1. buzz says

    I hope Joy shot her one of her infamous “why the fuck are you even here” looks.

    anything that Elisabeth hates, I will learn to love. and for me, it’ll be tough to love Adam’s singing. eeeeks.

  2. Ricco Blaine says

    Who is . . . was Elizabeth Hasselbeck before The View? A Survivor contestant. What talent does she have,apart from having a big mouth, what insight into the music industry that makes her uniquely qualified to advise Adam Lambert on how he ought to perform or conduct his career?

    I used to love The View when Rosie was there to show what a dumb “Cnt” Elizabeth is.

  3. irisco60 says

    YES we remember the song….we were waiting for this performance all night long!!!!
    You don’t remember it because you were hypnotized by the sex!!!

    Well…you learned something new!

  4. Ricco Blaine says

    OMG!! 1,500 complaints out of 14 million viewers. That would only be like 1% if the viewing audience was only about 140,000.

    What percent is 1500 of 14 million? I am not going to bust out my calculator. Suffice it to say that it is yet another example of homophoebes and right-wing fringe nuts wanting to project their values and opinions on others.

    How about this? Instead of blaming Adam Lambert’s performance at the AMA’s, or gays for the disintegration of the family, why don’t the families boasting that secret and powerful ingredient of one man and one woman turn their TV’s off, bust out the board games and spend some real time with their kids?

  5. KenClark says

    I would really like to hear what Goody Hasselbeck had to say about the EXTREMELY inappropriate pole dance that Miley did a couple of weeks ago at her awards show (in front of an equally inappropriately beaming father I might add)…….no comment? Really? But because Adam Lambert happens to be a sodomite, her hackles are now raised….pathetic.

  6. says

    No!!! Elisabeth is RIGHT!!! Lambert should take a cue from her friend, Miss Prejean, and hold himself up as an example of virtue and honesty. Seriously,do we need to see this kind of stuff right now. Adam should just express himself, privately, to his ex, by video so that his ex can release it at a later date. That would be more appropriate. Don’t you think?

  7. Caleb says

    Also – Whoopi and Sherrie are both wrong about the Madonna/Britney/Christina thing. That was the MTV awards and wasn’t on ABC.

    This is what happens when you give five old stupid hens a forum to mouth off about whatever they feel like.

  8. says

    I agree with her, but for different reasons. She said it because she’s a prude and a right-wing shill. I’m saying it because that performance was a hot mess from start to finish. Bad song, bad dancing, BAD BAD BAD singing… it was all just painful to watch and to listen to. The sexually suggestive parts were boring and contrived. I don’t follow AI, but I have been told that he’s a great performer with a wonderful singing voice. I’d like to hear it sometime. Hopefully he’s building his career on that talent, rather than just a lot of guyliner.

  9. chris says

    Yeah- the number was a bit all over the place- he does have a gorgeous voice- how intersting that we were all discussing the Out interview and now here we are a week later with this! it is a HUGE double standard…but, do think he needs to do his thing vocally next time out.

  10. timmmeeeyyy says

    The controversy is being created by a handful of media people, not the general public. ABC described the number of complaints as “moderate,” approximately .01% of the viewers. ABC saying they can’t show the performance on daytime TV only makes it seem more salacious. Daytime TV is the home of soaps, some of the most sexually suggestive programs on TV. It’s another media frenzy created by the media. The average American really doesn’t care.

  11. patrick nyc says

    What Hasseldouche is pissed about was it was man on man, or gay man on girl. The right wing hates it when the line is blurred, hence the war on marriage crap.

    I did not watch the show, it’s hard enough to FF through the Grammy’s when I Tivo it, though Kanye’s douche act was worth it. The few clips of Lambert looked awful but the kid is still young and he will learn, just as he will from his lame Out interview and response.

    As for “This is the mistake Adam Lambert will make time and time again. We will not remember him as a performer or someone with a voice if he continues to do things like this. So smarten up, and sing.”

    Well Lizzy, you and the rest of the country did nothing but talk about it all day. He is clearly not aiming at right wing religious freaks like you, who would not buy his music anyway.

  12. says

    i have to mimic Milkmans statements… I agree with Hasslebeck, but for different reasons.

    he’s coming out of the gate a bit too strong…even Lady Gaga progressed to where she’s at now over the months. Just Dance was a pretty low budget video about getting trashed at a house party to the very high concept Bad Romance.

  13. Bobby says

    She hated him from day one. She rooted for the religious nuts and the bland boy singers on AI. She needs to go away and those other bitches, including Whoopi, needs to grow a pair and stop letting her walk all over them.

  14. BC says

    Yeah guys, lets not blindly defend Adam just b/c he is gay and lets not blindly attack Elisabeth just because she is a conservative. The performance was overtly sexual. Many of my gay friends found it uncomfortable. Adam focused on shock rather than his talents.

    I am sure that if Rachel Maddow had made these same comments, the majority of you would be agreeing with her. And again with the name calling?!!??! THAT IS WHY PEOPLE GET TIRED OF THE GAYS!! Stop the damn name calling. Say you disagree. Say you don’t like someone, but “bitch” “whore” and all of that, it is unnecessary and immature. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you want people to stop calling you names, you stop it. If not, you get whats coming to you.

  15. dee cee says

    Uh, I think even Madonna, george michael and boy george would spit on Adam’s so called racy performance and call him a ‘Lame :#^&in’ rookie showgirl with buck teefs and a gimp leg’ HE was so boring, stiff and feeble Lady Gaga ordered her tea without a beautiful teacup and saucer in proxy pity.

  16. Eric26 says

    I wasn’t a big fan of Adam’s pelvic thrusting on stage but that’s not the biggest problem. The worst thing was… well, the whole performance. I’m sure he’ll smarten up and hire someone who can make his performances entertaining.

  17. Jason says

    Umm, Elizabeth is right. Just because Adam is gay doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically rush to his defense. His performance was terrible. The fellatio came across as a desperate plea for attention and the song was terrible too.

  18. says

    Personally, I like “For Your Entertainment.” However, the AMA performance was tame at best. Artists love to push the envelope these days with their performances – half of which don’t draw this much attention or complaints. The reason why Adam’s performance is getting so much negative attention is because he is a gay male, I strongly believe that.

    There IS a double standard when it comes to gay relationships or characters on TV. Take Grey’s Anatomy. They canned one person for a “prettier” model to make a lesbian relationship “more appealing” to viewers. Horrible example for America, ABC.

    While Elisabeth has every right to express her opinion, she was wrong. 100 percent.

  19. Liberal Losers says

    Omg…all u fuc**n bigots out there. Somebody doesn’t like something, they have a right to their opinion. Do not extend any favors to the waste of space no talent, fagg*t Adam lambert and all of the righteous liberals get their diseased panties in a bunch. Can we just state the obvious…nobody likes homos…period??? Really…except the closeted bunch and all the fag hags with low self esteem. I don’t love Elizabeth, but I hate you gay loving liberals…burn in hell!!!!

  20. Red_Robin says

    How did someone who started as a Survivor contestant (contestant-not even a winner), with a Fine Arts degree, married a mediocre (at best) football player become relevent enough to speak on national television???? I just don’t understand how she even qualifies to speak on behalf of the conservatives. Let alone spout her ridiculous, brain-washed opinion on national telelvision???? Her 15 minutes were up ages ago. Shut the yapper already!

  21. says

    My Mother had planed on buying the new Adam Lambert album, but after seeing the proformance she decided against it. I think that was the point Adam was trying to make. Listen to the lyrics of the song he was singing, it is about how he isn’t the unic American Idol made him out to be. He is a proud Homosexual and this was his coming out proformance.

  22. Liberal Losers says

    American idol owns Adam you lambert you twit…he is not making anything from this…do u want to discuss past AI successes besides Carrie Underwood? Because there aren’t any!!! They are owned by fox forever!!!! This helps fox…the same network that destroys the liberal agenda everyday you losers….did you catch quagmire’s rant to Brian on Sunday? Wake up…u Fu**in idiots!!!!

  23. says

    I have one thing to say: A scantily-clad Miley Cyris (minor) poll dancing at the Nickelodean awards didn’t prompt any media outrage, but Adam Lambert (not a minor) on an adult, late-night show did. ‘Nuff said.

  24. says

    “I don’t love Elizabeth, but I hate you gay loving liberals…burn in hell!!!!”

    Poor you, did Adam’s performance get you all hot and bothered? You must need a little man lovin’ to take the edge off. Or stop hanging around the gay sites, cause it can be a trigger for closet cases.

    And you’re right, Ryan. Selected, and completely manufactured, outrage. All the bubbleheads think they should be offended, so they pretend to be. No one was truly upset by this, except for maybe a few trolls who feel funny in the stomach after seeing even fake male on male action.

  25. outragedfan says

    i’m proud americans have come far enough where there were only 1500 complaints. seriously. imagine if it were 20 years ago??? progress, sung pitchy or not!

  26. says

    Isn’t ABC the same network that simulated a rape scene with a 16 year old girl in the 70’s? [All My Children] Yet they cannot show a sexually suggestive performance by a GAY man.

    The problem American has right now is everyone wants to be politically correct but we all know this is HOMOPHOBIA. It is one thing when a woman does it or a heterosexual man does it (let’s not forget nearly all hip-hop and rock performances over the past 25 years) it is different when a gay man expresses his sexuality.

    It was too real for them to stomach. Sounds like the BS my mother told me, “I can accept your being gay but not if you are going to have sex with men.” Dumbshit! Hasselbeck needs to just go the hell away and take her conservative views and shove them up her dry twat for all I care.

    No Adam was not at his best but who is every single time? He just got off of tour with American Idol over the summer so his voice was strained. I remember the song and it’s actually my ringtone….I love it.

    We need to band together and support our gay brothers. How many openly gay male pop stars can you name?

  27. Bernadette says

    I totally agree with you, BC!
    As long as homosexual men call women whores, bitches, cunts, twats etc. they have no right to ask for respect and tolerance if they’re too fucking stupid to see that they’re discriminating against others themselves.

  28. Homo did what says

    Honestly…Sexually aggressive?
    Because madonna and britney spears kiss wasnt
    Shakira isnt, Fergie isn’t
    Oh I get it. No one can handle a gay man doing it.

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