Gay Chelsea Storefront Featuring ‘Live Massage’ Shut Down by NYPD


(image kenneth in the 212)

Last Friday night, a live erotic massage window display at the Blue Store on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea was shut down by the NYPD:

"According to Daniel Lee, director of, the massages, which
took place in the window of the Blue Store, on Eighth Avenue between
20th and 21st streets, did not involve nudity or lewd acts. 'It think
it was prejudice,' Lee said yesterday. 'It was perfectly legal massage,
what was happening in the window.'"

The live event was promotion for a website, AMNY reports:

"About an hour after the massages began at 6 p.m., Lee said cops
showed up and told him to shut it down. He complied, though he was
issued no summons and the officer would not tell him what laws were
broken, he said. The cop said onlookers – who numbered about 15 – were
blocking the sidewalk, according to Lee. Police said  cops responded to the scene after a man who had been
walking with his son saw the display and  called the local precinct to
complain. Cops confirmed no summons was issued. 'It seems there was some kind of moral objection to what we were doing,' Lee said."

Now the owner of the store is upset because, he says, the police will be watching him now.

NYC Activists and Leaders Protest False Arrests of Gay Men by NYPD [tr]


  1. differingview says

    Let’s NOT be stupid, you are enticing people to STOP and stare, block a street, rub …also it is “erotic” someone being rubbed on (with minimal clothes on by BOTH people) with oil while others watch through a clear window.

    The owner simply wanted to use the titillation that would attract the gays to the business…sometimes I wonder HOW stupid gays are to the fact that they are being pandered to at the lowest level possible.

    Yeah the owner should be worried because he did a stupid thing and YES the cops are going to watching to make sure it does not happen again.

  2. Disgusted American says

    hmm I gotta wonder – If it was a girl massaging a guy – would the controversy be the same? hmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. EricInMN says

    I’m actually quite surprised by those comments – when did we become so Victorian about expressing our sexuality? This isn’t public sex… why was this stupid?

  4. excy says

    What’s the big deal….people in NYC need to lighten up a bit. So prudish, unbelievable. Things have certainly changed in the Big Apple.

  5. ant says

    enticing people to stop and stare is not illegal – if it was then all creators of effective advertising would be in jail. and as the story points out the act itself was not illegal. and the store owner cannot be held liable for the actions of people on the street. so where is the crime here? oh right, we still have to Legalize Gay. and diffview, thanks for our daily dose of selfhating homo.

  6. Pender says

    Yes, prudish and annoying, but at the same time I would not be at all surprised if the result were the same if the two participants were opposite sex. I don’t see this as necessarily discriminatory or unequal.

  7. mamma says

    Well honey, if the dad didn’t like whats going going on up front, she would have passed out when he walked into the back.

  8. SFshawn says

    Glad I live in San Francisco where being naked isn’t so scary and frightening for big grown up adults. I guess the pathetic father and police officers win the day with their fear of human sexuality. It’s almost 2010 and humans are still afraid of their bodies. Pathetic.

  9. ggreen says

    But really who cares if rights were violated or discrimination happened? Bloomberg got back in to the palace and money trumps all, which is all that matters in NYC. Welcome to the bad old days.

  10. clayton says

    1) so when one of us gets beat up the police either don’t show up or don’t respond properly, but if one prude gets offended they show up and shut it down?

    2) there are provocative sexually charged images EVERYWHERE in new york – even the ads on the subway. this guy wasn’t reacting out of moral outrage (if that’s really his problem, it would be a full time job!) but out of sheer homophobia. why should he be scared that his son see two men touch each other? this sort of reaction is primitive and embarrassing, and should be ignored, not reenforced by the police.

    3) then again, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was who called the cops – makes it a WAY bigger story, right?

  11. Chris says

    Let’s be honest: had it been a girl in a bikini giving a massage in a window they would have also shut it down. Who cares if America is prudish? That’s not our battle to fight. Let’s focus first on being treated equally, even if it means being subject to the same prudish standards. Being gay is about being yourself, it’s not about sex.

  12. John says

    This display probably would’ve been shut down in Canada and South Africa too. Both of those countries have pretty strict public decency laws on the books. America is hardly the only former British colony that has “issues” with prudishness.

    It has nothing to do with same-sex marriage though.

  13. Luke says

    Here in London that would never have been stopped!? In fact that would never have been stopped anywhere in Europe. Americans are so paranoid.

  14. Marcus says

    I swear, I see that guy in the blue underwear wherever I go. LOL

    Anybody know who he is?

    I think he is a model or pornstar, but I can’t place him.

  15. RJP3 says

    NYC is now so lame — and so are the self-haters who think they would have shut this down if it was a woman giving a man a massage — or two women. Pender is a FOOL.

  16. RJP3 says

    Are they going to shut down Macy’s and Lord & Taylor for drawing crowd with their window displays this Holiday season ???


  17. Paul says

    well considering my bf is a massage therapist and he takes it seriously…i see nothing wrong with this. Also…HELLO this is fucking Chelsea…boystown if you will. If someone is bringing their child up in NYC then they have been exposed to a lot more than just two guys doing a rub down. And not all massage is sexual!! get you minds out of the gutter!!

  18. Paul says

    also…you know it sucks when someone moves into the neighborhood that the gays are responsible for making it nice!! then they want to push those people out!! happened recently in Chicago some bitch was pushing a brat in a stroller and didn’t like the word Mastubate in one to the window displays…so, she petitioned to have the intimate apparel shop shut down the window display!! this is exactly what I enjoy about my neighborhood…but now the fucking strollers are moving in and taking over and due to fertility drugs…they are muliplying!! yes, I am pisssed!!

  19. jakeinlove says

    So the next time I walk into Sprouts grocery store I should call the police even though it’s a legitimate massage in public?


  20. 24play says


    Go to and search for Gio in Manhattan.

    The cops are lucky Gio didn’t get a hard-on. It wouldn’t have just stopped sidewalk traffic; it would have blocked it.

  21. Marcus says

    Thanks, 24Play.

    It really is weird that I keep seeing him, though.

    I never thought he was a rentboy–I just thought he was a model or something.

  22. Harry says

    Another example of the police over stepping their bounds. “We must protect society and the heterosexuals from the Homosexual agenda!” Will the guys be getting their perverbial toasters for any straight young boys they recruited?

  23. bendskier says

    I am so tired of people sexualizing massage and then calling it “massage.”

    I didn’t study Anatomy and Physiology for 1,500 hours and spend double that learning the art of healing to jack a guy off.

    I could do that just fine before.

    Fixing an IT band in 45 minutes on a dude that was crying on the floor, then because of your fascia work he is one-ski water-skiing that afternoon is REAL Licensed Massage Therapy!

    Just call it an escort session for what it is, and leave us PROS out of your nasty dramz.

    If that wasn’t a NYState licensed therapist, calling it massage was definitely illegal and could easily be prosecuted.

  24. andy says

    Unbelievable! What is happening in this city where gay men are arrested in adult stores and non-sexual, clothed massage is grounds for cops harassing the shop owner? Uh, this is still NYC, right?

  25. John in Boston says

    Get a lawyer. Take the city to court. My guess is the store owner would lose. Cops can shut him or anyone else down if a public spectacle is causing a crowd to gather on a public way. But it’s very subjective. The clown who dropped a dime is a bitch. He’s walking down 8th Ave with his son and is shocked and upset by this display? Does he think he’s on Main St, Disney World? And why would it be upsetting to his son? Pretty tame shit.

    Luke in London:

    Give it a rest Boss. You’re an ignorant Euro/Brit who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  26. TANK says

    This just in: NYC are homophobic, simple minded schmucks! Next up: aspirin can mitigate the effects of headaches.

    And bend…wah wah wah.