T.R. Knight Splits with Boyfriend Mark Cornelsen


Gatecrasher reports: "It's splitsville for T.R. Knight and his boyfriend of two years. Just weeks after he said he wanted to adopt a child, the former 'Grey's Anatomy' star, 36, reportedly asked 20-year-old Mark Cornelsen to move out of the apartment they shared. 'It just came to a natural end, no hard feelings,' says a friend. 'They still care about each other very much.'"


  1. Greg says

    What was lovely about them, David? They were attractive?

    How do you know what they were like in their real relationship? Maybe TR is a complete monster. Maybe TR insisted on Mark being perfect arm candy? You don’t know anything about their relationship.

  2. says

    Re: Greg: …or, maybe Mark was a monster who was interested in TR for his money. We don’t know the truth of what brought them together or what caused their split.

    The idea promulgated by the ancient Greeks that what is superfically beautiful must also be good will remain as a prejudice long after homophobia has vanished.

    You want to see a beautiful couple, check out these two:


  3. BrianM says

    It’s creepy when 42-year-old men date 20-year-old women, and it’s creepy when 42-year-old men date 20-year-old men. No one’s saying it’s illegal.

  4. Antny says

    Ha ha …. you guys are so funny. I laugh EVERY TIME one of my friends ask me about why their relationships to younger guys don’t last. There are no common interests. ZERO. Stop fooling yourselves. Oh and to Mark who’s 42 and you BF is 20. How long has that been going on since he’s ONLY 20. Must have been a long relationship…ha ha ha…and you don’t think EVERY ONE of your friends is snickering behind your back. You guys are so funny…

  5. MikeMick says

    I’m with Mark; what a bunch of judgmental queens haunt this place. Different things work for different people. If the kid was 18 when they met then he was age of majority and could make his own decisions about what creeped him out. What the rest of us think doesn’t mean a fiddler’s fuck. Remember how much of the world thinks any relationship between two men is creepy? If you’re right about Knight and Cornelsen being creepy, then they’re right about all of us. There were 30 years between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, yet they were together for 33 years. It’s not my thing, but it worked for them. “Judge not lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

  6. another matt says

    A 16-year age difference isn’t a big deal when one partner is say, 46, and the other is 30…but 36 and 20, or 34 and 18 when they first met…yes, that is creepy, very creepy. And it also says a lot about the maturity level of the older partner.

  7. jakeinlove says

    Aside from all the ignorant remarks about what’s creepy and not – as you can’t judge either man until you walk in their shoes. After all it was a two way relationship so if TR is creepy for dating Marc, than Marc is equally as creepy for dating TR – so there.

    Too bad their relationship came to an end, but at least it seems friendly and cordial.

  8. says

    20 year olds are adults by law, but the life experience gap is overwhelming. I’m 31 and recently dated a great guy who was 21. Eventually the relationship becomes more paternal than partner – and unless that is what you like, it can’t work. 20 year old guys don’t have the maturity that one gains from life experience, no matter how mature he is for his age. I suspect that TR finally came to realize that. He got famous, finaly got a chance to date a hot young guy, and then ultimately realized it’s not what he’s looking for.

  9. says

    When I was about 30, I was having dinner in a restaurant with my grandmother. We had a good looking young waiter, and after he brought our drinks, I mentioned to my grandmother (to whom I’d been out since age 17) that I thought our waiter was “cute”.

    “Hmmpf. Callow youth,” she sniffed as she took a sip of her vodka martini. “A man doesn’t begin to become interesting until he’s at least 35.”

    It took until I was 40 to realize how right she was.


    As to the alleged breakup of TR and Mark, I wish them both well. But I would take TR over Mark any day.

  10. johnosahon says

    MikeMick | Oct 21, 2009 1:37:03 PM


    don’t bring gayness into the issue at hand “AGE”, it is creepy with michael douglas and all the straight men marrying their “daugthers”, just as much as this couple.

    i do agree that the ex-boyfriend is of age so it is really not our concern, but don’t CHANGE THE TOPIC.

  11. says

    I’m 27 and there is no way in hell I would date an 18 year old. The reason being that I would spend every waking hour trying to figure out a way to drink his blood and steal his youth.

  12. David B. 2 says

    I am just overly pessimistic about having a boyfriend at all at 48.. mostly because I have dated three quality men in two years and it did not work out.. sometimes I think that human relationships are very fragile and don’t last long — gays not excepted.

    How is that for a hot cup of bitter this afternoon boys?

  13. sugarrhill says

    Mr. Cornelsen’s lifestyle has just been downgraded from business class to economy. My guess is that this won’t be a pleasant change.

    Posted by: Sancho | Oct 21, 2009 3:40:22 PM

    You must mean Knight, because that bitch’s career is in a downward spiral. At least Cornelsen still has his youth and two more years of undergrad. I agree with most here. Their relationship has always creeped me out. I know a few are able to bridge that age gap, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just date someone your own age.

  14. Gabe R L says

    So typically gay male to think that at 27 he is over the hill. The reason why there is so much dating of kids among gay men is that they only value the usually but not always ephemeral attractiveness and always ephemeral youth of the guy involved, nothing else. That’s a part of the reason these relationships are too brief.

  15. Gabe R L says

    I might add that unfortunately a lot of gay men never leave late adolescence or early post-adolescence behind. They remain stuck at that stage of life and their tastes never mature. Hedi Slimane and Stephen sprouse are prime examples. I’m only 30, but can’t imagine being in a relationship with, or even having sex with a teen or post-adolescent.

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