Towleroad Guide to the Tube #555

ARLEN SPECTER: Calls GOP a "party of obstructionism" on this weekend's Fox News Sunday.

MONOGAMOUS: The latest video from NYC downtown band Whore's Mascara.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Anti-gay NJ gubernatorial candidate loves GWB: "There's no mystery to the fact that I was appointed to this job because, in part, I had a relationship with the President of the United States.

Anybody who receives a political appointment — I am a political appointee — there's going to be some measure of politics involved with that appointment."

SWINE FLU: Bill Maher questions vaccines. Does this make him an anti-evolutionist?

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  1. alguien says

    i listened to a couple of whore’s mascara’s tracks on their myspace page and found them mildly enjoyable until that chick started screeching with that overly shrill voice of hers.

  2. says

    I actually agree with Maher to a certain extent. Viruses are mutating into stronger and stronger strains in direct correlation to our vaccine-enhanced immunity to them. There’s no end to it. Most Europeans feel that we overvaccinate here in America. In fact, a lot of the vaccines that we use are banned outright over there. We’re so paranoid against nature and our body’s own natural immune system. But I do think it’s a good thing we have the option to have this vaccine. I’m still sitting on the fence myself.

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