1. Jon B says

    Poppy. Electronic. I like it, though I do think it’s a bit overproduced considering the quality of his voice naturally. It would be nice if top 40 could include anything that wasn’t produced to death. Either way, catchy song.

  2. Dareng says

    Nice. Not quite what I was expecting, but I liked it. Although, I have to agree with you, Jon B, it was almost distracting with all that in the background. I think Adam is more powerful when it’s a little more bare, with simple music to frame his voice. But it should do well on the charts, at least.

  3. my2cents says

    Strategy? Sounds like a song that was turned down by Christina Aguilera, Pink and even Britney Spears when it was pitched to them. Not a PASS, or FAIL. Just more of the SAME.

  4. Gregoire says

    Sam Sparro helped with the album, so the Black & Gold comparision is obvious.

    This is how pop music sounds today. He’s not going to be doing some big belting rock song for his first single.

    That 2012 song sucks, by the way.

    Allison Iraheta’s song is still better than either Kris or Adam’s singles.

  5. DR says

    Uhm, no. I really prefer the glam rock Adam, not this overproduced pop… stuff. I’m sure it’ll fly up the charts when the album drops (it’s only at #50 right now), but if this is indicative of the whole thing, I’m not buying it.

  6. javo says

    This should not be indicative of the whole album. He said there would be something for everyone on the album. I think it’s catchy and should do well. Can’t wait to hear some songs that truly show his powerful vocals. This pic is hot!

  7. steve says

    btw Alison Goldfrapp got the whole electro shuffle beat via T Rex’s “Ride a White Swan” thing hammered down fabulously 4 years ago with her “Ooh La La” single WITHOUT sounding like generic pop

    just sayin

    *bites tongue again*

  8. Pee Town says

    I agree with the Britney Spears assertion — if Britney was doing a sort of James Bond movie theme song. Its perfectly slick and deeply Britney. I don’t mean that as an insult — just an observation.

  9. Tybol says

    That’s awful!

    Adam has an amazing voice, but all you hear in this mess is the incessant frog-fart track in the background. This isn’t Adam Lambert, it’s some “producer” stroking himself off over Adam’s talent.

    Adam, you’re much better than this. We want to hear YOU, not some tonedeaf producer’s audio-stroke fantasy.

  10. gayalltheway says

    OK. I know I’m a little late on this but I want to know who wrote this song for him, the same people who write for Britney Spears?? It sounded like it’s off a typical Britney album – he’s definitely heading in the wrong direction. I’m disappointed.. =(

  11. John says

    I can envision an SNL skit… with Adam Lambert going on and on about enjoying glam, wanting to bring glam back, how glam his polished nails are, how he’s going to be a “Glampire” for Halloween (per his Twitter page), etc etc.

    His style is overwhelming his music, not complimenting it. My opinion anyway.

  12. CKNJ says

    This goes to show what happens when some record exec and a clutch of producers tells a talented singer what he has to do to make a ‘successful’ record (read = make us lot s of money)… the singer gets lost in the sound.

    When Adam was working with his song coaches on AI, he came across a lot more authentic because that was HIM, not, as TYBOL says, some producer stroking himself off over Adam’s talent.

    I hope on the rest of the album they let him be him a little more.

  13. Bill says

    Phenomenal! This single really is about Adam, his sexuality and how he wants the audience to concentrate on the entertainment. “Close your eyes NOT your mind,” “I’m here for your entertainment,” “Can you handle what I’m about to do,” “I bet you thought I was soft and sweet,” “You thought an angel’s swept you off your feet” – For Your Entertainment

  14. jakeinlove says

    I don’t hate it. It’s just that all American Idol, or any of these shows, has just added another singer. After that there is nothing groundbreaking or original about them. They’re just the next elected shell to go through the Hollywood molding machine.

    He’ll be as memorable as Kelly Clarkson is at this rate.

  15. LQ says

    Another unfortunate victim of Auto-Tune. Given that’s what the public wants these days, I’m not surprised. I’m willing to give the entire album a listen because I was transfixed by that voice on last season’s Idol.

  16. Jenn says

    Adam will hit every genre and do a fantastic job of all of them!!! I think this is sexy and edgy and electro pop is what gets radio play. Smart first single! I would suggest you listen to it a few times because it is very well done. Adam actually wrote a couple of songs before AI that this reminds me of – “Pop Goes the Camera” and “Kiss And Tell” – so don’t say it isn’t Adam. Love it!!

  17. zinc alloy says

    Steve, I’m with you on this one. I don’t hear T. Rex within a hundred miles of Lambert’s single.

    It’s much more fun to sing T. Rex’s “Ride A White Swan” over Morrissey’s “Certain People I Know”.

  18. JLM says

    This baby will sell!! It is catchy, sexy, and Adam will be hot performing it. Most of you don’t really seem to drink the Adam koolaide, so you probably aren’t the ones running out and buying this, but a heck of a lot of people are. Adam’s album has been selling at #1 and #2 all week and it isn’t even release yet! Only thing out selling him is MJ’s “This is IT”. I think it is a brillient electro pop song and know Adam will never fit into a box so brace yourselves – It is about to get wild. LOL!!!

  19. JACKNASTY says

    Sorry, this is lame. It’s not even a *good* Britney Spears rip-off. And it’s not even on the same planet as T. Rex. Quite a let-down, given all the hype.

  20. mama says

    Nervous that this was chosen as the first single if it means the rest of the album is no better. Dr. Luke produces cash-cows for singers who can’t sing, ergo, NOT THE RIGHT PRODUCER for AL! I hope Adam doesn’t become the male Mariah Carey – great voice, 40 trillion records sold, and not a memorable tune to his name. Maybe he was a bit star-struck this time and went with big-name writers and producers. Okay. Next time, with the luxury of more time and billboard creds, I hope he’ll make some different choices. Definitely buying this album, though, to help him get those future chances!

  21. Gene says

    His album will have different styles. The song written by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Greg Wells has been added as a last minute addition to Adam’s album.

    Here is For Your Entertainment track list:

    1.Music Again(written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness.Produced by Rob Cavallo)

    2.For Your Entertainment(written by Claude Kelly and Dr.Luke.Produced by Dr.Luke)

    3.Whataya Want from Me(written by Pink, Max Martin and Johan Karl Schuster.Produced by Max Martin)

    4.Strut(written by Kara DioGuardi and Adam Lambert.Produced by Greg Wells)

    5.Soaked(written by Matt Bellamy of Muse)

    6.Sure Fire Winners(written by David Gamson, Alexander James and Oliver Leiber.Produced by Rob Cavallo)

    7.A Loaded Smile(written by Adam Lambert and Linda Perry.Produced by Linda Perry)

    8.If I Had You(written by Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells.Produced by Greg Wells)

    9.Pick U Up(written by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Greg Wells.Produced by Greg Wells)

    10.Fever(written by Lady Gaga.Produced by Jeff Bhasker)

    11.Sleepwalker(written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay and Ryan Tedder.Produced by Ryan Tedder)

    12.Aftermath4(written by Ferras AlQaisi, Allisan Porter, Ely Rise and Adam Lambert. Produced by Howard Benson)

    13.Broken Open(written by Adam Lambert, Evan Bogart and Greg Wells. Produced by Greg Wells)

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