Larry Johnson to Sign with Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are signing former Kansas City Chiefs running Larry Johnson just over a week after he was released following a suspension for calling two reporters "faggots" and directing a similar slur at a fan on Twitter:

The Kansas City Star reports: Larryjohnson "Peter Schaffer wrote in an e-mail that Johnson's deal would be
finished early Tuesday, a day after Johnson reportedly was in
Cincinnati to meet with Bengals coaches. Reports surfaced Monday that
Johnson, who was released last week by the Chiefs after 6 seasons, was
being courted by the Bengals after running back Cedric Benson suffered
a hip injury in Sundays win against Pittsburgh. Bengals coach
Marvin Lewis told local reporters Monday that, if his team signed
Johnson, the 29-year-old rusher would be insurance to Cincinnati's
ailing running backs corps. Johnson will at least start his time with
the Bengals as their fourth-string running back."

Equality Cincinnati called the move by the Bengals "a slap in the face."

Said executive director Lesley Jones: "We do not think that would be a favorable decision on the part of the Bengals.

We would see this as a slap in the face to all the work we've done for equality and LBGT rights in Cincinnati.

[The Bengals] must take action to prove that they support equality and LBGT rights in the city."


  1. ISeeYou says

    So the guy is never supposed to play ball again and be forever blacklisted in the football industry?? Give me a break! Once again, target the black community because you don’t have the balls to go after the real threat. This Equality group is a joke. Time to grow a pair folks.

  2. TANK says

    Here we go with cries of racism to drown out any appropriate discussion of johnson’s homophobic comments. Thoughtless zombie douches. Oh so predictable. Like religious moderates discussing anything but the problem–screaming fire when there isn’t one to distract and derail.

    This had nothing to do with his homophobic comments. It was purely business from start to finish. But we’re over faggot being offensive, though–right gang? I mean, southpark proved that. I’m surrounded by lessers.

  3. ISeeYou says

    Screw you Tank. Johnson made the remarks, caught hell and got fired. What else needs to happen?? Again, the man is never supposed to play ball again? The only lesser around here is you.

  4. says

    Huh? So it’s about racism all of a sudden? Nope – but nice try falling back onto the typical “race card” … That’s just pathetic. I hate this guy b/c he is a disgrace and doesn’t deserve to play. He didn’t even know “faggot” was a offensive word. You’d think his minimal education would at least teach him that. This guy is a clown.

  5. TANK says


    And fuckface, his getting fired had NOTHING to do with his faggot comment, you stupid POS.

  6. Ben says

    The Bengals are a business. Not an LGBT group. Hiring Johnson makes business sense given what’s been happening with the lineup. The Bengals also do not have any history of LGBT support in Cincinnati.

    Equality Cincinnati is a great local group, which has done a lot of great things, particularly in supporting local candidates and repealing some nasty discriminatory local laws. I’m not sure why they stooped to comment to TMZ. Doesn’t seem their usual MO.

  7. DR says

    The idea that he should be blacklisted for playing pro ball over this is, quite frankly, insane. If a team picks him up and he performs, great.

    We all know it was a nice media ploy to fire him for saying the word “faggot”, but he was fired over his constant arguments and public airing of his opinions regarding the coaching staff of the Chiefs which ultimately got him fired. Anyone who belives otherwise is just naive.

  8. Derek says

    TANK double up on your meds today ok? Your anger issue is still pretty major huh? And you seriously need to get of South Park’s sack……get over it already.

    And Johnson’s use of the word faggot was THE LAST STRAW after a string of behavior the teams management found questionable. Do a little reading for yourself shit stain and see for yourself.

    But then again I would not talk to the idiot on the street so why am I bothering to talk to you?

  9. Jay says

    “Hiring Johnson makes business sense given what’s been happening with the lineup.”

    I’d have to disagree with that. They’ve finally gotten some good chemistry in the locker room, and from all accounts, this guy is pure poison from that standpoint. Fortunately, he’s way down on fourth string, so I have just as much chance at seeing playing time as he does.

    Assuming that Cedric Benson is not hurt that badly, anyway.

    The Bengals have become the team of second chances the last couple years. Maybe Johnson will see the error of his ways. I’m not holding my breath.

  10. Mark says

    Murder, rape, drugs, dog fighting, bigotry.

    This is why I only watch college football now. I don’t feel like putting up with the tremendous egos of overpaid thugs in professional football.

  11. Mike says

    Agree with Mark. Pro football is quite boring compared to college football. Cincinasty has had what 10 or so players ARRESTED over the past decade so the decision is not surprising.

  12. Vince B. says

    Does ANYBODY want to hold these millionaire sports figures up to ANY kind of standard? Yes, if you can’t behave like a decent human being, you’re replacement IS available immediately. And for another team to snap him up is disrespectful to professional football. Yes, he does not deserve to play pro ball. If he went to college and has a degree and saved a few dollars while being privilaged to play ball then he’s damn far ahead of everyone else!

  13. Chris says

    Well regardless of all this back and forth babbling. Larry Johnson has a right to make a living. He was let go from Kansas City because he never liked being there in the first place and always talked trash about the team. He wanted to go to The Steelers but they didn’t want him.

    The faggot comment was just the icing on the cake and him being cut was put into fruition. So another team has picked him up and I see nothing wrong with that.

    Holding a person to a standard is a whole lot different from keeping a person from making a living.
    We’re very judgemental. But we don’t want folks to judge our community. He has moved on and we should also.

    And regardless of the players personal situations. If you’re a real football fan you watch no matter what. Not trying to be rough trade on Sundays. A true fan of the sport will always love and watch the sport no matter who’s playing.

    But hey that’s just my 2 cents

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