Report: Carrie Prejean Called Her Sex Tape ‘Disgusting’…Before Realizing It Was Her

TMZ is milking the Carrie Prejean sex tape revelation, releasing a few details at a time. The latest snippet relates what happened when the Miss California USA lawyers allegedly showed it to her:

Prejean "When the video started playing, Carrie's first reaction was 'that's disgusting' … and Carrie denied it was her.

Then, the camera angle changed … and panned up to her face. She was caught red-handed … so to speak.

Carrie was rendered speechless and immediately began talking with her lawyer. We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million dollar demand."


  1. says

    Usually I find “celebrity” (and face it miss Prejean is a “celebrity” with air quotes) sex tapes to be a big bunch of “who cares” but this one fills me with such schadenfreude that I can barely contain myself. Not because I think sex tapes are bad or dirty, but I love it when the holier than thou are exposed to be nothing more than human beings just like the rest of us (not that I have a sex tape . . . I still need to find a cinematographer).

  2. Joe says


    ahhhh thats karma. f*ck her…

  3. says

    If she thinks her Christian Canal is disgusting she obviously has self-esteem issues.

    Carrie, embrace your naughty bits, girl!

    Leave patriarchal shame behind! Get a handmirror and a tambourine and dance the maypole!

  4. Greyfox says

    And the karma strikes again.

    Usually I really don’t care about celebrities having a sex tape, especially since it’s usually just a way to get more attention from the media.

    But this one is a special case, after all, we’re talking about one of the so called “family values warrior”.

    Oh how I would love to have this video on my pc.
    Not because I’m straight, but just to send it over allll over the internet.

  5. Bobo says

    Ah, yes, the hipocrasy again festers with those that wrap themselves in the white robe with the words of God. Actions speak louder than words, or perhaps the vibrator Carrie was using :)

  6. Gary says

    “When the video started playing, Carrie’s first reaction was ‘that’s disgusting’.” Come on, boys and girls, give her a break; I had the same reaction to my tape.

  7. bob n dc says

    I think that at her all of her public appearances … protesters should show up sporting those giant foam hands that are altered to form the Shocker hand gesture

  8. says

    What must Dr. James Dobson and his Focus on the Family cronies be thinking right about now? Remember how they held Prejean out as the ideal of Christian womanhood. I read an opinion piece by an evangelical preacher (believe it or not) who used to work in Christian Radio. He talks about how Dobson is notorious in broadcasting for his defensiveness, his screwed-up priorities, and his weird obsession with church-ified celebrities. He also gives an insider’s looke at the sweetheart relationship between Dobson, Focus on the Family, and this pitiful, disgraced beauty queen. Turns out even some Christians have had enough of Dobson and Prejean.

  9. Jason says

    And she was NOM’s ace in the hole… I love how hypocritical people can be especially calling themselves “Christian” and for “family” when they destroy peoples lives and rights.

    Goes to show that these are bigoted prejudiced persons with only self in mind. The very people Christ warned about. Sorry to say but I wasn’t surprised in the least.

  10. Michael says

    Well she’s right about same sex marriage, marriage is about REBUILDING SOCIETY and EVERYONE has an obligation to contribute to that, no one is excluded. If one wants to make a cake then one needs more than flour to make the damn cake, if society is to be rebuild then we need more than one ingredients and everyone needs to contribute, if long term survival is the goal. I have nothing against gay or lesbian people, after all they are just humans aswell and they deserve respect and they have rights, just like everyone else. But when it comes to marriage and making it officially “alright” to be like that I believe it’s wrong, we may aswell say it’s alright for everyone to neglect their obligation.

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