Tulsa Man Slashed, Stabbed, Beaten by Gang of Three for Being Gay

Tulsa resident Brandon Patrick was attacked by a group of three people while walking to a friend's house, after they provoked him with taunts and slurs.

Patrick2Tulsa World reports:

 "Three people followed Patrick down the 1300 block of South Rockford Avenue about 11:45 p.m., yelling homophobic slurs and threats, he said.

Patrick, who is gay, said he ignored the group until they closed in and then asked why they were accosting him without provocation.

The assailants then started beating, biting and slashing at Patrick with a blade, he said, leaving him with several cuts on his head and body.

The 23-year-old has been peppered with insults before, but he said he never thought they would escalate to violence. 'I've never felt scared or feared for my safety before,' he said. 'You brush it off and walk on. That's what you're taught to do. This time, it didn't work.'

Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley said the people who are accused of attacking Patrick are at large and were seen in a maroon Ford Mustang from the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Patrick described them as a woman in her early 40s and another woman and man, both in their late teens or early 20s."

The attackers were caucasian, KTUL reports, correcting their original erroneous report.

Patrick Queerty has some additional graphic photos of the beating and a report from Patrick's partner Sam Raines:

"They started out by calling him a faggot as he was walking down the street minding his own business and they told him not to look at them….but he didn't even look in their direction.

As he went around the corner they got in their vehicle which was a mustang late 90's early 00 model and sped toward him and the male got out of the car. he then punched him in the back of his head and that's when he started to have to defend himself. He kept telling them just to leave him alone and go about their business…

As he was restraining the male the older of the 2 females came at him and bit his cheek and began to saw at his head with a knife…then ended up stabbing him in the knee!"

Oklahoma's hate crime laws exclude sexual orientation.


  1. Pinky says

    @JT: I sure hope so, cuz there’s nothing I like more than a real gay bashing. Sheesh…

    Obviously, OK does not need sexual orientation in its hate crimes statute because there are no gay hate crimes in OK. Oh…wait…

    I wish that kid had had a gun.

  2. GrabbinNewscum says

    “The attackers were caucasian”

    Looking forward to mentioning the race of gay bashers in all future articles of this type – if for no other reason to watch the PC hypocrites go loony when you mention the attackers were black: “What does their race have to do with it?!?”

  3. Chris says

    @Grabbinewscum, I don’t think many will wonder what their race has to do with it, because it’s used to describe the criminals for people to look out for. The victim only knew that they were white, so that’s what he gave the cops to work with.

    Anyways, hopefully something good will come out of this brutal attack, and Congress will finally pass the bill.

    It’s a shame though that none of these attacks are heard about, but we’ve heard a lot about the Balloon Boy hoax…

  4. CKNJ says

    @JT Why, have there been fake gay bashings recently? None that I have heard of… they have all been very real!

    There has been a big uptick in reported gay bashings… I don’t know if it’s because more are reported or if more are committed, but it is a troubling turn of events…. anyone know more about statistics on this?

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    The reason why the Tulsa media folks had to mention that the assailants were “caucasian” is because they first reported that the attackers were black.

    “…the attackers were black: “What does their race have to do with it?!?'”

    OK, now you answer that 400 year old great American question.

    Doesn’t fit the script, hunh? Your script.

  6. DR says


    Last month this very site posted an article about a gay-bashing where within a week it was revealed the “victim” suffered from mental health issues and fabricated the story. It’s also been revealed that there was a LOT more to the story of the gentleman in Canada, who has since been charged with assault with a deadly weapon against one of the men who allegedly assaulted him. Turns out the assault on him was a continuation of an incident earlier in the day.

  7. alfredo says

    When I was 23 years old I had no problems walking alone at night in some very big cities. That was 20 years ago and the 23 year olds are different these days and the city streets at night are dangerous. Why isn’t anyone asking why a 23 year old is out that late and by himself? Too many of these attacks happen late at night and the victim was alone. Hello people, there is safety in numbers. Not playing “blame the victim” here, but really!

  8. clint says

    LOL @ Alfredo, I sure as hell am NOT walking down the street in Tulsa at 11:30 at night, that is just asking for trouble. While no one deserves to be brutalized, I wouldn’t recommend jumping into the polar bear exhibit at the zoo, either.

  9. Anon says

    @ Alfredo, “but really” you are just playing into a “blame the victim” mentality. “Why isn’t anyone asking why a 23 year old is out late and by himself?” oh I have a better one for you? Why isn’t anyone asking that female rape victim what she was doing walking down the street with a skirt 3″ too short? Your answer to my question is my answer to yours.

    Really? Are you serious? Why would any sane person ask this question? He’s 23 not 13 and he has all the right in the world to walk where he goddamn chooses without the fear of being bashed. Would it make it easier to blame the attackers if it happens in a “safer” neighborhood at a more respectable time of day?

    Just because you choose to live in fear and allow that fear to limit when you go out and where you walk doesn’t in anyway mean people who don’t live by that whacked mantra have any fault in their own assault.

    Please re-read your original post and I hope you can what’s wrong with your question.

  10. Anon says

    and @ CLINT, I hope you enjoyed your laugh because your anology is useless. The difference bewteen walking down the street and jumping into a polar bear pit should be patently obvious. No sane person would do the latter and every sane person has a reasonable expectation that they can safely do the former.

    I mean seriously are any of you even listening to yourselves? If your argument is that he shouldn’t be surprised since he put himself in that position anyway, then by your logic every time he had previously walked down that block late at night he should have been assaulted. Hell by your logic everyone who walks down that block late at night should have been assaulted and not just the gay guy. Where is the logic in your reasoning?

    You know I came on here because my brother recently came out to me and I am trying my hardest to be as supportive and keep as up to breast on the issues as I can and I am shocked by the mentality about this case. This is akin to a feminist blaming a rape victim for putting herself in a position to get raped.

  11. New Jersey Girl says

    Haven’t you all seen enough blood spewing from gaping wounds of our gay brothers and sisters – which is a direct result of Christian America’s War on LGBT’S?

    Are you angry enough to begin bashing back?

    What will it take to get you guys to pick up a baseball bat, follow, hunt down and beat up a straight couple for being straight?

    The government won’t protect you. The Police mock and beat you. And ‘God’ couldn’t give a rusty fuck about you.

    Enough is enough. Isn’t it?

  12. JT says

    CKNJ : Like DR said, the Shawn Bennett case in Lansing, Michigan was a fake, as was the Nick Haramis/Corner Bistro case in NYC. The Canadian case has turned out to be very questionable. I’m not coming to any conclusions on this seemingly-bizarre case. Wait and see, I guess.

  13. JT says

    If I thought New Jersey Girl and Stolidog were real I’d tell them that anybody who bashed my wonderful straight brothers and their wives would in turn get bashed by me, permanently, for good… But I suspect they’re homophobes trying to stir gays up to say something that can be used against them.

  14. john says

    I know this young man. Definitely not a liar or someone who goes around asking for trouble. For the most part, Tulsa is a relatively safe place. There is nothing out of the ordinary about walking down the street at 11:30 in this city.

    Those of you who are questioning whether the event really happened should be ashamed of yourselves. How about leaving your laptop off and actually contributing to society instead of thinking you are so clever that you can question the legitimacy of a violent crime against another person. Those comments disgust me.

  15. John in Boston says

    Also says Mr. Patrick has been verbally harassed in the past, but he just let it slid. THAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF…..you’re minding your own business and shit still happens, at anyplace, anytime, even in so-called gay friendly places like where I live. I’ve experienced and witnessed more than a few examples of anti-gay hate in just Boston and NY alone, and these towns are supposed to be gay friendly compared to many others.

  16. DR says

    @John: We’re just answering a question. Chill.

    @ the losers advocating “straight bashing”… I’m really tempted to forward this to law enforcement. Then you can suffer the same fate you wish on everyone else in the word.

  17. LoveBug says

    Evil comes in many forms you just have to keep on fighting. Take a stand anywhere and everywhere. The worst evil to battle is ignorance. And New York is NOWHERE gay friendly that is for sure. Been there done that it is the scariest place I have been. Me and my ex-boyfriend were bashed in daylight in the middle of a parking lot and the police said sorry cant do anything that’s how evil that state is. I’ll never go to the empire state that’s for sure sorry new yorkers but i never got a good welcome.

  18. bingo says

    this is when u tell the 3 that u may kick my ass …but im gonna get hold of one of u ..and rip your eye balls out and bite your nose off….u choose which one…..if u wanna attack me …im sure not going down with out maiming one of u ….use your keys…..teeth anything u can get hold of and defend yourself

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