1. says

    What I wish had been asked — either by the “View” ladies, or any other news outlet that hosted Ms. Prejean — is: “How do you think Freedom of Speech works?”

    She does not seem to understand that in no way was her free speech impeded. She got to say what she wanted to say — unedited — on national television. Freedom of speech is not also freedom from criticism. In fact, those people who criticized her are also exercising their American right to free speech, too.

    That kind of conversation, though, takes away from the other conversation about how she fingered herself on camera. I understand my argument is starting at a deficit.

  2. Jim says

    Just like Sarah Palin, she believes that because of her Christianity there is one set of rules for her and another for everyone else. She makes a fool of herself and comes across like a sanctimonious shining example of morality, and then screams victim when people call her on it.

    “I was immature, I was young…” yeah, yeah, sure. Just look at her defensive, angry face when defending herself – there is real pathology there, a desperate desire to be famous and glamorous – she saw an opening and she took it – and now it’s has caught up with her. The reason people are trying to dig up dirt on her is because she’s so obviously a hypocritical phony. Just like most modern conservatives, she denies to your face the obvious truth, and hides behind Christian piety. What an infuriating media whore.

  3. Pope Coxicus XXX says

    That’s just it, Mike B. The “Christian” haters don’t really believe in Freedom of Speech, except when it’s their speech. If you disagree with their opinions and tell them so (e.g. express your Freedom of Speech), they feel persecuted.

  4. stephen says

    Sort of amazing that The View was the most “hard-hitting” of any of Prejean’s interviews… if that even qualified as hard-hitting.

    It’s a 24 hr Info-tainment cycle… news is dead.

  5. Lee says

    She is blaming most everyone else for her predicament. But as Barbara stated if it wasn’t for her predicament…losing the pageant..there would be no book, no interviews, no nothing and she would be yesterday’s news. Who won? We don’t see her or know who she is. Ugh. I wish Ms. Prejean HAD won.

  6. Mike says

    Yep… if the wingnuts say it it is freedom of speech, when someone else voices their opinion it is unfair attacks. She isn’t fooling anyone, and her supporters use the same tactics so of course they are supporting her.

  7. Brad says

    She comes across as very combative and self-righteous. Victim or not, her time is over. In another 5 years we’ll all be scratching our heads trying to remember what this vapid cochon even did to deserve any attention.

  8. johnny says

    Agreed, when newscasters started giving opinions without the “editorial” heading and also started appearing on non-news programs (Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, etc.) the credibility/journalism factor was cut down to near zero. The bottom line is greed, the basic business model of the U.S.

  9. Bayley says

    This appearance was the last nail in her coffin. I was reading Conservative blogs this morning and every single comment was negative in relation to her appearance on The View. She was combative even toward Barbara Walters. This was awful to watch, but I did smile knowing she alienated the handful of people who were still on her side. You can’t defend the above.

  10. patrick nyc says

    The look of anger in the top picture says it all, that and the look on Sherri’s face, eyes rolling, which all but Hasselbitch did as well.

    Prejean has now become an embarrassment to the right, just as Palin is becoming to the main stream non-teabirthing GOP.

  11. princely54 says

    Btw, ‘no real reason’ means that all she had to do was answer totally predictable questions and not act like she was being ambushed. OF COURSE I realize that what she said was ignorant to begin with.

  12. says

    Carrie Prejean thinks people should be allowed free speech to express their opinions. So she shouldn’t be upset that people are expressing their opinion that she is a hypocrite and a homophobe.

  13. peterparker says

    She really isn’t a smart girl. And, in my opinion, she isn’t even that pretty, but that condescending, self-righteous tone of voice makes her even less attractive.

  14. Lazlo says

    Despite everything that has been said. I have noticed one thing that makes me really sad. No one in the media has asked her the following or mentioned the following(I may be wrong, let me know). “So your a victim? Like Matthew Shepard? Like so many others who have been brutally murdered just for being who they are or for speaking their glbt minds?” This victimhood she’s preaching is beyond the pale. It’s like she suffered a hate crime or was sentenced to hang for being gay. And she wasn’t!!! She was called a few bad names and caught in a bunch of lies! She has no idea what being a true victim is. She is utterly inhuman and reprehensible. @Johnny SNL and Jon Stewart may be non news shows but they still pretty much tell it like it is which most real news show don’t.

  15. sean says

    “no one came to my defense” yeah except for the people of doma making u their spokeswhore and all the morons at fox news. who else did u want to defend u? what a stupid twat!!!

  16. RJP3 says

    She has the CRAZY in those eyes!

    Elizabeth proves yet again that she is scum and will rise to the defense of any conservative scum — taking her direct marching orders from the Republican producers of The View.

    Elizabeth “Christians Aren’t Perfect”
    They just demand that of others ….

    NOBODY came to my defense — nope the ENTIRE FOX NEWS ORGANIZATION did not Carrie.
    Or Religious Groups. Or Catholic Publications. Such a crock — she suffers from a persecution complex. A perfect pawn for the Conservative Politicians.

    The ignorant black conservative scum said in approval “she is a tough girl” …

    we give you credit for being beligerant and full of hate ….

    America is disgusting … this clip proves it yet again.

  17. FunMe says

    Look at her eyes pop up when she continues to LIE.

    Why I ponder to say she is beginning to look like her “pal” Ann Coulter.

    Do you think Ann go Carrie into crystal meth, too?

  18. iwontbehave says

    I’m surprised (mayby not) that no one has brought up the issue that Prejean was trafficing child pronography by giving her boyfriend this video. Elizabeth pointed out the the Pageant doesnt want to release the tape because it would be violating porn laws, but what about Prejean

  19. Jamie says

    Yeah, I’ve got nothing left to feel for this pitiful victim of her own circumstances. She’s a dim-bulb with a loud mouth and a persecution complex and is about as dense as a creature can get.

    I know in her heart she believes she was wronged. She also plainly believes she was above the morality clauses of her pageant documentation, or clearly never read them – worried more about “When do I get the boobs?” Nothing in her demeanor, expressions, delivery, or body language reveal a kind, humble, or modest individual one might expect to find in a dictionary definition of a Christian – or one with the “Christ-like” qualities of which she professes subscription.

    She’s traveled the country (and not by way of the “high road”) trying to prove she’s right, make a buck while she’s at it, unapologetically continue her hatred toward gays and her critics, and show that everyone else has been in the wrong about her, all while her lying ass unravels right before our eyes. She is that deluded into thinking she really is better than everyone else.

    I know the natural response to hate-filled women like Carrie Prejean, Maggie Gallagher, Ann Coulter, or that gullible Elizabeth for that matter, is to call them hurtful names like slut, bitch, cunt, bimbo, hog, pig, Jabba, whore, skank, skag, dried-up old twat, hypocrite, or maybe even ditzy air-head. But doing so only reduces those of us who air those pejoratives to the pond-scum level these people already inhabit without any of us ever overstating the obvious.

    I used to go to church, and I know a good person and follower of Christ when I see one, and let me tell you I’m not seeing it in this fruitless mannequin. When I see pictures of her wiping the asses of the elderly in old folks homes, saving kittens or puppies from sewage pipes, replanting trees after a fire, walking in an AIDS Walk, or yes, turning the other phuquen cheek, then I will see a girl who understands what it really means to be a Princess, and I’d be happy to pound that crown onto her hallowed head myself.

    There’s an old saying I once read that goes something like this:

    ”Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

    I realize most of that blathering doesn’t make any sense, and for the life of me I can’t remember the source of this fable, but I think the key here is in the last sentences. What is it about this dressmaker’s dummy that is keeping her from being hewn down and cast into a fire? It ain’t by any fruits I’m seeing, but I bet she got them for free!

  20. Bryan says

    Silicon Barbie’s misconception fist amendement rights is a common one: that freedom of expression includes freedom from responsibility for whatever is expressed. This confusion is very common among Christofascists, who believe that their right to worship whatever they believe in includes the right to enforce their beliefs on others.

  21. GregV says

    It very much stood out to me that when she was asked by Joy how old she was when she made the tape, she ignored the question, then ignored it a second time, and then BARBARA answered on her behalf “she was 17″ and then later when Elisabeth repeated “you say you were 17, right?” she stays mute and shrugs.
    It very much looks as if she is trying to perpetuate a rumor that she was 17, and if anyone ever proves otherwise and calls her on it she can say, “I didn’t make that claim — THEY did.”
    I’m just speculatingm on the reason, but didn’t anyone else notice how obviously awkward she looked every time that question came up?

  22. RDUB says

    A perfectly good opportunity to grill the girl, WASTED, by Barbara asking irrelevant questions again! Barbara is a fluffer, a fake, and the opposite of a femenist. She was also a “mistress” which she refuses to label herself as. Time to go Babs…

  23. GregV says

    Oops, I was slightly mistaken. I didn’t hear the first time that Carrie does say “yes” when Joy repeats the question at around 2:45, “Were you 17?” However, if that’s true it would seem to mean it would have strengthened any case she had against those who had it and showed it to her.

    I wish some of these interviewers would point out the most obvious issue that makes her claims about why she lost very dubious: her answer at the pageant did not make any sense. She’s happy that “in the United States” people can choose same- or “opposite marriage,” but in “her country” it’s “opposite marriage” only? So what is “her country? And why did she make the first claim and then join hate groups arguing to take away that choice from people?

  24. says

    Those women on the view inflict their lack of moral judgment on others and break the law which will lead to a suit for harassment from someone. They are suffering from alzheimer’s or are simply uneducated from their pithy commentaries. Pit bulls have more intellectual capacity.

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