Transgender Models Posing as Virgin Mary Raise Eyebrows in Spain


An AIDS prevention calendar that features transgender models dressed as the Virgin Mary is getting some atttention in Spain.

Writes Andres Duques at Blabbeando: "Of course, the predominant factor that sets these images apart is the use of transgender models posing as the Virgin. The include Carla Antonelli, a leading Spanish transgender rights activist, who said she certainly considered the potential controversy that the calendar might elicit before she agreed to pose for it.' I posed myself the following scenario: Why is it that a transsexual woman can't represent a religious icon given life by so many other actors and actresses throughout history? To not do it would be akin to internalizing the same discriminatory principles that people want to throw against us', she said.

The project's authors say that there is a definite intent to make transgender women more visible to society."


  1. patrick nyc says

    MUYBUENO, you can’t fuck the virgin, that would invalidate her parking. The guy in yellow though looks like he’s about to nail that poor sheep in front of him.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL@”The guy in yellow though looks like he’s about to nail that poor sheep in front of him”

    No, you didn’t, PATRICK. LOL

    I saw a special on PBS(my place of higher education) that claimed the reason the Roman Catholic Church elevated the Virgin Mary to her high status was to compete with the Goddess figure in pagan European religions–that in order to convince Nothern and Western Europeans to believe in Jesus the Church had to find a figure to compete with the Goddess.

    Women in the ancient world used to have more power than we realize. Men in ancient times were in awe (and envious) of a women’s power to bring new life in the world–so they made up new religions to subjugate women, and do away with the goddesses.

    We had a goddess banned from Towleroad for worshipping Sarah Palin…well, that wasn’t the real reason, but Andy had to dethrown her. I wonder if the “old gurl” is still alive. Silly me: a goddess can’t die.

  3. Scott says

    Derrick from Philly: C’mon. A PBS special? If the truth really matters to you then do the research and don’t post misleading crap that cannot be substantiated. The facts are never that simple and the “experts” they get for these shows are the least respected in their fields. Those with the greatest respect don’t lower themselves to do “specials” on PBS, the History Channel, etc. The stuff they produce should come with the disclaimer “for entertainment purposes only” since it’s on a par with everything else that carries that label. It’s all just Catholic bashing anyway… the only PC prejudice in the USA.

  4. patrick nyc says

    DERRICK I’m always happy to make you chuckle, as well as read your posts. They are often a nice mix of humor and insight. I caught the PBS episode, as well as one on the History Channel that touched on Mary of Magdalene and the Church’s fight to disprove her relationship with Christ, the Apostles and the start of the Catholic Church.

    So what a SHOCK!! A SHOCK I SAY, to see the following post from SCOTT, about bashing the Catholics. See, I leave that to the Catholic Church themselves. As was brilliantly shown in the piece in the NY Times this past Friday about the woman who was suing the Church and the priest who knocked her up, and would not cover the cost of the love child’s cancer treatment.

    That despite they paid her off for years, and she was not his only lover, a number a support group says numbers in 2,000. That is the number of women who have ‘relationships’ with what they call ‘playboy’ priests.

    So SCOTT, I’ll leave the trashing of Catholics to them, and idiots like you who defend them blindly.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Sometimes a poster comments knowing/hoping that there are other posters who know something more on the topic, and then we return to the thread to see if anybody was interested enough to add something. It’s not that we’re so sure of our view on the topic. I aint trying to be no authority on the Lord’s mother. She was a nice lady as far as I know…kinda’ young to be a mother though (‘course that was 2,000 years ago…there were a lot of very young mothers then).

    And did you notice the word “claimed” in my description of the PBS special’s explanation? But the explanation did seem to make sense. Why is it that no other Christian denomination seems to place the Virgin Mary in such a position? Not the Protestants nor the Eastern Orthodox chuches.

    And I’m not interested in bashing the Roman Catholic Church. There’s a plenty folks willing to take on that task.

    “If the truth really matters to you then do the research and don’t post misleading crap that cannot be substantiated”

    No. I’m too busy reading Truman Capote’s stuff right now (love him to death). You do it, and report back to us.

    A PBS basher…. humph, that’s worse than a Catholic Church basher.

  6. patrick nyc says


    When I read PBS basher my mind went to the lame Palin line about ‘community activists’ at the GOP convention. Which sounds like a place that SCOTT would be found when he’s not trolling here.

    As for Truman Capote, another reason to respect you. I have read most of his work and I hope you have hit up The Grass Harp and my favorite, Other Voices, Other Rooms. He has a small body of work, probably due to drama and the bottle, but he had such a unique voice.

    He fell a notch or two when I saw how he treated Harper Lee in his film bios. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite novels, that was even before I knew he was the basis for one of the main characters.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Yep, PATRICK, Capote was a genius. Shoulda’ been an early gay icon, but the “kids” don’t like him. They prefer Gore Vidal ’cause he aint “steretypical”–he’s MASCULINE. But Vidal never accepted the term “gay”. I’ll stick with Capote–his style is exquisite. Yep, a Virgin Genius (had to segue back to the topic of this thread).

  8. Bryan says

    The only thing that saves religion from being entirely evil is that blasphemy is so much fun.

    No matter how civilized we may ultimately become, I do hope we can always allow The Faithful a reservation somewhere. Kept in isolation, the stuff they get up to is loads of harmless fun.

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