1. patrick nyc says

    My first reaction for Palin in 2012 is great for Obama, then I remember that is what we thought about Reagan, everyone said the people can’t be that stupid to elect that light weight.

  2. Todd says

    Warren…you might want to get that hard sore looked at…and maybe get it lanced? I kid cuz I love!

    In this day and age, who the hell knows if Palin would stand a fighting chance in 2012. She’s a walking, talking one-woman freak show…just what the teabaggin’, gay bashin’, jeebus-lovin’ rightwingers seem to prefer these days!

  3. Zach says

    Palin would bring the Republicans down in flames in 2012. Three years is a long time, and it’s enough to people to settle into the fact that she’s thoroughly unqualified. Her winning the primary would be greatest gift Obama could receive.

    More dangerous is her running in the presidential primaries, not winning, and then acceding to being the vice-presidential candidate again. If she did, she would bring in the lunatic 25 – the 25% of the American population who like her, are convinced George W. did a bang-up job, and that Jesus is likely to return in their lifetimes – while a more measured presidential candidate brought in the broad swath of independents.

  4. says


    Palin is poison the Republicans and they know it. She’ll never be another person’s running mate – ever. Doesn’t matter how many lunatics she brings with her, the Republicans know that she’ll drive away as many logical moderate peeps as she brings in.

    On top of that, the Republicans don’t need a nutjob veep to bring in a nutjob base… they naturally gravitate Republican anyway.

  5. Paul R says

    Yet the GOP can’t attack her because she’s among the best-known of their politicians. I hope she goes really far, because she’s awful and the Repubs have zero idea what to do with her without looking bad. This is the McCain legacy.

  6. Bart says

    Run Sarah run! I hope she gets the Republican nomination for presidency in 2012. Peoples’ opinion of her hasn’t improved in the last year and more and more people are starting to see through her facade. And she certainly hasn’t gotten smarter. Couple that with Sarah walking away from her governorship…trust me, the Republicans themselves will devour her while she’s running for the nomination.

    For me, Sarah Palin is everything that is wrong with American politics. She’s neither smart enough nor intuitive enough, all she has is narrow drive. It’s about her, not about servicing.

    So let her run. She’ll lose. Big.

  7. DEO says

    Wow, and Sarah wants to be PREZNIT!!!!
    I can just hear some her high school buddies who will be her top aides, “C’mon President Palin just TALK
    to the NAZI Party, they really LIKE you, they are suffering from low esteem…It’s OK Madame President, you will be among friends….”.
    Hopefully her VP, Fabio, will stop her!

  8. Jeff Dunivant says

    You all think that Obama is a shoe in but, if he doesn’t make any changes that he promised during the campaign the gays will abandon him like a sinking ship; the approximate percentage of gay people that voted for him is equal to that of the African Americans that helped him be pushed over the edge; that can easily be changed when the gays are taken out of the equation. The approximate 6 percent of the gay population can be taken back and join a 3rd party and we will be screwed and we will be stuck potentially with dare I say it; a President Palin. Let’s offset that by pushing President Obama on his campaign promises, otherwise we will have a religious nutcase (Palin) in the Whitehouse; God knows what havoc she has planned for the gays when she is in a position of power.

  9. Rodney Wollam says

    My guess is she’ll blissfully ignore us, Jeff. Along with the homeless, the persecuted, the disenfranchised, and the poor. The Ten Commandments will be posted to every federal building, Supreme Court nominees will be evangelicals, the Department of Education will be eliminated, Social Security will be stripped away from many dis-ableds, and the tax burden will shift away from the rich and spread evenly across society (the flat tax).

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