1. Malos says

    Who is the young black woman that spoke so well at the rally? I forgot her name!

    She is the future, a very good one indeed…

    She was the best one, you should post it…after all, it was about them, the next generation. My partner and I felt very well represented and ready to support her generation. We were sorrounded at all times by them and we felt very proud of these sons and daughters of strangers… .


    Close to 50.

  2. says

    I recommend adding Sam Sussman, the winner of the Equality march “Idol” contest. His message
    at the march was on target … and most important, he is straight. He is the future and what we need to get Equal Rights, a true friend of our community.With friends like this… our future is NOW!

  3. Prelate says

    Billie Myers made a great speech too, I don’t see it linked on here. She’s a great artist who was punished by her label for trying to be open about her bisexuality.

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