1. says

    OK, covergurl still looks like a guy, in wig or not. premier cover photo should have been the always classic Amanda Lepore or Ru.

  2. RJP3 says

    Cover model should have be a person who has turned themself into a freakshow — sure — NOT.

    I celebrate Amanda’s freedom – and question her choice – but I do not have her endless need for attention.

    As for Ru – now there is a real talent.
    But I do not think he is immature enough for the target audience.

  3. Latebrosus says

    What is it with these stupid hipsters who think they’re all edgy and cool by co-opting a subculture for flash and cash? There’s plenty of magazines that have been published for years devoted to body art, transvestism, and transgender people that don’t require rail-thin Eurotrash fashion models. The limited edition aspect caps this venture as nothing more than an insulting exploitative marketing ploy.

  4. says

    Kind of seems from the video that all the models are male-to-female in nature . . . are there any girls dressing up as boys, any drag kings, transmen?

  5. emma says

    I noticed a few bio females. Very handsome.
    The queens’ makeup all seemed a bit off to me.

    The marketing and claims also make me suspicious. I’d rather see a great regularly produced trans based or trans inclusive periodical with a smaller distribution than hype over an unoriginal idea with “edge.”

  6. Cameron Garcia says

    The problem with magazines of this type is that they don’t really show the REAL side of being Transgendered. All they show is the flash and how fun it is to be in the limelight. If you really want to show the real Transgendered women, why not go for the ones who have all of the wrinkles, warts and all. The real women who are older, mature and who are really women. Not some young female who only goes to the clubs to dance.

    So I really dare anyone of you folks who put on these magazines, go out and look worldwide for us older an matuer women. We could really show you what being Transgendred is really about.

  7. gc says

    Magazines of this type (fashion magazines) aren’t designed to show the real side of anyone. It’s a fashion magazine.

    With that said, I certainly support there being more depictions of real transgendered people in the media. But this just looks like something light and bright and fun. It fucks with gender and puts transgender people in the spotlight, which, as someone else pointed out, doesn’t exactly happen – kinda ever.

    And with THAT said, … so mad at the song choice. Lawl.

  8. says

    Finally a breath of fresh air, I love it.
    What year is it again…? It’s about time for representation of what is, instead of the force feeding frenzy of what should be. Bravo, I’ll be there.

  9. Jade Wren says


    I would love to get a copy of Candy…where in Sydney Australia carries your publications or can I order it from you direct?

    :-) Jade

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  11. Hyperbole says

    I can’t wait to actually find a copy on the stands. My favorite FtM can sure use some style tips. Any timeline for mass distribution?

  12. says

    This looks amazing, and it’s a great idea with the magazine! Is it for sale in Madrid ? I’m living in the Spain’s capital and I would like to buy this magazine, if available.