Ugandan MP Proposes Death Penalty for ‘Aggravated Homosexuality’

Ugandan MP David Bahati introduced a bill into Parliament that calls for the death penalty for those guilty of "aggravated homosexuality".

New Vision reports:

Uganda "A person commits aggravated homosexuality when the victim is a person with disability or below the age of 18, or when the offender is HIV-positive.

The bill thus equates aggravated homosexuality to aggravated defilement among people of different sexes, which also carries the death sentence.

The Bill, entitled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, also states that anyone who commits the offence of homosexuality will be liable to life imprisonment.

This was already the case under the current Penal Code Act.

However, it gives a broader definition of the offence of homosexuality.

A person charged with the offence will have to undergo a mandatory medical examination to ascertain his or her HIV status.

The bill further states that anybody who 'attempts to commit the offence' is liable to imprisonment for seven years.' The same applies to anybody who 'aids, abets, counsels or procures another to engage in acts of homosexuality' or anybody who keeps a house or room for the purpose of homosexuality.

The bill also proposes stiff sentences for people promoting homosexuality.

They risk a fine of sh100m or prison sentences of five to seven years.

This applies to people who produce, publish or distribute pornographic material for purposes of promoting homosexuality, fund or sponsor homosexuality.

Where the offender is a business or NGO, its certificate of registration will be cancelled and the director will be liable to seven years in prison.

Failure to disclose the offence within 24 hours of knowledge makes somebody liable to a maximum sh5m fine or imprisonment of up to three years."

The purpose of the proposed law? To protect children and the "traditional family".


  1. says

    Disgusting. It’s obviously homophobic, and should be condemned worldwide.

    However, I think that it is inappropriate to have any kind of sexual contact, homosexual or otherwise, with severely handicapped or underage people. I don’t advocate the death penalty of course, and I think it should apply equally to heterosexual offenders, but even in the US we have protections for vulnerable populations. I also think that there should be some sort of mandate to disclose HIV status if it is known.

  2. Attmay says

    I am an aggravated homosexual. I am aggravated by genocidal dictatorships that need to be destroyed. I dare you to try and kill me, you Idi Amin-loving barbarian.

    Uganda is another anti-gay terrorist nation whose sovereignty I refuse to acknowledge.

    And yes, I acknowledge South Africa’s full equality for its LGBT citizens. I guess the rest of Africa will not follow its lead.

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    All of this began when three AMERICANS — Exodus “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ” International board president Don Schmierer, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, and Richard Cohen protégé Caleb Lee Brundidge — spoke at a conference in Kampala in early March and endorsed proposals to strengthen Uganda’s criminal code which bans homosexual acts with a lifetime sentence, with the penalty of compelling gays and lesbians into forced therapy:

    Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out reported on the conference here:

  4. jakeinlove says

    I can’t believe I’m about to write this down.
    They best thing that ever came out of slavery in the U.S. is the result of living in a country that over a LONG time has had some forward progress and doesn’t completely choose to live in a world of complete fear, prejudice, and superstition.It’s not right, but it’s ok.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, it’s certainly your right to look at the sacrifice of your ancestors that way, JAKE–so that you may live as you wish today in America without being persecuted. I just ask you to remember that your ancestors (distant & recent) had a great deal to do with those American freedoms that make our lives not totally right, “but it’s ok.”

  6. Bill in SoCal says

    Let there be no doubt that this is what the Family Research Council and there ilk would be pushing for here if they thought they had half a chance.

  7. Yeek says

    Generally it’s the most corrupt, backward places on Earth that despise gays the most. The arab nations, the impoverished nations of Africa, the rust-belts of old communist Europe, the southern U.S., Jamaica etc. etc.

    Most of these cultures also have a problem with insight and finding new solutions to old problems, which is part of the reason they stay so impoverished to begin with. They react to unusual circumstances with loud declarations of absolute authority (”we will never accept it! abnormal!”) rather than the sense of amused curiosity that we see in more advanced cultures. These primitive societies are terrified of change and cling to stasis, mostly because rejecting change as “wrong” gives them an excuse for not having made any of the progress that they see in the rest of the world. It’s sort of an “I’m not a failure, I’m morally pure and those others are depraved” defensive philosophy that can only be propped up by a show of indignation and pious rage. Having an “enemy” or “abomination” to oppose gives them a sense of purpose and achievement that actually comforts them; they gain a sense that they are unique, important, and special for their battle against depravity when in fact their society is pedestrian and unaccomplished. So, when this enemy doesn’t actually exist, it must be invented. That’s where gays come in.

    When the imagination needed for change simply isn’t there, neither is the insight needed to advance your character. Civilization is about progress, not tradition. If Uganda is still a hostile backwater in a hundred years, you will also find the same lack of curiosity and the same outwardly directed resentment and pious assertion in so many of its people that we see today.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Generally it’s the most corrupt, backward places on Earth that despise gays the most. The arab nations, the impoverished nations of Africa, the rust-belts of old communist Europe, the southern U.S., Jamaica etc. etc.”

    Yup, Yeek, and what do ALL these places have in common? Large numbers of their people oppressed for decades, centuries by an elite ruling class–some of whom have had the luxury and free time(to educate themselves) to become so fucking “enlightened”.

    Oh, and yes, I’m including the oppression of poor southern US white folks also(as well as blacks)–who turned to fundamentalist Christianity which results in their backward view of gay people’s legitimate demand for civil rights.

    There’s always a history to this shit, Yeek. People just don’t like history.

  9. John in Boston says

    All cultures are equal? No, they fucking are not. Some are A LOT more ignorant and backward than others.

    For all the problems, I thank God almighty I was born and live in a western first world country. So many parts of our world (and I’ve seen some with my own eyes) are breathtaking in the level of their ignorance and backwardness. Uganda comes to mind.

  10. John says

    Really, you’ve been to Uganda have you? By air to Kampala? Or overland through the dangerous Mount Elgon pass road? Or perhaps from rebel helded areas in Sudan or Congo?

    And found nothing but “Ignorance and backwardness” eh?

    Tell me, were you there to acquire child slaves or to provide arms to Congolese rebels?

    Uganda is not exactly a tourism hotspot. Most white people have their African “experience” in cosmopolitan Cape Town. Or they do some game viewing at a luxury 5-star resort in Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, or South Africa. You know, the countries with animals and ATMs.

    Most seasoned travellers also have a very profound connection to the countries they visit. I’ve never heard of anyone who’ve actually been to the African continent and describe it in two little words. I certainly wouldn’t describe my experiences in such simplistic terms. And I’ve only been to South Africa (which is argurably the most Western of the lot).

    So, you’ll forgive me if I treat your “I’ve been to Uganda” story with a grain of salt. Perhaps a whole container of salt even.

  11. Wheezy says

    I’m a homosexual and I’m feeling very aggravated. Aggravated enough to write my President, my representative, and my Senator to say that until Uganda treats all members of it’s society with respect we should freeze that $138 million dollars in aid we’ve been doling out to them.

  12. Jimbo says

    The British left Uganda in excellent shape. It’s been going down the plughole since 1962: like every former African colony, from the moment it gained independence. Africa needs white rule again: white rule with a very big stick.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “The British left Uganda in excellent shape. It’s been going down the plughole since 1962: like every former African colony, from the moment it gained independence. Africa needs white rule again: white rule with a very big stick.”

    Like I said, people don’t like history, so they re-create it. Yes, British Imperialism saved the world! And slavery was God’s Gift to Africa!

    Historical lies, don’tcha’ love it?

    JIMBO, you know anything about indigenous African religions and their doctrines concerning same-sex love and (what we now call) transgender people? Of course, you don’t care…about truth.

  14. Yeek says

    Totally agree, Derrick. There’s that great essay out there entitled “Oppressed People Suck.” Forget who wrote it, but it makes the
    same point very eloquently.

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