1. tim says

    how?? can ANY gay or lesbian cause the destruction of the family unit.
    How does the fact that i am gay or a straight single for that matter, have any influence on the destruction of the straight family unit? The fact is that Annise is a person, who happens to be lesbian; she is not going door to door in an attempt to recruit someone over to her/my side of the the sexual fence, as it were. She has a history of service to her community–the City of Houston. Amongst her other accomplishments, her present position, that of managing the purse strings of the 4th largest ciy in the U.S. should say just a little bit about her strengths.

  2. says

    Honey don’t bother. The people who think she’s destructive to the family unit are the same know-nothing assholes who think we’re trying to molest children. There’s no talking to them, and no reasoning with them. The most effective way to deal with these idiots is to monitor their actions privately and ignore them publicly. They are creating their own irrelevance.

  3. says

    If Houston voters and the rest of the cities/states were smart, the supporters of Annise Parker and other politicians being targeted by the far right would CALL OUT the Christian right and attend the candidates rallies with signs of “Democracy not Theocracy vote for Annise (or other candidates)”, signs stating “Separation of Church and State Vote Parker” etc.

    I would bet the opposing candidate will start distancing themselves away from the Christian right faster than you could read this. They won’t want to be associated with organizations that defy our Constitution.

    This is what the gay community needs to point out in any election that the Christian right gets involved in. Use the fear factor that they use against us. The Democracy NOT Theocracy and Separation of Church and State are prime statements that might put fear in people thinking they are losing our Democracy to religious fanatics. A few “Tax Church’s” signs wouldn’t hurt either – LOL

    If we start targeting “right” candidates as supporting theocracy, by pointing to their supporters, it may get people to think twice before supporting that candidate. If we don’t lower our standards to meet theirs, we will continue to lose.

  4. AlexinBoston says

    This is right out the Hand Book of Karl Rove, it is precisely how GWB derailed Ann Richards in his Bid to be Governor of Texas! The Sunday before Election day that year, Rove had his operatives distribute handbills at literally every church parking lot across Texas…. guess who became Governor?? In so many parts of this great land it is still – as i say – GOD GAYS and GUNS!!!

  5. Christian says

    I live in Houston and it is the press creating the stir about Annise being a lesbian, and not the Parker campaign.

    She is actually the more conservative of the two candidates and this anti gay hate campaign is being run by the uber right wing Christian wingnuts – led by a quack physician.

    The amazing thing is is that Annise Parker is still going to win the election folks – because there are a lot more sensible minded people in Texas (surprised?) that do not care if she is a lesbian or not. This is the fourth largest city in the US, it will be a big deal for us here – Houston is a great (big ugly) place but is certainly lacking as a gay mecca. Go Annise Parker – you are an amazing woman!

  6. Thom says

    …As a native Houstonian and a resident of the nation’s 4th largest city, I am amused actually that there is this much opposition to Annise Parker’s bid for mayor…but the “righties” and mouth-breathing vermin that preach their hate and show their fear after last week’s runoff really have a conundrum their hands! It comes down now to a gay woman and an African-American as the candidates… The gloves are gonna come off and it’s gonna get ugly, folks. Those that can’t deal with their choices best call Mayflower and pack that van up move out…
    The ugly truth us that those who hate the “lesbian” deviant also hate the black guy. They won’t admit it, but I would bet my last nickel it’s true. After all, the “Tea Bag” whacks are just protesting having a “man of color” in the sacred White House…diguised of course as righteous citizens railing against the :tax” issues.
    They are really a sad, sad bunch.
    Annise Parker gets my vote, hands down..and MY vote, unlike the bigots’ out there has absolutely nothing to do with race.Oddly, it has everything to do with who I feel is qualified to take the helm of this huge diverse city. Case closed.

  7. says

    (self edited).

    i hate them all even more than they hate me. trust me on that one. i’ve been out since 1975, i’ve heard it all, i’ve seen it all, and their hatred of my life has NOTHING on my hatred of theirs. except for the fact i don’t leave my house except for the grocery store, i’d become the Fred Phelps of the far, far, far radical left and picket THEIR funerals of their loved ones with signs that would make their eyes melt and brains dissolve. well, dissolve more than they have already.

  8. Jeff Little says

    Time for some churches to loose there tax free status and to be proclaimed as corrupters of Youth.

  9. Adam J Gillis says

    Power to her, the Religious Right clings to any yahoo that follows their agenda, regardless if they end up in the press a year later taking their top off, or doing meth with a gay hooker. They are quickly running out of supporters and will eventually be seen as the bigoted and racist/sexist extremists that they really are.

  10. Jon says

    Churches can take positions on referenda without jeopardizing their tax status, but they can’t endorse or oppose candidates for office. I hope the Houston office of the IRS is paying attention.

    But as a former Houstonian (and a former employee of Annise’s at a bookstore she used to own), I’m confident that she’ll win. People who actually live in the city are too practical to care about anything other than who will be the best mayor. And most of the real conservatives have moved out of the city — either going out into the surrounding county or moving into separate cities that are completely surrounded by Houston.

  11. Disgusted American says

    I know people hate the same words used…but Im sorry…”gay taking over”?? etc etc – what kind of rhetoric is this>??? Sound familair….? The fear the Jews are taking over blah blah…Oh my,Gays would get a say in actual gov’t workings…Panic. WTF! I hope this woman cleans thier clocks! What kind of BS has American fallen too? Hateful nasty Mother fuc…kers.

  12. Urmensch says

    As Jeff Little said, who but the churches are corruptors of youth.
    Here in the UK, evangelists are trying to take over schools to indoctrinate kids and teach creationism.

    Kids aren’t born religious they are made that way, by catching them when they are young and unable to reason.
    Reason is the one thing that separates us from the other primates and religion destroys the capacity for rational thought in us.

    Who are the ones really doing the corrupting?

  13. John in Boston says

    She so warm and cuddly looking. Reminds me of my mom. I’d probably buy a used car from her.

  14. Steve Kerbow says

    As a native Houstonian, I worked on Annise’s earliest campaign way back when! She has my vote as would any Gay/Lesbian person would! What gets me are these canidates that have to resort to low tactics of the ring wing! We have already had a man of color at the head of the city and still, it took another man to clean up his mess! Annise will be good for this city, the city that I love and promote every single chance that I can get. The minister’s that are backing Locke have been spewing the same filth for years. I have heard them speak before and didn’t like then and don’t like it now!

  15. Thom says

    …just in case anyone on this string wants to know the name of the real right-wing whackjob here in Houston, who is getting ready to spew forth. It’s Dr.(Quack) STEVEN HOTZE, MD ( as in major dick). Guy’s a troll. And by the way, he tried his “Straight Slate” quite a few years back…failed. All the positions lost their races. It was all over the city extending health bennies to city workers AND lobbying for legal discrimination in minority hiring(and firing) at the city. So he has crawled out from under his filthy rock answering the pathetic Call of the local Pastor’s Organization here.(Palmer, you listening? I’m pretty sure you don’t read)

  16. TANK says

    Houston’s full of backward, hick cracker motherfuckers (well, texas in general–no offense to molly ivans). Why are they reving up with the antigay attacks? Because they’ve been proven to work TIME and AGAIN. Face it, the electorate’s a big fat fuck in “chew” stained overalls standing next to a burning cross.

  17. Thom says

    Correction:Dave Welch, Executive director of the Houston Area Pastor Council, not Palmer.There is enough misinformation and dumbness out there anyway, but wanted to correct myself. Remember “they” never confuse their issues with facts….I want to at least be credible if I am going to blog here…and uh, note to Tank: Please don’t generalize. Texas doesn’t have the total lock on the characters you cite. They are everywhere, believe me, EVERYWHERE…
    and they hate you with the same fervor…peace, my friend.

  18. TANK says

    Yeah, Thom, they are everywhere…in texas. Or are you denying that there’s a higher concentration of crazy bigot in texas than in other states? And please, don’t say “michigan,” or even alabamy–because that doesn’t make texas look good.

  19. Travis says

    Her victory really would be unprecedented. Give her money!

    Houston is a clusterf*ck of a city that only the gays can fix.

  20. Thom says

    Well, Bush was elected TWICE and all the voters WEREN’T in Texas. What’s up with that?
    Annise will win because she’s qualified. Period.End of story.
    Gee, I hadn’t even THOUGHT of Michigan. Thanks for tip.

  21. says

    I live in Houston and have helped on Annise’s campaigns over the years. She IS the most qualified candidate for the job. It is really sad that Hotze is joining forces with Locke.

    We really need to get her elected. Any money contributed is greatly appreciated!

  22. Steve says

    Just to make a correction (if it hasn’t been made already) … Prop 2 did not prohibit domestic partnership benefits for city of Houston workers … it prohibited the city council from placing it on the agenda and discussing it.

  23. TANK says

    Yeah, derrick, texas isn’t one of the most virulently homophobic and racist states in the u.s….and those stats about the black community from the pew center were just made up by the white devil.

  24. Believer says

    I respect all of your position to live freely and make your own choices. I also recognize that many leaders in the christian world have and will continue to make mistakes. Mistakes regarding prejudice and of judgment on others in many different areas of their lives. My endeavor is to shed light on the most important aspect of my faith. To have a real and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not push my christian faith on others. I live my life as an example of love and education just as Jesus did. My plea is that you do not judge the christian faith by any one flawed human being. You can only truly come to understand this faith through individual, personal, and genuine study of what the bible says. Not some homophobic human being. The facts are that the bible communicates that homosexuality is a rebellion of God’s plan for mankind. There is no logical, spiritual, or religious argument against this. God does not hate a homosexual. God does not hate an alcoholic. He does not hate us he loves us. Although, he does despise the act of getting drunk and the sexual rebellion of his plan for mankind. You are free to live however you choose, but remember that it comes at a cost. Thank you for your time and God bless.