1. Beef and Fur says

    Holy shit! Was that Randy Quaid? Classy move, dude!

    Lech in a comb over mullet putting using his teeth to put a dollar in the model’s g-string at….wait for it…a fashion show!

  2. TheAscender says

    Since when is allowing the spectators to maul the models considered “being a good sport”? Since he is off the runway I assume this is part of the program, otherwise Djokovic should have cuffed him.

  3. nivrek says

    @have we really come a long way, baby?

    the way you are making assumptions is just what the gay community fear. all in good sport, staged or not staged. dont always try to force your opinion on everything.

  4. MackMike says

    Actually, Novak left the store with the security device still attached to the g-string. Typically, it would not have bothered the audience, but its incessant beeping interrupted a Gueterras remix of Madonna’s Celebration, and this particular audience member could stand no more….

    …if it was Federer,I would have said “lust.”

  5. Kyle Sullivan says

    I think it’s cute — and Novak had a good attitude about it. None of the freaky “Oh-mi-god, a man touched me down there” crap straight guys use to excuse the killing of them homo-sexuals. He’s adorable.

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