1. qjersey says

    …to follow up.. about “learning.” My teenage nephew became a target in middle school for gay baiting (sorry he’s adorable, but straight). My sister marched right into the principals office and flat out stated “if you don’t put a stop to this now and my son is hurt in anyway I will sue the pants of this district.” Guess what, the principal put a stop to it. But I doubt that is still the case.

  2. Ben in oakland says

    It always amazes me how these big mach straight boys can only attack a weak little faggot in gangs.

    It reminds me of Naked Civil Servant, when Quentin Crisp tells them that they better leave him and his friends alone lest someone figure out which one of them is queer.

    homophobvbia isn’t hte fear of gay people. It’s the fear that you yourself may be gay.

  3. Stephen says

    I actually grew up across the street from this high school. This is the school I would have gone to if I hadn’t moved to dallas. Not that I am making excuses but it is a very low end gang filled school. Our fence would be tagged everyday when we lived there. Dead cats in bags would be found in our back yard at least every couple months. So while I am not making excuses and it’s completely horrifing to think what could have happens if I stayed it’s just not really a surprise that it happened at that high school. Friends I kept in contact with did everything they could just to transfer to a different school or go to private school. Just helpful insite to the area.

  4. Paul says

    you know it always amazes me when they say something is gang related in HS. this isn’t the inner city…these are a bunch of “punks” who are not afraid authority…because the authorities are afraid of them. I say do what u have to, but protect the students…and kick some fucking ass if you are administrator.
    I hope she does sue the pants off of this district. Course…this sounds like homophobia to me anyway!!

  5. says

    I just called and spoke to the Principal’s secretary and expressed my concern for the safety of gay students in high school settings and their right to get an education without fear of violence.

    She seemed very receptive and asked if I’d wanted the Principal to call me back. I declined, but asked that the secretary please pass my concerns (as a member of the public and a gay student who was bullied in school in the 70’s) to the Principal.

    Youths need to be able to trust adults who are their to protect them.

  6. Q says

    Paul, I’m curious to know what you mean by “it always amazes me when they say something is gang related in HS. this isn’t the inner city…” Could you elaborate on what constitutes a “gang” and what you mean by “inner city?”

  7. ricky says

    In today’s America – when a 15-year-old can be set on fire by a group of “friends” in Florida – when a student – ANY STUDENT – contacts school employees — those who are paid — ARE PAID — to look out for their safety — about a threat – it should be taken seriously – PERIOD. Regardless of whether this school district is sued – which frankly I hope they are — my greater hope is that the authority figures involved who IGNORED the student’s pleas – are sued into bankruptcy – and that the HERO in the story – a property owner who chose to come to this boy’s rescue and may well have saved his life – is properly honored.

  8. patrick nyc says

    I looked up their link, thanks to MISTER_EAVES post above, and Dr. Cheryl Jones is the principal. There are 7 assistant principals, 4 women and 3 men. I called the number listed, (281) 463-5400, surprise no answer.

    The above clip would not play but I found it in a search.

    They have put the driver on suspension but not the administrators. I could not find an email for the school, but here is the Houston School District’s general email.

    Since the right wing says we have an agenda, lets let them know beating kids and ignoring it is one of them. Why have the two principals he talked to not been fired?

  9. Pender says

    Absolutely disgusting. I hope there are criminal charges that can be filed if the allegations are true; ordinarily there is no duty to assist, but there sometimes is in cases where there is some kind of custodial arrangement, and bus drivers and principals might qualify under the circumstances.

  10. Keith says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the 8 other students who followed and watched equally culpable if they encouraged the beating while it took place? While there is no mention of that in the story, it seems that if they joined the other student and ran after this kid, there must have been some encouraging or shooting off at the mouth while this was taking place.

  11. Randy says

    This is not just a lawsuit waiting to happen, and not just a juvenile crime… this is a hate crime … exactly the kind for which the new hate crimes law was created.

    I demand that murderer in Puerto Rico and this attacker to be charged and prosecuted under the hate crimes law.

  12. John in Boston says

    Ha ha……an ‘evil’ redneck with a ‘evil’ shotgun stopped a gay bashing! That made my day.

    I just read a news story about a straight-up, law-abiding, army vet in England who found a shotgun on his land, and turned it in to the cops. The cops arrested him for ‘handling’ a firearm, which in and of itself is illegal in England. Prosecutors refused to dismiss the charge, and he was found guilty by a jury. Min. sentence is 5 years in prison and a substantial fine. Fucked up!

  13. John in Boston says

    More gays need to be ready and able to defend themselves and as a community we should be able and willing to assist and defend those among us, the weak (for whatever reason) senior citizens, disabled, who can’t.

    It still amazes me often the very people who despise cops as ‘rednecks’ are the same ones who can’t or won’t defend themselves, and demand to know where were the cops when they were being assaulted. But if cop patrols are increased in their hood, they whine police harassment.

    Don’t make it your hobby to piss off the people who handle your food, money, mail, and people like cops, firemen, emt’s, who everyone relies on in life-threatening situations.

  14. Harris of Hollywood says

    “To Whom It May Concern:

    The savage and brutal beating of young Jayron Martin is completely unacceptable. This atrocity is echoing across the United States, and the people who are responsible for the well being of students are going to be held accountable. Every single adult that was told about the harassment and threats, and did absolutely nothing, are going to be held accountable.

    How you handle this indefensible hostility and violence against students in your district will either make you heroes, or the villains that it appears the employees you have in this school district are.

    Not only should the bus driver be fired, but any and all faculty that had knowledge as well.

    Patrick Harris”

  15. Harris of Hollywood says

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  16. Foster says

    I actually went to this high school and graduated in ’07. This story does not surprise me at all and its very disheartening and disgusting to hear. I never came out while at Langham because of the rampant homophobia there. I’m so sorry this had to happen to this poor kid.
    When I went there, there was not even a GSA (even though the school is about 3500 students). However, I heard one had been started recently, but you had to be a junior or a senior to join with parents’ permission. There is no support in these schools for these kids and it makes me sick.

  17. says

    All this can be attributed to the Republican Party, the right and religious organizations with their hate speeches who give the green light to bigotry and discrimination towards gays.

    The Democrat Party and the left are not much better. All they do is talk the talk but take little action. Gay’s are literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    The only thing the gay community can do is start pulling their support (money) from candidates, especially those who have been in office for sometime who continue to state they support gay rights, but do little in action.

    Protests are about the only way any action will be done. A protest at this school and bus company needs to happen until all adults involved are fired and all the children involved are charged as accessories. The Houston gay community needs to organize something for this child. We need to protect our own, since it is apparent our schools and goverments aren’t. The new hate crime law should go into effect in this instance.

    This is a child we are talking about and parents expect that their child, no matter who that child is, will be protected when at school or on a bus.

  18. esurience says

    The bus driver and principal should be charged with criminal facilitation. They knew a crime was about to happen, they had a responsibility to do something about it, and their inaction led to the crime occurring.

  19. solidork says

    I graduated from Langham Creek in 2006. o_o
    I actually had a lot of pride in it, though I’ll have to admit that my rose colored glasses were bought with the same white upper middle class affluence that helped nestle me against the protective bosom of honors classes, safe from the unwashed masses.

  20. Eric says

    I’d be contact the ACLU, gay groups and anyone else if I were this boy to get them to come to his aid in teh media and force these “officials” to take action again the thugs who broke the law and attacked him. This kind of outrageous stuff can’t just be swept under the rug.

  21. PEDRO M-G says

    Dear Mister_Eves,
    I think you are extremely right on your appreciations. Homophobia is not only the fear of gays, but of being gay yourself, as is racism, and other types of discrimination. Everyone tries to “fit in” in our society, and the fear of not belonging is big, big, big. We see cloned people all around, people with no personalities other than following the leaders of the gang or pop stars. The target should be: yes, you are different, everyoneis different and that is OK. There is a German word for that syndrom: Zusammengehörigkeit.

  22. Joe says

    John in Boston: They guy was CHARGED and went to COURT but was found NOT GUILTY. And the judge actually criticised the police and our prosecution service for even bringing the case!

    RE this matter: He should sue the living daylights out of the school and also sue the staff personally.

  23. Sub says

    I sub in this district and this high school was my first sub assignment 3 year ago. Truly hate to hear this story.

    This is Cypress-Fairbanks district not Houston ISD. Cypress-Fairbanks or Cy-Fair is a part of Houston but is it’s own separate school district.

  24. chasmader says

    Not only should the district be sued, the Principal and Bus Driver need to be personally named in the suit and the little redneck shit who orchestrated this, charged and tried as an adult. I can only imagine what his parents must be like.

    Yet another reason to never visit or spend any money in Texas.

  25. matt says

    I wonder if there is precedent, anywhere in the U.S., for police or federal authorities going after principals (and, let’s just say, charging them, if they can’t complete a successful prosecution)… perhaps there’s some form of negligence when adults so completely fail to invoke their authority and powers, and thereby allow a hate crime to occur? Lawsuits are all good and well, but I’d like to see the police arrest a principal or two — I think many more would start doing the right thing quite quickly.

  26. ihatejayron says

    okay first of all, i attend Langham Creek high school and Jayron got exactly what he deserved.

    You don’t go around texting other guys pretending to be a female asking them how big their package is and having them send you pictures of their stuff off your phone.
    Jayron is a fucking dumb ass, he’s rude, inconsiderate, mean, loud, and annoying.
    everyone who knows him knows he is not a good person.

    like i said he got what he deserved.

  27. Phil says

    You have to remember that there is two sides to every story. My best friends go to Langham Creek High School. This so called “victim” of a horrible hate crime was not just beaten because he was gay. Jayron was not the homosexual we see on the news that keeps his views to himself and doesn’t try to call attention to his sexual orientation. Jayron Martin was known in the school as a “flamer.” The underlying reason for the assault was, Jayron stole a girl’s phone; posing as another student’s girlfriend requested sexually explicit pictures. The other student was led to believe that he was sending the pictures to his girlfriend. Upon receiving these explicit pictures he forwarded the pictures to his homosexual friends. Several things were wrong in this story, “the metal pipe” was in fact, just the flimsy thin sign promoting a homeowner’s preferred mayoral candidate. Its not like the assaultant had a crowbar. I am not saying that beating up Jayron was the right thing to do, but I have to step in and show the facts that have been “reported.” this story is being portrayed purely as a hate-crime, when clearly, there are other factors.

  28. Nikki says

    This is crazy, I only graduated from this very school years ago, and there were handful of gay students in my class, a couple even living in a really bad neighborhood nearby, but never did anything like this ever happen. Always had the administration to that school sucked; they don’t want to get off their asses and do the shit that they’re supposed to be paid to do. So I’m glad that they’re going to get bitten in the ass about this finally, but if only it were under different circumstances where an innocent kid didn’t have to be beaten.

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