Kalamazoo Episcopalians Take Out Full Page Anti-Discrimination Ad


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Kalamazoo, Michigan-area Episcopalians wanted to counter the Roman Catholic Bishop, who has publicly opposed the anti-discrimination ballot measure up for a vote there today, so they raised $7,000 in donations from individual Episcopalians to put a full page ad in Sunday's paper and demonstrate to area voters that not all Christians are anti-gay.

Said Rev. Cynthia Black, Rector of the Parish Church of Christ the King in a press release: “Our denomination was very clear this past summer when it’s legislative convention met in Anaheim, California. As Episcopalians we are to actively work to defeat discrimination of any kind, especially discrimination against our transgender and gay sisters and brothers. We tossed around a lot of ideas, and finally settled on two: to raise money and signatures for a full page ad in the local paper, and to go door to door, sharing our perspective on why a ‘Yes’ vote is necessary. We had no idea if we could raise the $6000 necessary for a full page color ad, so we sought a grant for matching funds. When that didn’t come through, we decided to step out in faith, and raise the entire $6,000 ourselves. It’s a wonderful position to be in, and clearly demonstrates the conviction of Episcopalians in this area."

The full-page ad above ran in the Kalamazoo Gazette on Sunday. The Rev. Beth McLaren, Associate Rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, and The Rev. Anne Reed of the Diocese of Western Michigan were also involved.

As I mentioned yesterday, the opposition has been running fear-mongering ads trying to scare voters into believing they will be sharing the bathroom with transgender predators should the ordinance pass.


  1. Lis says

    I was excited to see this on Towleroad! I live in Kalamazoo and have been following this measure closely.

    What’s simply AWFUL is the ads on the radio.. *both* sides are playing it as being against discrimination. The Catholic ads say it is discriminating because it forces you to use the bathroom in your own church at the same time as somebody “who is wrong”. Seriously, there’s been a lot of headbanging over that.

  2. Clay says

    This is brilliant. Religion is, of course, a powerful force in American culture and politics. But this force has been and can be progressive, not just reactionary. The failure of “NO on 8″ to utilize the help offered by liberal and progressive clergy/churches significantly weakened that effort. Glad to see religion used for good.

  3. eric says

    i’ve always loved episcopalians…if i were a christian, i’d be one. i used to go to an episcopalian church as a kid, and i always liked it much better than the presbyterian or baptist churches my family went to later on.