Good News for Whales


They're now apparently being protected by Batman:

"The mean-looking Ady Gil is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's newest weapon in their ongoing battle against Japanese whalers.

The trimaran – previously known as Earthrace – recently set the world powerboat record for circumnavigation. Described as a ‘wave piercer’ which can submarine up to 23 feet underwater, the craft completed the round-the-world trip using 100 per cent renewable biodiesel fuel, with a net zero carbon footprint.

The 24,000 nautical mile journey took just 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, smashing the previous record by over two weeks.

Now the newly-renamed vessel has been unveiled as the Sea Shepherd's new weapon in the organisation's sixth campaign against whaling, Operation Waltzing Mathilda, which will launch from Australia early next month."


  1. J. Bocca says

    Listen, I’m all for saving whales, but the sea shepherd is ridiculous! I’ve seen the show “whale wars” and ALL they do is chase the whale hunters and throw stink bombs at them. It DOESN’T DO SHIT!!! They still kill the whales! I mean they accomplish absolute jack shit.

  2. stolidog says

    This is awesome.
    p.s., the fact that there’s a show called “whale wars” means that the sea shepherd/Greenpeace is acomplishing something by sheding light on the vile process of slaughtering whales….something that used to be done in utmost secrecy.

  3. says

    The stink bombs, slippery bombs, and tangle ropes they use hinder the whalers’ efforts.
    You know what Greenpeace does? They take pictures. Ooooh! Menacing! Also, Greenpeace doesn’t have a tv show that exposes the whalers like the Sea Sheperd does.

    What would you suggest as an alternative? Torpedoes and sniper rifles?

    The popularity of Whale Wars has probably done a lot financially for the Sea Sheperd in the way of donations. It’s nice to see a result of the help they’ve gotten.

  4. TANK says

    Whales wars is for douchedrizzles! I guess this will be able to deliver stinky butter to whaling vessals a lot faster than usual. WTG!, douches!

    all I can say is FUCK A YOU, WHALE!

  5. crispy says

    Ahh, Tank. I can’t decide if logic or consistency fails you most.

    Last week it was “completely boring and totally unbrilliant.”

    Yet this week you’re quoting from it?

  6. TANK says

    Blow it out your flat old ass, crispy! Go back to last week’s comment and read it again. That was the only good episode this season (until this week’s parody of glenn beck) because, and only because, of cartman’s pokerface.


  7. crispy says

    I did read it again. You said “The show’s over.” Not this episode is over. I’m just surprised to see you stealing from a show so deserving of your scorn. Next week you’ll be quoting from, what, Twilight?

    So I guess my answer is logic. I might add tact to that too. And wit.

  8. Wheezy says

    If they really wanted to do something for the whales, they could work on the pollution and over fishing.

    @ Dusty,

    Actually, sinking whalers with torpedoes sounds sort of cool. I’d definitely be watching the show if they’d offer some pirate action.

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