Jonathan Groff and Gavin Creel: Broadway’s New Gay Power Couple?


If you believe what you read in Page Six:

"Jonathan Groff, who was nominated for a Tony for his work in 'Spring Awakening,' has been dating 'Hair' star Gavin Creel, a source tells Page Six. Incidentally, Creel, who plays Claude in the musical, took over the role from Groff, who initially starred in the revival when it opened last year. Groff will also soon appear in a guest run on Fox's 'Glee.' Reps for the actors didn't get back to us."

Groff also appeared in Hair (above) in Central Park before it made its way to Broadway. Here's our interview with Creel at the National Equality March, if you missed it.


  1. Mike says

    To be slightly pedantic… Groff played Claude in Central Park only. Creel has been playing Claude since the production started performances on Broadway. The Post article gives the impression that Groff played the role for some amount of time in the current production at the Hirschfeld Theatre, which is not the case.

    And if they are dating, all the best to them.

  2. Chris in Seattle says

    Groff did recently come out of the closet at the DC March supposedly. Rumors were swirling that he arrived on the bus with Creel too. Ive met both of them and they are 2 of the sweetest guys ever so if they are together so my best to them.

  3. Craig says

    I’ve had a crush on Groff ever since I saw “Spring Awakening” off-Broadway. He’s gorgeous, talented, and apparently very down-to-earth. More power to them.

  4. ahem says

    WOW – that’s one hot couple. They can even sing Jean Valjean/Javert duets in the shower.

    Question: When one broadway star dates another, who’s the top?

    Answer: The guy they invite to join them in a threesome.

    Does Groff have body hair? I never quite got Creel singing about being hairy everywhere and then, when his shirt is off, looks as smooth as marble.

  5. DEREKK says

    I think I am starting a Facebook page for Groff/Creel fans to mourn.

    Bakely and Nick, maybe we can mourn together…start a club?

  6. says

    They are both cutie patooties and I’ve had my suspicions about Groff since Day One.

    Both insanely talented and just plain old good people. Add Cheyenne Jackson and the boys from [title of show] to the mix and I love our cool out gay Broadway celebs!

  7. Nick says

    Yes, I realize where those pictures came from, but they are both just one good haircut away from being hot. Otherwise…meh

  8. Kathryn says

    Wow that is like a match made in heaven! I was just saying to myself how cute they look together. I have two huge crushes on these guys. Now in a perfect world they both would be straight but hey this works too.