Adam Lambert Responds to OUT Magazine Via Twitter

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Adam Lambert responded to OUT magazine editor Aaron Hicklin, who suggested in his editor's letter for the 'OUT 100' issue that Lambert and his handlers, 19 Entertainment, were wary of having Lambert appear on the cover and asked the magazine not to ask certain questions for fear the singer would appear "too gay", a notion that Lambert's interviewer backed up.

Responded Lambert via Twitter: "Dear Aaron, it's def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine. Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications' agenda onto my career."


  1. patrick nyc says

    For a guy this young, who has been put under a microscope by the MSM, by his choice I know, he handles himself very well. It is clear that Hicklin, or should we call him Dicklin, is trying to use Lambert to sell his rag. Good for Lambert, fuck the douche bag.

  2. tsuyoikuma says

    I really hope one of his handlers wrote this, because if not B* better be checking himself to tell someone not to “project [their] publication’s [sic] agenda” onto his career before he already has one.

    What exactly is this “agenda” Glambert?

  3. LiamB says

    Good for him. OUT was the one that chose to act like unprofessional asses and deserved to be called out. As for him not helping the gay community, since when has the gay community been behind him? I’ve rarely seen the “community” do anything but trash him for being “too gay”, “too fat”, “not masculine enough” and far worse.

    At any rate, I’ve seen more than a handful of straight people that have stated being a fan of his has helped them realize how, not only were they wrong in some of their views of gays, but how much crap we have to deal with and how we deserve to be treated like equals. He did that by being himself, not some fanatical agenda pusher. I seriously doubt OUT has ever done anything to convert straights to the cause of equality.

  4. csann says

    I was an avid Lambert fan. Now, not so much. If the accusations are true and Lambert instructed OUT to tame down his flame for marketing purposes, I think Lambert should retire his eyeliner and sequins now.

    Being the “Great Gay Hope” isn’t easy, but isn’t that why you’re being honored in the OUT 100 list in the first place?

  5. LiamB says

    “DONE with Adam … the OUT Agenda is just what … CIVIL EQUALITY ?”

    Seriously? OUT is the gay version of Elle, hardly a leader in equality or rights issues.

    “Sorry Adam I am over your “career” … taking to twitter is amazingly childish.”

    And what Aaron did wasn’t? You have a very odd sense of maturity.

  6. adamblast says

    Lambert has talent, but I could no more enjoy his singing than I could enjoy a screech owl. Even if I could tolerate such sonic crap, his attitude toward gay fans, gay media, gay culture, gay politics have been shown to be absolute shit.

    Nobody survives the American Idol experience with any semblance of human personality. He’s another self-important douchebag just like Clay Aiken. Let’s hope his career comes and goes just as fast.

  7. LiamB says

    “I was an avid Lambert fan. Now, not so much. If the accusations are true and Lambert instructed OUT to tame down his flame for marketing purposes, I think Lambert should retire his eyeliner and sequins now.”

    Jesus Christ, what ever happened to reading comprehension. Adam didn’t say shit to OUT about anything not in the interview. According to the writer of the article, the 19m handler for Adam took the writer outside before the interview, away from Adam, and asked her to avoid politics. Not Adam; his handler.

    As for their previous attempt to get him during the show, ALL contestants are forbidden by contract from doing magazine articles until after the final episode. Perhaps OUT should have done their research. AfterElton seemed to have.

  8. Richie says

    I’m an Adam fan and want to support him… but his response smacks of prissiness.

    So your handlers got heavy handed and are trying to ‘manage’ your gay publicity.

    Own it and move on. Or craft a positive response, reaffirming your support for the gay community.

    Don’t give out attitude yet – your singles so far have tanked and Idol runners up don’t have the best chart track record. The gay community is a very loyal market…. just ask Cyndi!

  9. LiamB says

    “I was an avid Lambert fan. Now, not so much. If the accusations are true and Lambert instructed OUT to tame down his flame for marketing purposes, I think Lambert should retire his eyeliner and sequins now. ”

    Adam didn’t say shit to OUT about any such thing. The writer of the article stated on her blog that his handler took her outside the interview area, away from Adam, and asked that she not ask political questions. Not Adam, his handler.

    The writer said herself that Adam wasn’t likely to not answer such questions if she asked. It was his handlers that she had a problem with, not him.

    As for the cover story, I sincerely doubt 19 said any such thing considering other pics he has done and had published under their management. Really, if they didn’t make him tone down the album cover, why on earth would they ask such a thing for a magazine not likely to be seen outside the gay community? He has never shied away from talking about being gay in any article I have ever read.

    Honestly, people should actually try reading things he has said instead of inferring based on their own prejudice. In fact, why not start with the full article OUT put on their own website.

  10. Gregus says

    Met him and chatted with him, which is more than most have here. I get the impression that he wants to do things on his terms and at his pace, which I think he has every right to do.

    He’s OUT, he’s open….now he’s apparently not gay enough for you? Let him get on with building his career. He deserves the space to create his own identity and career.

    All this said, I don’t doubt that Nineteen Management were a bunch of assholes. They’re the lowest of the low. Would sell their own mothers to make a dollar.

  11. FudgeRiver says

    “Or craft a positive response, reaffirming your support for the gay community.”

    So is living an openly gay life and introducing one hell of a lot o kids who would have not encountered ‘gay’ until they had learned it was ‘wrong’ and ‘different’ not doing enough!?!

    Seriously, what his publicists did was a shitty thing but at this stage in his career, if Adam wants any chance of being a musician and not simply a figurehead for a movement (which is something he’s stated repeatedly) he is in no position to do what Out wanted him to do…to go against his publicists, his manager and to be overtly political from the get go.

    He has never once hidden that he was gay. No, on Idol doesn’t count because if you didn’t know he was gay….well…there’s no fricking hope. And he has nothing to apologise for if it was his publicists and not him. Seriously, people I know say some shit I disagree with but I’m not going to take the blame for it.

    Read the interview with him and tell me that he avoided any issues!

    He talked about life and love as a gay man, something that is going to make gay all the more friendly and palatable to the masses than politicking ever will.

  12. Matty says

    Yet another irrelevant fame whore. Once the novelty wears off he’ll be joining the other Idol has-beens in the 99 cent bin at Walmart. Spare us this crap, where’s the real news?

  13. says

    Gonna go with Adam on this one. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to swim in a sea of gayness 24/7. If someone’s sexuality isn’t supposed to matter, why force it one way or another? He’s gay. He came out to the public. He did us a favor by not hiding like every other celeb does. He doesn’t owe the gay community a full-on career sacrifice by being pigeon-holed. Give him a break.

  14. says

    This whole situation has made a Lambert fan out of me and it’s not because of his music. Arron’s letter was juvenile and smells of a publicity stunt. Which if it is… then bravo! OUT magazine is relevant for the next day or so.

    Adam’s response is right on… he has every right to protect his career. He doesn’t owes OUT magazine anything.

    Furthermore, since when is helping the gay community limited to doing a dog and pony show for OUT magazine?

  15. Brody says

    Some of the most derisive and divisive comments I see come from the so called “gay community.” Yet there are those of us, Adam himself I’m sure, who would rather be seen as “also gay” than be segregated based on sexual orientation. Adam does not owe me anything because I have the same sexual orientation, nor should I have to support him for the same reason. Many proponents of equality recognize the importance of focusing on qualities that all human beings share, rather than the differences (gender, sexual orientation, culture). I’m sure Adam wants people to see all of who he is, and not focus on just one aspect.

  16. lili says

    Holy crap the boy has an opinion and people are pissed. Boo hoo. Wah.

    The “community” eats itself if someone weighs an ounce too much. Please. God forbid he’s out on his terms and not yours.

    Do your thing Adam. Do whatever you like with your sexuality. If they don’t like it hit Rolling Stone again. Or anywhere else you like. Because you have it like that.

    Haters to the left.

  17. roc says

    He will appear to “gay” on the cover of Out? AAAAHHHH….has anyone looked at him?????? It doesn’t get much gayer….I mean really! Nothing against “that” look, but at least own it!

  18. Rocky says

    And all you bitter fags expect the bigoted heterosexuals to take your trifling asses seriously?

    The level of hatred Ive seen chucked at Adam Lambert does not come from heterosexuals because he’s gay.It comes from bitter homosexuals because “hes not gay enough” or is a “self-loathing douche-nozzle” “hes ugly” or “Kris Allen is better looking than Adam”,Ive heard and read all the negative shit thrown at him.Frankly,I wouldnt blame Lambert if he wanted nothing to do with gay people (specifically gay men) because alot of gay men are nothing but tired trifling 2-faced shit-stain bitter fags,who spend more time hating on other gay people than they spend time bettering themselves as individuals and working together and unifying as an actual “community”.The bitter fuckers who use the term “self-loathing” dont use it in its proper context.Because if you want to call someone “self-loathing”,try looking in the mirror when you get up in the morning and call yourself that.I noticed more heterosexuals,specifically young women and teen girls,give Adam more support than Ive seen any homo ever give him,since hes been out there.Its as if the so called “gay community” is some sort of gang in which you have to have some kind of physical asset or something or other to join.Unless gay men quit acting like a bunch of pussy ass Madonna-wannabes there will never be full equality available to gays.All of you bitter fuckers are nothing more than an embarrassment to the so called “gay community”.Apparently coming out on your own terms is against the gay laws.Such a trifling bunch of pussies.Get over yourselves.

  19. Bill says

    This is why we need to demand more of our gay activists and ourselves. Gay activists for the most part do not push equality hard so many gay people look to any famous person to do the work. Adam should not be leading the civil rights movement, that is ridiculous. Gay activists work for gay people. I am tired of them saying and doing what heterosexuals want. We need equality NOW! You and I need to contact our Senators to encourage them to vote for ENDA. We need to contact state Senators of New York and New Jersey to get them to vote yes for marriage of same-sex couples.

    Why can’t Out magazine along with all the other supposed gay magazines put gay people on the covers regularly? They rather put heterosexuals on the covers and us, gay people, in the back of the magazine. They need to reform themselves.

  20. Randy says

    Well, when your music isn’t what it’s hyped up to be, I guess you gotta create buzz some other way, by being mysterious — sort of like a reverse Ted Haggard — “gay with issues”.

    Until I saw these tweets, I thought Adam was simply being mismanaged, and would emerge a star once he freed himself of people who only cared about money in their pockets, but (if the tweets are his) the mis-manager is himself.

    My dollars go to out gay artists who confidently sing same-sex lyrics and make videos to match. They don’t get much play even on Towleroad, which is a shame when so many bytes are wasted on “mysterious” folks like Adam.

  21. Lane says

    Ok this is ridiculous. I have no problem believing that Adam’s handlers told the interviewer to stay away from politics concerning the gay community because heaven forbid Fox News has to cover political statements from a pop star. As for the not seeming too gay issue; I doubt many straight non gay friendly people would know OUT was a gay entertainment magazine let alone rush out to buy it. The not making him seem so gay comment would be a better argument if we were talking about an Entertainment Weekly article.

  22. Mike says

    Whatever. It’s gossip. None of us knows any context or what is true. I personally find it hard to believe that Lambert would be downplaying his gayness with a cover like that. Just enjoy his music… or not.

  23. Carson says

    @Randy Well if you support gay artists who keep same sex lyrics get ready to support Lambert. Fever, his Gaga track keeps the gay intact. “There HE goes my baby walks so slow…”

    Enjoy his album. I know I’m going to. Give the guy a freaking break.

  24. Christian says

    Maybe Adam should spend some time with the real hero behind him in the photo who was fired from the military for being Gay.

    Adam, you have lost my support of your career, you little pussy. I have lost ALL respect for you, and now wish I had voted for the cute kid from Conway Arkansas versus you.

  25. Qjersey says

    Aaron Hicklin would have done the community a better service by framing is editorial on the behinds the scenes people (e.g., publicists, agents) in the entertainment industry who don’t know how to deal with gay talent. Don’t ask Lambert “gay” questions. Gay agents and managers that deter gay actors from taking gay roles, etc. etc.

  26. narishkeit says

    As usual, both parties have a good point.
    Since when does Out magazine, speak for the gay community and all the different people within it? But Hicklin has a point, Lambert’s team worrying about public perception of being on Out’s cover typifies many of the problems in the community at large…you can be gay, as long as you are not too gay, case/point you are equal and loved, but you can’t get married.

  27. Scott says

    So, Adam is gay and has been skyrocketed to almost unreal levels of stardom extremely early in his career. …And all of a sudden he’s expected to be the flag bearer for all things gay?

    Hicklin, nor any of us for that matter, have the right to expect or – worse yet – TELL someone what they should or shouldn’t be. I think Adam’s reply as far as the “meaningful conversation” bit was important. There is perhaps a discussion that can take place there. There’s certainly a possibility that Adam doesn’t “get it” when it comes to all these expectations. Though from everything I’ve heard, I don’t believe that to be an issue.

    You want an activist? Look at a David Mixner. Look at a Harvey Milk. Heck, even look at a Lady Gaga. These are people who have CHOSEN that road, through their work and/or through their art. Adam has not yet chosen that road. Who are we to force that upon him? He is what he claims to be – an entertainer. Until he chooses differently, it’s not our place – our being the gay community – to judge him as anything else.

  28. andy says

    Man there are some self-hating fags out there. “It’s ok if he’s not out,” “It’s okay if he doesn’t want to label himself as gay (even though he is),” “It’s okay if he shits on the community to make a buck.” No wonder we can’t get shit done with folks like that around. If he was so gay positive he would tell his “handlers” to fuck off.

  29. JimmyD says

    I always just love the hypocritical hate I see in the comments section.
    It does seem as if OUT is praising Lambert with the Top 100 list and then slamming him in that editorial letter.
    That does come off as self serving.
    I fail to see ANYTHING Lambert has done to deserve some of the hateful comments some have posted. Comments, that if directed at some of the comment writers, would be considered hate crimes.
    Some of you act as if Lambert, and his career, are being forced upon you. You act just like the straight people who say having gay people in their neighborhood are going to destroy their lives.
    Ignorant and loathsome. With a side of self hating.
    Towleroad? I love the site but man, many of your readers are just plain hypocrites.
    GO AHEAD! Slam me with some hate comments now. Bird’s gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and some bitchy, lonely, self hating fags gotta slam anything and everything. Can’t stop nature!

  30. chris says

    Must say I love the comments about the album cover!i MEAN, YOU WANT GAY…GOOD GOD! ha- I think the only concern any of us should have is if the album is any good and worth listening too. Time will tell about all the rest…

  31. says

    What I don’t understand is how people can defend Lambert’s management for not wanting him to appear too gay on the cover of OUT and not see the hypocrisy involved when Adam’s album cover is “gayer” than anything I’ve ever seen in OUT Magazine. Ever.

    This is the part of this argument that does not compute.

  32. Janica says

    That editor letter was patronizing to extreme. Gay community? Like there is united gay community -yeh really. Barbie dolls? Insulting. bah bah bah. Got what he wanted: attention. And lost several readers. Soured Out mag for me.

  33. Janica says

    And prissiness indeed. Some of the comments on this site are like the editor’s letter: “How dare he be himself? So gay? Not gay enough? Not doing it MY WAY? So I am holding my breath for him to fail so there.” Some are so eager to feel superior LOL. Some sore posters here. I plan to enjoy his music and follow his career and ignore for now on the cattiness of this “one big gay community”. Ignoring that Adam IS being open about his sexuality BUT putting his music as first. Since it is his right to do. How many of us after all go to work and declare first thing in the morning: good morning just reminding you all I am gay, let’s go to work?

  34. Jo says

    “he doesn’t want to support the gay community so why should we support him”– are you fucking kidding me? It’s ppl like you in the gay community that Adam discusses as pretty much being annoying. WHY WOULD HE PUT HIS TIME INTO GAY RIGHTS??–Just because he’s gay? IS THAT WHAT HE WANTS TO BE ABOUT?? N-O So
    get that through your thick skull! Build a fucking bridge and get over it.
    As per the people who say they’re Adam’s ‘fans’..but are willing to believe this douchebag editor over Adam. LEAVE…Honestly. Adam doesn’t want you as a fan neways!!

  35. sfpromo says

    OUT Magazine was, once upon a time, a worth while publication. Now it’s just a magazine marketed to the “we are better, more exclusive gays, than you.” Constant articles about how fabulous you “should” be and how you “should” act.

    Step aside OUT.

    I’d side with an ass kicker like Adam Lambert any day. He has literally scratched his way to being an artist and stck to who he was all the way through the making of Idol and his first album.

    OUT is just stirring the pot to make sure they get noticed in a day and age when they are a fading medium.

    Maybe that’s why I read Towleroad and only glance at OUT on the new stand. It’s not worth paying for.

  36. wtdp says

    Adam must wake up every day and wonder who is not satisfied with him now. Why can’t he at least get a little respect for the amzingly honest, open interview in the magazine? It’s been one trauma after another for this poor guy since we first saw his face, and this response of his today just shows, again, his incredible grace under pressure. Thank God for his strength and confidence.

  37. Peaches says

    “i think glamerace’s response was pretty classy although i do take exception to that missplaced apostrophe”

    It’s not a misplaced apostrophe. The company has two publications. 😉

  38. JH says

    OUT chose to use his image on the cover and attack in in the same issue – what could be more exploitative of Lambert? OUT is the shameful party here – undermining someone who has brought a lot of positive attention to gays. Lambert certainly has a career and one that will last. It didn’t begin with AI. How any of you can think Lambert is the one not supporting gays is ridiculoud. He is the one on the cover who didn’t say anything negative about anyone until he was taken advantage of.
    Great talent, and a fine gay man – he gets my support. OUT had an agenda in exploiting him from the git go. Sickens me.

  39. Rocker _Girl says

    WOW sure are some snarky comments about Adam who is just standing up for his own rights as a human being when someone else (Hicklin) made the matter public.

    Adam has every right to respond – and he did so eloquently I might add. I am glad he isn’t going to just let people roll over him, no matter who they are. He just wants to sing.

  40. WickedLilTown says

    This reminds me of the time that twenty minutes before I was to interview Ann-Margret for the cover of a gay publication her obviously gay publicist called me and suggested that I not ask her about having a gay following because, as he put it, “she is a very modest lady.” I reminded him that she was touring the country playing a whore in Bob Mackey gowns but that I would save those questions for last in the event that she had a problem with them. The interview went well and she had no problem talking about her gay fans and what they mean to her. She even got choked up when I told her that my late father was a huge fan of hers and that he would be very impressed that I was interviewing her.
    Sometimes handlers and PR flacks that are gay can be the biggest asshats of them all when it comes to their clients talking to the gay press.

  41. Hoya George says

    El Camino writes: “No good can come of this. Hopefully they’ll all calm their asses down. Go for a walk, paint the bathroom, toast a bagel. Find a better battle.”

    Amen. Thanks for making my day with your posting, El Camino! We’ve got dangerous,crazy-ass Sarah Palin all over our damn TVs again, and we’re spending time eating our own. Priorities, people.

  42. Harris of Hollywood says

    Adam, Stick with Rolling Stone if the gay press can’t be professional. Great response, and SHAAAAAAAME on OUT Magazine. You don’t put your business in the street, IDIOT!

  43. Scott says

    After reading some of the comments, I’m going to agree with something quite a few people have mentioned – at the moment, there really isn’t a collective “gay community” outside the one characteristic that we all share (that, err, we’re gay).

    That being said, I second my statement on that Adam is what he claims to be – an entertainer. Like he said in the interview (for those that actually read it), “I’m doing the best I fucking can.” All he wants is to be seen as an entertainer. Whether he’s doing the best he can or not is a a matter of personal opinion. How “gay” or “straight” he comes off is not meant to be the issue.

  44. GODSAKE says

    JOEHIO – what rock you been buried under most of this year? You really don’t know who Adam Lambert is? I have to suspect that you are being sarcastic because you are sick of hearing about him. If you are gay, then on this matter of the OUT magazine and Adam’s response to the open letter the Editor wrote to him, you are “supposed” to care very much- the whole gay rights movement is counting on him so he better not mess up. If you don’t care then you are probably a pussy, corporate bitch, sell-out, and probably not really gay enough either.

  45. tsuyoikuma says

    You want to do things on your own terms, at your own pace? Don’t be a celebrity. When you put yourself in the limelight you give up some of your personal freedom/private life.

  46. Brian says

    I honestly think we’re in the “home stretch” of the gay rights movement when musicians can come out, then basically say “hey, I don’t really feel like aligning myself with your movement at the moment” – instead of “gay celebrities”, we have celebrities who happen to also be gay.

    We should be celebrating the fact that OUT needs him to continue to justify their existence a lot more than he needs OUT.

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