1. jimmyboy says


    Think lacrosse but more masculine and far far far older

    It is older than xtianity in the British Isles dating to at least 2,000 yrs ago

    It is played internationally UK, Australia, new Zealand, North America, South Africa, etc UNLIKE american football which nobody outside of America gives 2 sh@ts about……Men in armor= wimps!!!!!!!!!!

    Rugby, World football (soccer), Hurling, etc all manly sports while american football, baseball, etc all pussy sports


  2. jimmyboy says


    should have said Think lacrosse ” but with paddles”

    also Hurling has roots that are prehistoric when skulls were used and bated around with clubs between 2 tribes

  3. JT says

    Thank you, Jimmy. Sometimes one just has to look at a certain sport from a particular angle, and then one sort of “gets” the thrill. And even if one doesn’t become a fan, one can sort of appreciate it.

  4. Bill says

    I welcome Donal. It’s always great to hear about a person who accepts their homosexuality and comes out. He actually is still active in the sport and only 32.

  5. DublinMike says

    Yes, he has chosen to come out publicly while still at his peak competitively and according to excerpts has had great support from his county team-mates, his home club, and according to the messageboards, from his fans too. Reading his story might be fatiguing for some, but to me its courageous and admirable.

    Never thought I’d see a hurling clip on towleroad.

  6. mike says

    Way to go, JimmyBoy!!! I agree 100%. I watch American baseball or football players and I think, “Ain’t one of them who could last just one half of a World Football game.”

  7. MicahSkin says

    I agree. nice to see someone still playing a sport come out.

    Now if we could only get Richie McCaw (NZ All Blacks) to do the same. And don’t race to tell me he’s not gay. It’s my fantasy world, I make the rules!

  8. John in Boston says

    Lacrosse a ‘pussy’ sport? MANY Americans and Canadians are getting a giggle out of that one.

    I suppose ice hockey is a ‘pussy’ sport also?

    AND American football players are BEASTS.

    GROWING up my best buddy had a hurling stick thing in his house. Don’t know where it came from. We use to chase each other around with it.

  9. says

    It’s really quite fantastic that he’s come out at the zenith of his career. There’s never been a “problem” per se with homophobia in Gaelic games, unlike in say, English and Italian soccer, but I still think it’s great that he’s there as an example for the thousands of Irish men who play hurling.

    Just one thing, his name is “Donal Óg Cusack”, not “Og Cusack”. That “Óg” is pronounced “ohgue”, not “ogg” as it seems without the ‘fada’ (the line above the letter o in his name).

  10. sam says

    footbal is incredibly tough on the body, even with all the padding. the concussion rates, what just a few of them do to people is devastating. most players retire before around 30. and after that, their bodies are forever affected.

    pain pills for years, hip and knee surgeries. and they don’t have guaranteed contracts. so if they get hurt, they get nothing. lets not mention on the field injuries that can lead to paralysis.

    baseball isn’t meant to be tough, but MLB is. they play over a 162 games a year.

  11. JT says

    John in Boston : Everybody’s getting testosterone-y competitive here, but I seriously don’t think anybody REALLY thinks any of these guys are pussies, whether it’s lacrosse, rugby, hurling, or American football.

  12. tingalway says

    This isn’t actually ‘low-risk’ at all – it would be a pretty big deal as Ireland is concernced. Hurling would be more akin to hockey than lacrosse reputation wise – ie aggressive and ‘masculine’, and has a huge following, more so among conservative and rural folks. He’s an active team member, on a team that’s one of the top in the country.

  13. says

    I saw Cusack interviewed on Ireland’s iconic Late, Late Show. What impressed me most was his sangunity. There was no wringing of hands, no angst, no self-justication. He just put it very plainly and to paraphrase said, ‘I’m gay and that’s me’.

    While many people will have no notion of who he is, his coming out is highly signiicant, pointing up as it does the world of Sports lamentable dragging of it’s feet on gay intolerance in its ranks.

  14. says

    Well done Donal..anybody not from Ireland won’t realise that this is a very masculine sport and in my experience pretty homophobic. It is the 21st century but some followers and players of the game are stuck in the anti-gay mindset of 1900’s Ireland when the Catholic Church damned gay people.
    Hopefully Donals actions will bring people into the 21st century and make things easier for people who are afraid to come out.

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