Photographer Documents a Day in Daniel Radcliffe’s Shower


Harry Potter let photographer Tim Hailand play stalkerazzi for a day.

EW reports: "In his photo-driven book, One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe, Hailand features photos of the Harry Potter star rehearsing for his stint in the Broadway show Equus, eating his breakfast, and…stepping out of the shower. 'There are a lot of young girls that want to get close to Dan,' Hailand says, 'and this is a way to get close to him.'

Hailand, who is donating a portion of the book’s profits to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, also enjoyed snapping pics of the star without his famous wizard garb. 'You mostly see pictures of Dan as Harry Potter or in paparazzi photos,' he says."


  1. says

    Jerzeemike, it’s also nice that he’s a levelheaded young man who has not let fame go to his head. From what I’ve gathered, he’s nothing but sweet.

    He’s also a shortie, which makes me melt.

  2. Rann says

    Okay little girls, get to the back of the line ya bitches! :) He needs more than a little girl to take care of him. Yes, the hair on him is very appealing and it makes him seem more like an adult male!

  3. Henry Holland says

    Well, yeah, I would. That towel isn’t hiding much, if my experience at Equus was anything to go by, but hey, some people are growers, right?

    I hope he’s able to move beyond the Harry Potter thing, he’s a good actor.

  4. tyto says

    why can’t these press pieces just read “fans” instead of “girls”? it would be much, much more accurate while also avoiding the whole stereotype of girl groupies.

  5. sparks says

    Love Dan. He’s generous, smart, talented, open-minded, funny, progressive, and outspoken — everything this generation needs, all wrapped up into one adorable package.

  6. Henry Holland says

    Vince B.:

    Go fuck yourself. So, you idiot, on a thread where people are ogling him, a snarky comment about his cock is “tired”?

    Please never reproduce, ever.

  7. Br!on says

    Gorge! I’ve seen the rushes for the book. Tim Hailand has done an outstanding job and the book has a beautiful art volume quality.

    Of course the shower shots are picked.

    The book is great.

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