Homophobic ‘Murder Music’ Singer Buju Banton Meets with SF Gay Advocates


This is encouraging. SF mayoral candidate and supervisor Bevan Dufty, activist Michael Petrelis, executive director of the SF gay community center Rebecca Rolfe, Equality California's Andrea Shorter, and SF Supervisor Eric Mar, held a meeting yesterday with Jamaican dancehall singer Buju Banton, whose concerts have been canceled across the country in protest of the homophobic lyrics in his songs that advocate the killing of gays. The meeting was organized by Dufty.

Petrelis writes: "According to Buju and his advisers, this was his first meeting ever with gay advocates, and they really want to put an end to the controversy that continues to dog him over violent homo-hating song he sang in his late teens, 'Boom Bye Bye.'… The meeting was very civil and productive, even though at times I had
to play the "bad cop" activist, especially when Buju was dominating the
discussion, and we made several suggestions for him to consider, in
order to start to undo some of the problems he has in the gay community
because of his past anti-gay lyrics."

Here's an update on his tour cancellations.


  1. says

    I’m VERY skeptical of this. Banton wants to end it only because he can’t have a concert in the U.S. without much-deserved harassment. His song, he keeps saying, was written two decades ago when he was a kid and was in response (allegedly) to a gay rape of a boy by an adult man. However, he has continued singing that song in his concerts—defiantly—and it’s still available to buy. He also was arrested for a gay assault (but acquitted…in Jamaica…) and said about three years ago that gay critics should “fuck off.” I can’t really see what we gain by giving him cover if his motives are insincere…

  2. Rocky says

    Hes a lying sack of homophobic shit.Send his happy ass back to where ever the fuck he came from.This shit pisses me off.He needs to stop putting on fronts for his own personal gain and just admit hes a homophobic bigot and stop trying to act like a damn victim.Suck it up you big pussy and own your bigotry for what it is.

  3. says

    In clear words: FUCK DAT BITCH!

    WHY is anyone meeting with him about any fucking thing?

    God help these people if it turns out he or his management made a “donation” to one of their associations and they accepted it.

    Does anyone know?

    Actually, I’d like to hear from the people in that group. Did you accept ANY donations of any kind from that man or entities connected to him? Why were you in the same room with him? He obviously can’t stand the stink of you, look at his face.

    It is obvious that he is doing this because the PR firm he’s attached to told him to. If he “dominated” the discussion, he still believes that shit. Let him come to Vegas and try to “dominate” a discussion.

    This pisses me off. We don’t need him to love us. Screw him.

    Maybe we should make a touchy feely reggae infused “our families” commercial next? That will make the Homo Killers like him change their minds.

    Won’t it?

  4. stephen says

    The local news carried a segment on this… the promoter said “we” should understand there are cultural differences betwn USA & Jamaica, where homosexuality is still illegal, and basically give this guy a pass.

    Sorry folks, there’s no enlightenment here- just an effort to make it all go away.

  5. C.SINGS says

    Michael Petrelis is an AIDS denialist who has gone to jail for harassing AIDS activists he disagreed with. He also successfully worked to keep AIDS drugs out of Africa for years. The damage he has done to gay people world wide is arguably much greater than Buju Banton. How on EARTH is this the person chosen to speak on behalf of the gay community? Have people lost their fucking minds? Has everyone forgotten who he is and what he’s done? Why the ahistoricism?

  6. says

    This is the first time Banton has been willing to meet with gay people in the United States. It follows last week’s statement that he does not condone violence against gay people. The meeting was not productive– Banton shot down all suggestions for things he could do to improve things and seems not to understand that religion is not an automatic excuse for bigotry. Still, he shows more movement than he has since 2007.

    It’s a good thing. The people who met with him were doing hard, serious work. I am incredulous that David Ehrenstein would last week label people racist for pointing out that Barack Obama did not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize and then this week join this racist pile on. If you’re going to be this crazy in your blog commenting, use a pseudonym. Many do. . .

    I hate Mark Myrlie more than I hate Andrew Sullivan, but this is the best thing he’s done in years. This is the moment to praise him. He is responding to criticism for the first time in years. His ears are being forced open, but they are opening. Autommatic rejection on our part is counterproductive.

  7. JerzeeMike says

    Fuck this bitch-boy!! He’s only doing this so he can make American dollars. Send his ass back to homo-hating Jamaica without one red American cent in his pocket and forget about this talentless cretin.

  8. says

    @LANDON BRYCE: I have to disagree. This is NOT a good thing and the people involved should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t know them, but, after a little Googling, they sound like a bunch of folks trying to find a way to get something, what I don’t know. The guy running for office has made a huge mistake and I think he did it to be “down” with the Negroes. Wrong move bud. The worst move you could have made.

    This is not a racist pile on by any means, if it was I wouldn’t be a part of it. Buju hates you. He would gladly kill you if he could get away with it.

    What next? Jews for Hitler?

  9. says

    Oh, I know Mark Myrlie hates me. Here’s the thing. There are good people who love Buju Banton because most of his work has nothing to do with Boom Bye Bye. Some of them are homophobic, some of them aren’t. They deserve to know that when Buju Banton acts right and sits down with gay people, gay people are willing to act right and sit down with him.

    People reading these comments because they are Banton fans need to know that some gay people understand that this is progress.

    And this may not be a racist pile on, but “Buju Banton is an ex rent boy” strikes me as exponentially more racist a comment than “Barak Obama has not yet earned a Nobel Peace Prize.”

  10. peterparker says

    Okay, maybe I’m reading way too much into this, but…look at Buju Banton’s hands in the photograph. He’s making a sign over his crotch that some people use to indicate a vagina. And I invite you to try to sit that way yourself…it does not feel like a very natural position to me. I’m guessing Banton is making the sign to mock the folks in the photograph with him.

  11. unruly says

    Would have been meaningful if there wasn’t a PR photo taken. In this case, the gay representatives just come off as tools. They should have refused any photos if they wanted this meeting to be effective.

  12. Reggie says

    Why are we wasting time and energy on this A-Hole??? I am from Jamaica, and I can tell you that from the cradle to the grave, everyone, everyone is taught to despise gays. Gays, or “batty men”, even worse than the “N” word to Jamaicans, are lower than the lowest of life, according to the culture of the island. There can be no “equality” because we are not dealing with rational people. Keep up the ban on buju’s music. and don’t support this person. Don’t fall for any “outreach”. Yeah, Right!

  13. Alan says

    Jamaica and all those other backward ass countries can continue being crime ridden and 3rd world for all I care. Why is it that progressives always want to prove their credentials for being multicultural. Just because hatred in part of a culture does not mean I have to acceptance and “understand differences.” Jamaica is seriously one of the most degenerate countries ever. Those that are intolerant of others deserve no tolerance themselves.

  14. BobP says

    Sounds to me that now that his homophobia is hitting his wallet, he’s willing to talk.
    I’d tell him to go fuck himself in Jamaica and stay the hell out of my country.

  15. Mike says

    Why is this encouraging Andy? Report all the facts as on the link. This bigot thinks that he can meet w/ gay folks and have a photo taken and it all goes away w/out him doing anything positive for harrassed gays in his country? C’mon Andy – you are better than this. Don’t give this bigot good publicity when he rejected everything they asked him to consider!

  16. Mike K says

    I hate these “change hearts and minds” fuckwads. If your meeting with Buju to do anything other than kick the shit out of him your not doing so on my behalf.

  17. TheNiebur says

    “In his teens” my ass! He sings his hateful lyrics at every single concert! A couple of years ago, he was supposed to do a mini tour here in Denmark. But gay activists and supporters demonstrated for several days outside one of the venues, and in the end ALL concerts were cancelled, and promoters swore they would never invite him again, ever! This man is a lowlife hater till he dies, beyond vile. Why ANYONE would want to “sit down” with this fucknut, is mindblowing to me. I would not piss on him if he was on fire…

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