1. James says

    I wouldn’t say they were enamored by the Fire Island version. This video seems to be more mocking and poking fun of the first one. They are for sure over exaggerating their movements to be “more gay” and queeny. Nobody hits a beach ball like that unless they’re a gay cliche on a Fox television show.

  2. RJP3 says

    Nice job Andy — you just posted a video of guys “fagging” it up for the camera as a joke.

    Sadly the orignal video did not realize what a sad joke it was. This group knew they were making fun of a target. BTW this does show how “queeny” behavior is an affectation and easily adopted. Many homosexual adopt it to “fit in” with those they feel safe with IMHO.

  3. says


    I think you are reading wayyyy too much into a light hearted funny clip.

    I wouldn’t call it “fagging” up, that did not come to mind, what came to my mind is “camping” it up which my gay and straight friends alike do from time to time.

    Why is it wrong for a straight person to “camp” it up but not for a gay person to “butch” it up with the logic you are proposing?

  4. chill out says

    yeah, so 3 weeks of work practice and rehearsals hardly seems the way to go just to make fun of a group of gay guys. The video is funny and entertaining – and includes bloopers to further show it was not meant to be malicious.

    Also, I challenge you to not dance around like that when the song is playing.

  5. tony says

    I just looked at the gay version for the first time and I do not see anything but a bunch of gay guys having a great time being very creative with their Fire Island time…but they could have added some good for the other version

  6. tony says

    ok::the Lutheran version:…it bothered me immediately that they were making extra feminine gestures that were not in the original version(I do not think that the original was at all extremely feminine..I’ve seen FEM.they were not fem)…Lutheran’s could have made the clip really good but they were more interested in making fun of the original…not creative..BUT they made sure to put in all the crap that was edited to show how much work went into one scene…AND I DO NOT LIKE THE SONG!!

  7. RJP3 says

    Marc: My response to you LOL LOL LOL

    If you dont recognize humor at the expense of gay people using the flouncy limp wristed stereotypes. Poor you.

    As for the guys on Fire Island and Andy’s – thanks for reinforncing the stereotype. Idiots.


    Mike – the guy with the hose is hot as are a couple others.

    Silly queer.

  8. Dignan says

    C’mon, guys – if anything was an insulting stereotype of gay culture it was the original Fire Island vid. This clip has actual entertainment value and has a LOT more eye candy. Bravo, Lutherans!

  9. Mark says

    Wow. How self-loathing is it of you all to assume these guys ARE NOT Gay?!

    Why couldn’t they be Gay? Cuz they’re not plucked, waxed and tweezed within an inch of their lives?! Cuz they don’t embrace the Urban Gay Fantsasy look all city faggots emulate?

    I’m constantly taken for “straight” by Gay guys and I think it’s disgusting that in their narrow minds “Gay” means faggoty and fastidious.

    Not ALL Gay guys are perfect, hairless dancer types.

  10. Peter Pan says

    The original FIP was lame, at best. There is nothing original (or funny) about twinks being twinks, it was a completly self-centered exercise.

    On the other hand, the MLC video was irreverent.

  11. Derek in Madison says

    Most of these comments make me hate gay people.

    These men are gorgeous. God forbid they don’t need to eat a sandwich like the hungry-ass FIP “boiz.” Not to mention one of them went to my high school and is actually totally fine with homosexuality–I’d go so far as to say he’s an ally.


  12. BradK says

    Agree with Derek 100% here. These guys look like they had a ball doing this and it doesn’t come across as vicious one bit (unless you’re looking for it to be). As for camping it up, this may be over the top for Nebraska but is part-and-parcel for the WeHo code of conduct.

  13. Kanecub says

    I would much rather hang out with the guys in this video and keep my distance from the guys in the FIP video. Derick is right. Most of the comments on these posts are why people hate fags. Honestly you would think we are as hateful as the right wing haters we condemn.

  14. Jason Young says

    What is it about people having fun that makes all you bitter queens come out of the woodwork? I like both of these. Both groups of guys were just having a good time. I’m surprised we didn’t do stuff like this in college.

  15. Nathan says

    a couple things-first of all, it’s Martin Luther College, and it’s in New Ulm, Minnesota. Secondly, I go there, am friends with all these guys. None of them are gay. The short shorts and some of the shirts were borrowed from girls. They were doing it to have fun–if you notice in the description of the video it says, “thanks for the inspiration…” It’s just a bunch of college guys having fun being crazy and putting together a video.

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