'm as responsible for those (mostly hypothetical, at this point) advancements as you or the HRC are. You're damned right I'm impatient. For all the money that's come through their coffers, the ineffectualness of the HRC's lauded "infrastructure" is pathetic. If you think the HRC serves the LGBT Americans over their own interests, you're delusional. They endorsed an out gay candidate's OPPONENT in the last election!

    Enjoy your high society circle-jerks, stooge.

    Posted by: Amused | Oct 12, 2009 11:56:51 AM

  24. We've always had all parts of the spectrum here in Mass. where I've done activism for 25 years. The Left fought the Right and the Middle, at times. But I can tell you if ANYONE would have defaced a community organization's building, there were have been condemnation from all sides. This is from the right wing's playbook, and it says a lot about anyone who shrugs their shoulders and says, "Eh, they deserved it." Fight your real enemies, people. If you don't like HRC, do what people have always done: start your own group.

    Posted by: Jeff In Boston | Oct 12, 2009 12:04:18 PM

  25. HRC has very little to show for the $300 million the LGBT Community has given them. They are only trying to drag things out as long as they can = so they can keep making +$300,000 salaries.

    Posted by: Brian Leitner | Oct 12, 2009 12:04:59 PM

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