1. Terry says

    WTF Joy? you cut those kids off and didn’t let them really speak. Why exactly was Christian Siriano relevant to middle school bullying?

  2. Clay says

    I wanted to hear more from the middle school kids experiences and less from Christian Siriano

  3. Mike says

    Seriously, Christian Siriano, STFU. It’s the kids’ stories who are interesting. Some of these kids were in the New York Times Magazine piece.

  4. Joe says

    Im sorry, and YES I know I will get slammed for this, but do we need the stereotypical fashion queen here? Im not hating, but its more that its the same reinforcement. I dont fucking care about his lame ass book and them gabbing about earrings. Perhaps talk to the kids more and their experiences.

  5. ohno says

    Joy Behar- love her… but she and the way this whole interview was handled seems incredibly uncomfortable.

  6. kurt says

    when joy says “did anyone ever hit or punch you in school?” that was so retarded! she’s so lame. but this interview is funny.

  7. Cameron says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Christian Siriano was a poor choice..

    Not hatin, but reallllly?