1. elcamino says

    Don’t like something? Then just legislate it out of existence!

    What a powerful message for a university to be teaching its students!

  2. says

    I think the part of it that is the most disappointing, is that only 3 out of 27 fellow LGBT (or LGBT friendly) students stood up for their classmates. Such a bizarre incident. Then again, I don’t really understand the purpose of all-male universities.

    At the end of the day, it’s a private university and they have the right to set a dress-code. Not mush else to say. Private universities are pretty untouchable.

    At least Morehouse isn’t kicking out queer students like a lot of “Christian” universities.

  3. says

    I agree with Aaron.

    But are we talking about cross-dressing, or going around in drag? Two different things.

    Either way, not wearing a dress on campus for 4 years seems like a small price to pay for getting to do away with those horrible droopy pants!

  4. Bill says

    24 voted for the ban out of a sense of black (heterosexual) solidarity I’m sure. Those three that stood their ground did the right thing.

    Does Morehouse have a policy against saggy jeans and large jewerly and XXXL t-shirts?

  5. Rolph says

    Bill, if you had read the article, you would see the types of clothing and attire that were banned, of which cross-dressing was only one. And yes, saggy jeans are on the list.
    It’s a private men’s college, but looks like it’s pretty open. They have a gay alliance club on campus, the administrators consulted the gay group before adding the cross dressing ban to the policy.

    How many colleges out there, esp the private ones, even acknowledge that they have gay students, or allow them to be openly gay?

    Private instutitions are allowed to set dress codes. Not that big a deal.

  6. Mark says

    How threatening are FIVE students?! OUT OF 2700?!

    Morehouse sounds like the crazy religious right Ex-Gay movement who believe telling you what to wear and teaching you how to throw a football is what makes you a heterosexual male. Or in this case a proud, strong black male.

    This report is ridiculous. IT’S NOT ABOUT DRESS CODES AT MOREHOUSE BUT GAY STUDENTS RIGHTS BEING TAKEN AWAY. Both the reporter and the guest (proud, professional, bougie, assimilationist types) already made up their minds Morehouse was right and students are wrong so what’s the point of the interview? Did we get the other side of the story? Was there any journalism involved? Why no contrasting interview or debate with a Gay student or expert?

    Have Harvard or Yale instituted similar dress codes? Have they felt the need to tell student they can’t wear baggy clothes or do-rags? Why is Morehouse SO insecure about black male identity?

    Morehouse and CNN should be embarrassed.

  7. princely54 says

    Private institutions certainly do have the right to set specific rules for their members. BUT, I do wonder how far that can reach into their private liberties. It seems to me the policy says they can’t dress this way in PRIVATE, not just on campus. Am I reading this correctly?

  8. DR says

    Morehouse has the right to tell its students what to wear, and let’s be realistic, the list includes pajamas, do rags, over-sized clothing and no covers while in a building. You don’t like the dress code? DON’T GO.

    Clearly the gay students don’t think this is an issue.

  9. Randy says

    Wow. Starting with MLK and Julian Bond, and ending at totalitarian control and bigotry. That’s quite a decline.

    And why do they keep calling these students children? They are adults who have paid thousands to go to this place.

    And what is with this biased interviewer? Did someone from FOX escape to CNN?

  10. Mark says

    @ DR

    Unlike “pajamas, do rags, over-sized clothing” wearing dresses and cross dressing is not aimed at the ENTIRE student body but:

    1) aimed at a entire class of people

    2) betrays remarkable bigoted ignorance about what Gay people are

  11. more haus says

    did anyone happen to watch that CNN Report?
    The Reporter could not have kissed up to the guest anymore with lines like “good to see your tie” “how bad are things now that a school has to go to this level” the reporter is so on the side of the school and doesnt even touch on the cross-dressing angle on this story.
    How can CNN’s workers even remotely be called Journalists.
    CNN- #3 and falling.

  12. says

    I wish CNN showed as much respect for gay people in this report as Morehouse College did in establishing this policy, although I wish they had not included cross-dressing among other undesirable clothing. It’s an all-male college, so it is fair to ask students to dress as men. If dressing as a woman is important to you, you can reasonably be required to choose a campus where women are allowed, especially since your options in that regard are not exactly limited. I have some problems with calling students who dress as women on a daily basis “gay,” although I know some people identify that way.

    It’s clear that Morehouse is committed to actively discouraging discrimination against gay people from their decision to fire an employee over a bigoted email. Although I share the disappointment that many here have expressed that so few gay students voted against the policy, I think that vote shows that the policy is in keeping with the mission of the campus as it is understood by its gay students. That is ultimately what is most important.

    I have come to have tremendous respect for the way Morehouse is navigating the distance between its tradition and the modern world. I wish all institutions were doing half as well.

  13. says

    I don’t quite understand why traditional African American schools are so opposed to gay and white students. Not only is there this anti-gay stuff but whenever a white student attends the school and receives high honors it is frowned upon. A white girl won homecoming queen at a southern traditional black school and other students and alumni were “outraged” … Outraged at what? It’s ok to have traditions but white racists used to try and use it as an excuse to have their “white-only” functions, too. It’s time to move on from this.

  14. Mark says

    The Director of Student Services is a PhD? LOL! I just love how everyone at Morehouse is a “Dr” and addressed as “Dr”. Are the janitors and groundskeepers all PhDs too? Even the guest “education contributor” is “DR” Steve Perry.

    “DR” Steve Perry states, “There is no absolute freedom” AS BOTH HE AND TJ INVOKE THE LEGACY OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING??!! I wonder how MLK would feel about Perry’s statement “there is no absolute freedom” and TJ’s refusal to question that AS A JOURNALIST AND AS A BLACK MAN.

    “DR” Steve Perry equates cross-dressing with being UNDRESSED. How is that relevant or responsible AND how does TJ HOLMES miss that unless he does not care?

    All other parts of the Morehouse dress code were ALREADY IN PLACE AND NOT BEING DEBATED, that includes proscriptions against pajamas, do-rags and baggy clothes. The only thing being debated and added TO the Morehouse dress-code was the anti-Gay cross-dressing part. YET we get NO discussion of that when it is SUPPOSED to be the topic of this report. That is pretty stupid for a whole bunch of PhDs and “DRs” to miss.

    TJ Holmes is such a tool. He argues that b/c MLK went to Morehouse students must dress better. Well, JFK went to Harvard and I don’t see Cambridge freaking over cross-dressing. What a bougie tool

    Check out TJ:

    “I was trying to find a way to play devil’s advocate on this thing but, man, I am so glad to see this policy put into place.”

    I see TJ. Admitting some anti-Gay hatred? Let’s just throw journalism out the fucking window and ADMIT on-air during your report, TJ, that you don’t give a shit about staying objective and reporting on the RIGHTS of Gay students. Wow. Fuck you TJ Holmes.

    Both TJ and “DR” Steve Perry argue “respect for the campus” of Morehouse is more important than the Morehouse administration’s respect for it’s GAY students.

  15. Mario says


    Aren’t you being biased yourself? You say that traditionally black colleges are biased against whites and gays but don’t present any statistical facts to back up your claim. You provide an anecdotal story about one homecoming queen.

    You’ve also just delivered a blanket condemnation of tens of colleges. That makes you either ignorant of how to argue through facts or maybe just a little bigoted.

    Had you not been so lazy or bigoted, a simple Google search would disprove your assertions:


    The National Center for Education Statistics tracked students, by race, attending historically black schools from 1976 to 2001 and recorded an increase in nonblack students attending the schools over that time.

    In 1976, 9.5 percent of students were white. Twenty-five years later, in 2001, 12 percent of students enrolled at historically black institutions were white. Percentages of Hispanic students in that same time increased from 1.5 percent to 2.3 percent, and Asian/Pacific Islanders from 0.3 percent to 0.8 percent.

    A total of about 285,000 students attend HBCUs every year.

    The trend toward more diverse student bodies can be attributed to both black schools’ active recruitment of nonblack students and incentives such as scholarships, smaller class sizes and cheaper tuitions than white schools, said Lezli Baskerville, president of the National Association of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, an advocacy group for the country’s 118 HBCUs.

  16. Pete says

    I’m waiting for the comments on those wedding photos.

    Moorhouse sounds like a police state if people get fired over one e-mail, and they are worried about clothes on a few students.

  17. John in Boston says

    Please. Amusing to see the posters on here try their very best to make Morehouse look good by comparing them to others. If Morehouse was a ‘Christian’ predominantly white (or historic ‘white’ college the way Morehouse is an historic ‘black’ college) the venom would be foaming and dripping. What you see here is ‘progressives’ once again giving one group a pass because they either feel sorry for them or are patronizing them.

    BTW: The Morehouse guy said cross-dressing wasn’t a way ‘Morehouse Men’ should behave.

    As for Morehouse being more gay friendly than other ‘Christian’ colleges; well, the black elite in our country are connected at the hip with powerful white ‘Progressives’ who demand African American leadership give at least lip-service to gay rights or they won’t support them in other areas. Don’t kid yourself; African American culture, based primarily with poor rural southern roots obsessed with ‘Honor’ and pentecostal, evangelical Protestantism and Baptist, is VERY anti-gay and ‘homophobic’.

  18. John in Boston says

    And why is ‘cross-dressing’ always universally associated with homosexuality or bisexuality? I know MANY gay and bi men; NONE are cross dressers, by far most have masculine traits.

  19. DR says

    @ Mark:

    First off, give it a rest. Of 2700 students, THREE have a problem with it. As a matter of fact, 24 other gay men AGREED with the policy! that’s a pretty significant portion of their gay community.

    Secondly, like I said, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go. The college and its students have the right to decide what standards they want to set and how they choose to define aspects of their campus life.

    Thirdly, if this was nothing more than banning thuggish clothing, would any of you even care? Oh, right, no. But because it prevents some guy from donning a dress, the world is coming to an end?

    Get over yourselves. Seriously.

  20. Mark says

    @ DR

    THREE is NOT a “pretty significant portion of [the Morehouse] gay community.” Are you really dumb enough to think the 27 people present at the Morehouse Safe Space meeting represent the entire “gay community” of Morehouse college?! You have NO idea how many faggots either didn’t show or simply don’t get involved with campus activism.

    That is just like calling someone who is half black a white person BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE IT.

    Oh and, DR, banning “thuggish clothing” WAS ALREADY PART OF THE MOREHOUSE DRESS CODE. This story IS NOT about that. So STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT.

    Banning cross-dressing IS NOT aimed at the entire Morehouse student body. It is ONLY aimed at Gay male students. So, yeah, you’re right – if this WERE about banning thuggish clothing, AND IT’S NOT, we would not care as that would be directed at ALL Morehouse students. NOT JUST THE FAGGOTS YOU HATE.

    “…like I said, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go.”

    You sound like Orville Faubus at Little Rock High School.

  21. Isaac says

    Ah, the facade of hypermasculinity. This report was dim and uneducational. Morehouse College fears nothing but Morehouse College.

    This institutuion is feeling the heat and this is their retaliation. The students should not be penalized for the actions of one ignorant staff member.

    These adults have chosen Morehouse as their primary choice for higher learning and suddenly their too inept to decided which attire’s appropriate for an 8:00am class? You’ve now reached yet another tipping point Morehouse. What happens next?

  22. Name says

    Considering Morehouse is a private, all-male institution of higher learning, they are certainly within their rights to ban cross-dressing. But what I don’t understand is why someone who wants to identify as a woman, would want to attend an all male school in the first place.

    For those of you who don’t know the city of Atlanta, it is home to three HBCUs, two of which are Morehouse (all men) and Spelman (all women). These two institutions are literally right next door to eachother (you can walk across the street from one campus and be on the other) and they both have a long shared history together, and they both carry the same degrees of prestige and reputation within the African-American community.

    Knowing this, why wouldn’t someone who wants to identify as a woman, and seeking to attend a school with a great level of respect and validation in the black community, not choose to attend to Spelman instead? Also, just as it was stated by the commenter John in Boston:

    “And why is ‘cross-dressing’ always universally associated with homosexuality or bisexuality? I know MANY gay and bi men; NONE are cross dressers, by far most have masculine traits.”

    Last time I checked, gay IS NOT synonymous with transgendered. Silly me, I always thought gay men were men who simply are attracted to other men, while transgendered m2f are those who wish to live their lives and conduct themselves in a way that women traditionally do.

    Assuming that my definitions for each group are correct, how is the policy asking men to not wear women’s clothing a hit against the gay community? and if you are a transgendered person, why would you want to attend a traditionally male school when you are seeking to play a more traditionally female role in life?

  23. Mr Chris says


    If you have never attended and all Black Institution. PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP. Some of you kids wouldn’t speak to an African American in a Gay Bar if you were paid to let alone know all this about Morehouse.

    Shouldn’t you be more concerned with Bob Jones University in South Carolina. But now everybody has an opinion of African Americans and have no friends and definitely are not partnered with any.

    Put a fucking sock in it and continue the fight for Equality this should have not even been posted. But then again anything that can give a sminch of “homophobia” from African Americans the white girls just goes Beserk! and the venom just starts oooozing out!

    It will never end!

  24. Rocky says

    @ Mr Chris

    I know thats right!

    Ive made statements to these fools before about their anti-black racism.But it aint like they listen.

  25. Ingmar says

    I am less upset by a dress code, per se, than I am by the school official referring to students “living a gay lifestyle.” I am so damn sick of that expression from, what, the 70s? My “lifestyle” is nearly identical to those of the straight people with whom I work and who comprise my neighbors and family. In my mind, the “gay lifestyle” expression is simply language to separate us and reinforce the idea that we are “the other.” Whenever I hear it, I’m certain that a deeper ignorant slur will follow.

  26. qjersey says

    Um hello, 5 students cross dressing, can SOMEONE say the word: TRANSGENDER!

    And I’m not shocked about a group of 27 students from the LGBT group with only 3 supporting “cross dressing” students.

    If we held the same kind of poll on dress code in any mainstream (e.g, majority white) gay bar, we’d get the same results.

    Gay men are so traumatized by the stereotype of the “sissy” that shudder at anyone who is feminine, sissy or god forbid, trans.

  27. dizzy spins says

    The reality is that some students enjoy disrupting classroom decorum with outrageous behavior. That could including wearing an incindiary T shirt, making snarky comments during class, or wearing outrageous drag. It doesnt seem like the dress code is addressing transexuals, but rather a small number of men who are just choosing to dress flamboyantly. When you are in class, you have to maintain a sense of decorum. And the outfit in that photo is not respectful of the classroom. I’d say the same thing about a female student who came in dressed like Mae West or Josephine Baker.

    Also, I dont hear a peep from anyone here about banning du-rags. It seems a little racist to cry foul about wearing dresses and not the other banned items on the list. Is that because du-rags and baggy jeans are associated with “thugs”?

  28. Mark says

    @ Dizzy Spins

    “Also, I dont hear a peep from anyone here about banning du-rags. It seems a little racist to cry foul about wearing dresses and not the other banned items on the list. Is that because du-rags and baggy jeans are associated with “thugs”?”

    Maybe if you READ this thread and the story you’d know the Morehouse dress code (including EXISTING bans on thug clothes, baggy shit and pajamas) WAS ALREADY IN PLACE. THIS STORY IS ABOUT ADDING CROSS-DRESSING TO THAT DRESS CODE.

    UNLIKE bans on thug clothes, which is aimed at the ENTIRE student body, the ban on cross-dressing is AIMED ONLY AT GAY STUDENTS AND IS THEREFORE DISCRIMINATORY.

    Fucking retard asshole. Oh, excuse me, that would be “DR” retard asshole cuz all the proud black bougie men at or from Morehouse are “DR”. You guys are arrogant dickhead parodies of yourselves.

    You’re not “free”. You’re STILL enslaved by white, patriarchal, classist notions of how to act and dress. Pathetic.

  29. Disgusted American says

    so I guess that means someone like TRUE BLOODS Lafayette wouldn’t be permitted to go there?

  30. DR says

    Wow, Mark, nice to see the real you come out! Can’t debate a point, so you call people names.

    Plain and simple, the students and administration have spoken. It’s a private institution, and they have set a standard of masculinity for their all-male school. And I hate to disappoint you, but there are MANY gay men who would agree!

  31. says

    In all fairness, you can’t enforce a dress code designed to “prepare men for the real world” by prohibiting baggy pants, grills, and do-rags and then expect allowing skirts and wigs to go unchallenged.

    There are plenty of gay men at Morehouse that get through the day wearing men’s clothing, and there are plenty of gay men at Morehouse who will be affected by the other parts of the dress code as well.

  32. sugarrhill says

    People, the gay marriage photo and the dress code revision are not related. Please stop confusing the two.

  33. Mark says

    @ DR

    “Standard of masculinity”?! LOL!!! That is exactly your problem. Assuming there could ever be such a thing. You are so gullible. What is that like?

    There isn’t anyone more against cross-dressing and transgender bullshit than me. HOWEVER, personal feelings (mine, yours and everyone else’s) do not enter into it.

  34. JAVIER says

    If you think Morehouse is the only place where anti-cross dressing sentiment rules, just wait and see how the debate over a transgender-inclusive ENDA will turn out. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  35. buster says

    What I don’t understand here why everyone here think this was about Gs and Bs. It really has nothing to do with any particular group but addresses the school as a whole. CNN was very at bad at reporting this issue and calling it Morehouse bans cross-dressing. IT should have been Morehouse inforces a dress code. Those on here who don’t know Morehouse has always had a dress code(Call a “Standard of Excellence”). Those who don’t know about Morehouse should not talk about what your don’t know. The policy actually affects more straight Men then the 1-3%of Gs and Bs on campus. People please learn read things and understand them in there fullness before talking about what you don’t know. For a little knowledge crossing dressing was the only thing that directly spoken to Gs and Bs out of a list of about 10-15 bans. Know your facts.

    To address the cross dress issue:Morehouse is not trying to change anyones lifestyle, but when you come to a school to learn how to be a better MAN,that also means presenting your self as one. if you are not a man then that is not the school for you. You can be extra and not dress in womens clothes.