1. sparks says

    Amazing story, although naturally I’m a bit mortified at the thought of all those penguins killed unnecessarily as the seal tried to coax the photographer into eating them!

  2. anon says

    I bet it tasted just like chicken!

    Anyway, seals are generally known to be friendly to humans, so I’m not really buying the whole scary predator angle to this.

  3. says

    i’m always fascinated by posters here bitching about your content. i’m online abou 16 hours a day, and i haven’t seen this vid or read the short article. just like the story the other day about prince Harry, why do people expect every single item on this blog to be about the bitter world that hates us and wants to see us dead? yes, i’m a gay activist, but i also have a million other interests. pieces like this remind us of the larger picture. humans are not alone in this world. i have no problem with learning about other things besides gay activism in this blog. this piece reinforces my idea that all creatures and plants and rocks and the Earth itself deserve our utmost respect and protection as best we can. if you can’t relate that to our gay struggle and our gay lives, i feel sorry for you.

    thanks, andy for posting many genres of news here.

    RESPECT THIS WORLD IN ALL OF ITS FORMS. that’s what i take away.

  4. Brandon says

    Keep posting science-related content, Andy. I had not seen this video or heard about this story until reading about it on your blog. Fascinating. That’s what I love about your site, Andy; you occasionally post content that touches on non-gay subjects like astronomy and wildlife. Keep up the great work.

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