1. says

    Sounds like he’s embellishing an unnamed source. If someone at the White House said quote pajamas etc. unquote, why not make it a direct quote ‘cuz that is dynamite? Because he knew it was dynamite enough just to summarize what was said and say it came from the White House. If we COULD pin that quote on someone, we’d have to demand his head.

  2. joe says

    Well, there you go. You just got your compass for the administration. As long as the polls say he’s doing fine, he’s not gonna stick his neck out for us. This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone

  3. Craig says

    Well said. They need to take off the pajamas and go out in the real world. And sitting behind a desk with a suit jacket over them on a cable news show that has zero credibility doesn’t count as “real world.”

    Mr. Harwood, turn off Rush and go out into the real world to play for a while. It’s a nice sunny day out.

  4. jimmyboy says

    No actions from WH to show otherwise so anonymous source is probably 100% acurate

    I bet it is Rahm Emanuel. Rahm’s disdain for everything left is well known and publicly documented.

    Rahm is a corporatist whore DLC triangulator

    BUT Obama did hire him knowing full well what he stood for so whatever Rahm says is perfectly ion line with Obama’s stance


  5. MT says

    I saw this interview and wanted to launch myself into the television. Somehow I don’t think he was exaggerating. The Obama White House obviously thinks gay right is some fringe campaign that he can dismiss. He’ll just keep stringing us along like he did with his HRC speech the other night. If anything we need to turn up the heat. This is beyond insulting at this point.

  6. jimmyboy says


    lets take that 10%…..amongst indipendents the disatisfaction % is higher and one can be sure there are tons of gay independents.

    But just at 10% that is almost 7 million of his voters…..3 million short to have swung the election but 7 million is more than enough to play havoc with local elections

    For example

    NY 23rd district

    R Scozzafava is 100% in support of gay marriage, 100% support abortion rights, support and ties to ACORN…..was a libertarian drafted by Rs

    while D Owens was an indie drafted by Ds and is 100% AGAINST gay marriage, not supportive of full abortion rights, etc

    start nibeling at Obama’s majority that he and Rahm have used for sh@t. Let the “fringe” show its power

  7. Mike says

    Wow Andy, way to sensationalize a secondhand comment not even directly about the National Equality March and attribute it to the White House…you realize you’re just helping this entire weekend be turned into a soundbite, a here-today-gone-tomorrow controversial headline that completely clouds the issue everyone marched for. We expect better from you.

  8. jimmyboy says


    we expect better from Obama than the promises repeated from election speeches

    9 months = 430 gay servicemen and women discharged under DADT during Obama’s watch.

    It is within his power to put a moratorium on enforcement till bill to repeal works through congress……takes less than 60 seconds to sign moratorium

    TRUMAN via executive order desegregated the uS millitary

  9. Jack says

    I guess that the “million man march” was also a fringe activity. Jeez, don’t those silly blacks know that governing a closely divided nation is a complicated and difficult task?


  10. K says

    Mike, regardless of what the quote was in reference to, President Obama, as candidate, repeatedly referred to social networking sites and social media as helping him communicate his vision and contribute to his efforts. So for a WH adviser to shit on that is pretty amazing.

  11. patrick nyc says

    JIMMYBOY the first thing I thought when I heard this was it has Rahm’s prints all over it. You hit the nail on it, as far as Obama is concerned he does not need us until the next election, then he will throw some more crumbs our way.

    They are in for a rude awaking, the right hates them, the middle (indies) are losing faith and there is clear rumbling from the left. As for the ‘pajama’ wearing internet fringe, they are going to be fuel on the fire under these assholes.

  12. jimmyboy says

    patrick NYC

    The problem though is that too many on the left like to scapegoat Rahm for all that is ill in the WH

    I can’t fault Rahm for being who he is. He has never made it a secret about hating the left. Obama hired him so the buck stops with Obama.

    but yeah, Rahm’s fingerprints are all over this statement and thus straight from Obama’s true stance no matter what sweet speech he gave at HRC

    Bit of trivia…..Hillary HATES Rahm. No raving liberal herself and a master triangulator, Hillary hates Rahm for Rahm’s pushing corporate interests = NAFTA with her husband ahead of her health care reform

  13. JeffRob says

    “Fringe” is a little harsh, but there’s some truth there. If you think the majority of LGBT Americans think like your average Towleroad commenter (or blogger), you’re wrong.

    I was visiting my mom (out for 25 years) and her partner (together 10 years) this weekend, and neither of them, nor any of their friends, even knew a march was happening. When I explained that a lot of the gay community is becoming impatient with Obama, they were infuriated at the thought. And they’re liberal democrats.

    Get your heads out of the clouds, and yeah, put on some big boy clothes. It’s gonna be a long, convoluted, messy fight wherein your friends will become enemies, your enemies friends, and your entire belief system will be challeneged.

    We are not freedom riders fighting southern segregationists. This is way, way more complicated.

  14. patrick nyc says

    If anyone’s head is in the clouds I would bet is your Mother and her lover, for not knowing there was a march this weekend. While I agree most gays are like most other Americans, not involved outside of what’s on TV tonight, the march has been all over the MSM.

    Maybe you and your Moms should put on some PJs and surf some news papers on the web, not just porn and trolling/posting like you seem very apt at.

  15. RedCedar says

    “Nearly every gay Democrat I talk to has expressed the same frustration as do these left-of-center bloggers. They may agree with a number of thing the President has done these past nine months, but they’re appalled at how he has failed to act on the promises he made to the gay community. So, we should be grateful for the blogosphere–it may well be more representative of our community that the heads of the various gay organizations with their fancy offices and titles and more ready access to the mainstream media.”

  16. Bryan says

    LGBT people represent a modest percentage of American voters. From the perspective of the Democratic party, w’ere also also guaranteed supporters: who else can we vote for? Add to this the fact that we’re willing to leap to our feet and cheer because the President refers to us as human beings, and you have everything you need to know to predict the future of LGBT-related legislation in America. That Obama speaks out on our behalf is as unremarkable as the fact that he does nothing more than speak.

    Democratic lip service to LGBT issues is a nod in the direction of civil rights activists and a slap in the faces of religious and military extremists, but this isn’t remarkable either. The former are guaranteed supporters, and the latter are guaranteed opponents. In this environment, nice words cost nothing, and are nothing more than “nice.” It beats being scapegoated and vilified, but none of it will result in legislative gains.

    All of this strikes me as obvious, or is there someone alive and of voting age who actually expects politicians to keep campaign promises?

    Barney Frank pointed out that there is no branch of government that is impressed when LGBT people throw another party, and was reviled for it. Congress responds to the carrot and the stick and nothing else. The carrot is corporate bribes and the stick is the threat of losing an election. LGBT people wield neither.

  17. rich says

    I just want you to know that I feel right at home here because like many of you, I prefer to post long winded, narcissistic and ill informed comments on some blog than to get off my fat a** and do something.

    Hopefully someone will be insulted and respond to my comment so I can spend more of my time here on my soap box telling you my views and personal thoughts instead of having to get out and really organize.

  18. Rafael says

    Basic rights such as the right to marry or the right to serve openly in the military are not extreme positions. This notion of framing common citizens who demand nothing more and nothing less than full equality as the “left fringe” is weak and cannot stand.

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