1. MT says

    I hope this backfires and this ignorant hick becomes a laughing stock along with all these other right wing freaks who are spewing all their verbal diarrhea. These tactics are so blatant I can’t believe they are legal. How does this sort of thing not fall under slander laws? It may be true that she is gay, but every other part of it is out and out lies.

  2. Disgusted American says

    WOW..could you Imagine whomever did this HATEFUL Disgusting Bigoted Post-card…would have put ANY OTHER MINORITY ON IT’S COVER and USED the SAME WORDING??? Seriously…..that scum!

  3. robert says

    Good Lord! This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frightening. I hope this campaign backfires in a big way. The very idea that this hick thinks it’s ok to attack someone based solely on their sexual orientation and ability to reproduce is staggering. I think when she declares victory she should thank him for his help.

  4. David in Houston says

    Actually, she IS the image Houston wants to portray. She is by far the most qualified candidate for mayor.

    This 62-year old homophobic a-hole was also responsible for spearheading the effort to ban benefits for same-sex or unmarried partners in 2001. If there really is a God, they should have smote this douche bag years ago.

  5. says

    Hold on to these flyers, folks. They will be great teaching tools in a few years. As a former middle school history teacher, I can say that some of the most effective lessons I taught involved showing the class some of the outrageous cartoons, publications, and newspaper articles about African Americans, Japanese Americans, Irish Americans, etc. This will be greeted with gasps in a few years by everyone, including the sons and daughters of people who voted against Parker because she is a lesbian.

  6. Christian says

    Annise Parker is EXACTLY what we need here in Houston, Texas. She is the best qualified, and this campaign this time (I think) is going to backfire on these intolerant extremist Christian nuts.

    Add Annise Parker to your Fans group on Facebook -she needs everyone’s support! She is an amazing woman and will follow another excellent gay friendly mayor -Bill White.

  7. Scott in Philly says

    I have an idea for all her supporters, make this guy or group believe they are against her, ask for all the fliers to hand out and burn them or replace them with positive messages. Why not?

  8. Bart says

    When you read articles like this do any of you ask yourselves, “Do these people live in caves?” They seem so anachronistic, so fossilized in thought and action. This codger is worried about extinction?!?! Really? That’s what you’re worried about on a planet that is so overpopulated we can’t feed a majority of the people on it? In a world that is approximately 90% heterosexual? And this guy is worried about extinction.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m over stupid. We had it in the White House for eight years, we had it in the vice-presidential nominee just over a year ago, and of course there’s always Michelle Bachman and Sally Kern, and all the other semi-intelligent, utterly ridiculous and shockingly embarrassing politicians that get elected to public office. But I just can’t listen to their stupidity anymore. I have a threshold for anyone I’ll heed…they have to be smarter than me. If you’re not, move on. But from the sounds of some of the people we read about, intelligence is in the minority. It almost seems that Americans, for all their access to media and information, are some of the most uninformed, scurrilous and downright dopey people on the planet. You live in the Sudan, I can forgive your lack of knowledge, you live in the desert of Morroco, same thing. But these people are in a great country, an industrialized country, with access to newspapers, internet and television, and yet they all come off like they crawled out of some tar pit missing a tooth and crosseyed.

    We need a moratorium on stupid. Enough giving stupid people the spotlight. Seek out the intelligent, the literate, the thinkers. Even if they don’t all agree with me, at least we can take them seriously.

  9. Henry Holland says

    ‘The openly gay lifestyle leads to extinction,’ he said. ‘You can’t reproduce.'”

    That would be news to my friends that have used surrogates. Since hetero’s have no problem with fucking a one-night stand and then having nothing to do with the resulting child –in other words, being just sperm donors– I’d say this man is an idiot.

  10. Don says

    Someone needs to tell this man the world is overcrowded, and that us homosexuals are actually helping. It is families like the Duggars, who like to irresponsibly pop out 30 kids, who are contributing to the problem.

  11. John in Boston says

    Elect her, and they’ll be lesbians masticating in public all over the city! Think of the children!

  12. Tony B says

    According to Dave Wilson, he has family members and friends ensnarled in homosexual behavior and knows something of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families….. My question to Dave is… What caused the pain and sorrow?? Was it the suicide that was committed due to the lack of unconditional love, acceptance, open mindedness, on your behalf??? Was it being self centered, shallow and the embarassment that you brought upon yourself and what others might think of you if you opened your heart and mind to better understand and accept a gay member of the family???
    I am a gay man and unlike Dave, I know a lot about this life…. (not a behavior Dave…. ignorant!!!) There is NOTHING compassionate, respectful, or sensitive about his words and he know NOTHING about what he calls the “homosexual behavior”…
    Hummmmmm…. Dave the electrician… Joe the plumber…. All they need is a cable guy, and lawn service guy to group together and form a company to meet “your every household need”…. use the “Jesus Fish” on their buisness card so we know they are a good, trustworty, christian company…. Oh.. white and straight people only need to call for services….. Since portraying an image is most important……