1. Zach says

    Amazing how they investigate reports of homsexuality with vigor, yet the Fort Hood shooter was ignored again and again. Maybe if he had said I love men in one of his postings he would have been stopped.

  2. C-vah-jay-jay says

    It’s really kind of outrageous that Obama doesn’t even want to lift a pinky to help the gay community out.

    He didn’t say a damn thing in support of the gay marriage supporters in Maine. DADT is still alive.

    On a final note, Darren’s boyfriend is fugly. He can do so much better.

  3. ISeeYou says

    I like how they try to butch him up by showing early photos of him with girls and trying to play ball. Even still, once he starts talking….whooops! those eyes are screaming gay no matter how he might try to suppress it. And yes, boyfriend is okay. Darren clearly is trying hard to play the role of “the man.”

    oh well.

  4. Gregus says


    Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype that gay men are hateful, spiteful, nasty, and bitchy.

  5. robert says

    What a bunch of nasty bitches you are! This kid had the courage to do not one but two tours of duty in Iraq. He could easily have avoided the second one because he is gay -but he chose to go anyway.All you can do is make bitchy comments about his butchness and how ugly his boyfriend is? Get a life!

  6. kody says

    I wonder why he got off so easy. Most military personnel are treated poorly, isolated, forced to rat on their fellows, ruined financially, lied to, given dishonorable discharges, etc. Did I mention the men and women who commit suicide? This guy came through unscathed, according to the clip I just watched. Yes, he was ejected, but he got a good discharge, which probably paves the way for future military benefits. Maybe it’s the Navy that is really bad. Or is it the Marines? He seems to have been a good soldier.
    I knew I was gay when I was 5 years old. What took him so long?

  7. Gregus says

    @ Kody

    Honorable discharge is I believe more common recently, though it is still horrible.

    Not all of us know we’re gay at 5 years old…circumstances, environment….all contribute to making things different for different people. It’s called life.

  8. Harry says

    I served in the Pennslyvania Army National Guard for eight years. I was paid to go to nursing school. I left the Guard in “94” because they didn’t want me.

  9. Gary says

    The Pentagon doesn’t even have the livestock to cover their current commitments, much less the next “surge”. I wonder what would happen to DADT if soldiers by the hundreds decided to get out of Bush War II by claiming to be gay?

  10. John in Boston says

    ‘Livestock’ Gary?

    ‘Most military personnel are treated poorly, isolated, forced to rat out their fellows, ruined financially, lied to…’

    Sounds like the well known multinational corporation I work for.

    I’m a vet. The bureaucracy does suck, but aside from gays, they are just as P.C. as any major corporation or public sector agency. It’s funny how many leftwingers hate the military. The armed forces are a monument to diversity and multiculturalism, and they do a better job at it than just about any other institution, public or private.