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Rupert Everett: 'I Would Not Advise Any Come Out'

Every six months, it seems, actor Rupert Everett gives another interview, in which he warns of the dangers of being out in Hollywood.

It's that time again. Everett

Says Everett to The Guardian: "The fact is that you could not be, and still cannot be, a 25-year-old homosexual trying to make it in the British film business or the American film business or even the Italian film business. It just doesn't work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point. You're going to manage to make it roll for a certain amount of time, but at the first sign of failure they'll cut you right off. And I'm sick of saying, 'Yes, it's probably my own fault.' Because I've always tried to make it work and when it stops working somewhere, I try to make it work somewhere else. But the fact of the matter is, and I don't care who disagrees, it doesn't work if you're gay...It's not that advisable to be honest. It's not very easy. And, honestly, I would not advise any actor necessarily, if he was really thinking of his career, to come out."

Things are worse, now, Everett says, than they were a few years ago. "It's worse now. A gay man can only do drag. I've been reduced to drag. The next stop is probably The Dick Emery Show for me."

Of his co-starring role with Madonna in The Next Best Thing, Everett writes: "I have never read such bad reviews in my life. It blew my new career out of the water and turned my pubic hair white overnight."

He's also still not a fan of civil partnerships or marriage: "If you want to have a marriage with some bad-tempered cow from Camden Council officiating, then you must have that, and I think it's nice that you can have it. But I liked being a poof when it was illegal, frankly; it gave me a sense of being outside."

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  1. Tank has no idea what he's talking about. And I can't believe anyone in 2009 on this site is advocating for staying in the closet.
    Tank- go watch "MILK" and really pay attention. And if you don't get it then keep watching it until you do.

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Nov 29, 2009 12:56:41 PM

  2. Wooah guys.

    You really think if people came out it would be a bde of roses? Really??

    With all the h8 you guys are getting in the US-killings, homophobia ect, adam's kiss being blurred...

    You really think Rupert Everette is just being bitchy?


    Er okay.

    Posted by: Rowan | Nov 29, 2009 12:58:38 PM

  3. The problem with Rupert is that he is too ariodite and high brow to considered for supporting roles. His serious demeanor limits him, and he is too old to play the leading man. He needs to produce or direct.

    Posted by: ty | Nov 29, 2009 1:05:29 PM

  4. Jeffrey, you're delusional. You don't understand the hollywood machine. It's a boys club run by men with the mentalities of frat boys. They're very homophobic, sexist little boys with the thinnest veneer of civility. But more than that, they're businessmen who realize that leading men can't be gay in this climate as it's not bankable. I guess in your delusional world, out A-list celebrities are common. How many leading men of brad pitt's pay grade are gay and out of the closet, jeff? I'm not defending the closet, but we live in an extremely homophobic country, and the answer to that question should give you some insight into the choice to remain closeted a lot of celebrities make. John Gielgud and Ian McKellen...they're definitely on a par with george clooney, brad pitt and even harrison ford, right? Not in terms of talent...talent only matters when it's all you've got going for you--and none of those straight names only have talent working for them (and arguably, never did).

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 1:08:36 PM

  5. Dear Rupert,

    Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo.


    Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo.


    Posted by: Bill | Nov 29, 2009 1:17:17 PM

  6. He makes some valid points but it's really up to the actor/actress whether they want to come out or not.
    If a man is openly gay--even if he's the best actor in the world-- he'll never make it as a leading ladies man. The days of Rock Hudson are long gone. Women aren't too comfortable with their sex symbol kissing men in real life, which is rather odd since it's just acting, but that's how it is. Besides, not all actors, gay or straight, have to be leading men.
    I never considered Rupert that great an actor, but he should be grateful for the career he's had. I found it offensive that he mocked Michael Jackson's plastic surgery when his own face doesn't look like Rupert Everett anymore.

    Posted by: Jimmy/Boston | Nov 29, 2009 1:35:08 PM

  7. Doug Berman seems to be as big a bitter CUNT as Rupert. May you both die alone and lonely.

    Posted by: Tex | Nov 29, 2009 1:38:43 PM

  8. The man is entitled to his opinion as are all of the commentators here. If you disagree, disagree. Are we so shallow as a community that when someone expresses a different opinion we want to send them to Uganda? Sad.

    Posted by: Justin | Nov 29, 2009 2:57:39 PM

  9. Tank: I think I do understand the Hollywood machine. I am an actor who works in film and television in Los Angeles. What are your qualifications for your expertise?
    Go back and read my first post in this thread. There is a heck of a lot more to life than career and money. How much success does one need to have in order to justify leading a tortured life of lies? John Travolta has had tremendous success in his career but he is known for trolling the Korean spas out here and begging young men to have sex with him in the steam room. Is that the role model you espouse? Or Kevin Spacey's mess of a life?
    In case you can't find my earlier post, I repeat: I am an out actor and I am not a household name. But I earn a decent living and I am proud and happy and have a wonderful husband who I love and who loves me. No one could get me to trade that for a life of fame and fortune.
    And did you finish watching "MILK" yet? Anyone who advocates for staying in the closet is part of the problem not part of the solution.

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Nov 29, 2009 3:04:49 PM

  10. Sure, there's more to life than a career and money...but let's be honest, jeffrey, that's loser talk. It's loser talk! Once again, I think that john travolta, kevin spacey, and tom cruise and everyone else in the hollywood closet made a choice. They preferenced their career and success over living authentically, and perhaps personal happiness. They aren't role models for gay people, or anyone--nor did they claim to be. But that's the choice one has to make.

    Once again, jeffrey, how many A-list leading man/woman celebutards are openly gay?

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 3:16:26 PM

  11. Wow Tank, you sure are right. Look at how swimmingly Kevin Spacey's career has gone since he decided to stay in the closet. He didn't let that trailer incident break his stride. No sireee! He's won TWO Oscars, and he's always made sure to bring a beard with him to the ceremonies -- even when they give perplexed ooks when Kev announces from the stage hpow much he loves them.

    Just look at how much in demand he is today for Bloackbuster movies. Why had he come out he'd be as washed-up as Ian McKellen, Neil Patrick Harris and Adam Lambert!

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 29, 2009 3:43:11 PM

  12. You didn't like k-pax, DE? How about shrink? He's a household name, and oscar winner. Maybe if he came out, he could do bad sitcoms! Or host award shows with lots of musical numbers. He'd be the light of the dark gay bar/club scene. Every buzzed queen would just loves him...yay! He's getting old, though--past his prime, and he aged quickly (never an attractive man to begin with). Travolta's doing disney movies with seth green... What's your point?

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 3:56:09 PM

  13. "Old Dogs" fucking TANKED, Tank.

    What's YOUR point?

    Oh I know -- you're DEEP in the closet, and want everybody else to as fucking cowardly a piece of shit as you are.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 29, 2009 4:06:52 PM

  14. Yeah, I'm totally closeted, third rate cindy adams . Of course old dogs tanked, DE. That's rather the point. You'd just prefer to deny reality, and have all closeted celebrities come out so they can be lauded by a bunch of glassy eyed queens at some nondescript bar. And even that's not a guarantee as the harshest criticism going toward AL's coming from the gays. We really treat our own very well.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 4:32:31 PM

  15. perhaps some better advice for gay actors is don't fuck your face up with plastic surgery. Maybe the fact that Rupert looks like a busted trannie has something to do with his hire-ability.

    Posted by: LARS | Nov 29, 2009 4:44:00 PM

  16. Lars you beat me to it!

    Maybe the fact that Rupert is not successful as an actor is the fact that he completely changed his "look". I mean it's pretty pathetic to have plastic surgery and pay lots of money and actually look worse.

    It must be painful for this whore (and yes he was a prostitute in his early days according to the "book" he wrote).

    I am also curious about one thing: do British gay men become bitchy old queens as soon as they turn 50?

    Posted by: FunMe | Nov 29, 2009 5:06:38 PM

  17. Tank: Loser talk??? Are you TRYING to sound like a joke?
    "how many A-list leading man/woman celebutards are openly gay?" you asked.
    Jodi Foster is the only one I can think of at the moment. Although I don't classify her as a "celebutard."
    Here is a partial list of out gay actors/actresses who are at least marginally famous. All of them are making a very nice living and many of them are making millions.

    Ellen Degeneres
    Portia de Rossi
    Victor Garber
    Denis O'Hare
    Mario Cantone
    John Barrowman
    Wilson Cruz
    Alan Cumming
    Andy Dick
    Raul Esparza
    Scott Evans
    Stephen Fry
    Jodi Foster
    Robert Gant
    Malcom Gets
    Sara Gilbert
    John Glover
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Edward Hibbert
    Tom Hulce
    Cheyenne Jackson
    Cherry Jones
    Leslie Jordan
    Udo Kier
    T.R. Knight
    Nathan Lane
    Ian McKellan
    John Cameron Mitchell
    Cynthia Nixon
    Rosie O'Donnell
    Peter Paige
    Sara Paulson
    David Hyde Pierce
    Christopher Sieber
    Stephen Spinella
    Doug Spearman
    Jason Stuart
    David Ogden Stiers
    Wanda Sykes
    George Takei
    Scott Thompson
    Lily Tomlin
    Tommy Tune
    Jack Wetherall
    B.D. Wong

    But unless they are leading men/women who are on the A-list then no gay actors should come out of the closet or live their lives honestly?
    How many openly gay politicians have been President of the United States?
    None? Then no politician should be openly gay.
    How many A-list Pro Baseball or Basketball players are openly gay?
    Then no athlete should come out of the closet.
    Attitudes like yours are archaic and destructive.
    If behaving as if you are ashamed of who you in order to rise to the top of the heap is a good idea to you, that's your problem.
    Luckily, you are in the minority and that group is getting smaller all the time.
    Oh, have you watched "Milk" yet? Tell me what you learned from it.

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Nov 29, 2009 5:11:22 PM

  18. "But unless they are leading men/women who are on the A-list then no gay actors should come out of the closet or live their lives honestly?"

    Hafta be honest, I haven't heard of a lot of those names...and I'm like most people in that respect. If you've got a chance in your youth to be an A-list celebrity (leading man/woman material), go for it or else you WILL wind up like neil patrick harris or b.d. wong...or george takei (who was closeted when he HAD A CAREER--throughout that active career he was deep in the closet)...I'm sure every aspiring gay actor dreams of peaking at b.d. wong's celebrity or portia rossi. Keep in mind, most of these names never had a chance of being A-listers (and that includes neil patrick harris). Now you're just sounding lame.

    And of course NOW rupert looks like botched vivisection...but he didn't always look like that.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 5:31:13 PM

  19. Rather, you'll wind up like neil patrick harris if you're extremely lucky; and you aren't, so you won't (not you, jeffrey, that was the royal we). And even NPH was closeted for most of his career. I am not defending the closet, however. I think it's disgusting, and an indication of how far we have to go. This is merely a practical suggestion--not political, as it would be beneficial to gay enfranchisement have more well known names come out of the closet. I wouldn't be associated with anyone who's closeted, and avoid people like that...but, if you have a shot at big time celebrity...

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 5:44:50 PM

  20. And I did see MILK, where a straght actor portrayed a gay civil rights leader. And he was excellent at it...but my views are just anachronistic and totally irrelevant.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 29, 2009 6:03:09 PM

  21. Wow, talk about shooting the messenger. Rupert Everett may have pissed in your cornflake some morning, but that still doesn't mean he's wrong.

    Coming out at the start of an acting career is still going to be very limiting in this day and age if you have aspirations of being an A-list celebrity.

    Hopefully that will change soon, but at the moment, this is still in effect. Casting directors do not want an openly gay actor playing a leading man or an action hero, because all they need is TMZ posting pictures of them kissing their boyfriend in public and it will shave millions off of the box office returns.

    Posted by: El Brucio | Nov 29, 2009 6:51:05 PM

  22. "Hafta be honest, I haven't heard of a lot of those names...and I'm like most people in that respect."

    Uh, no. Most people aren't as pathetically clueless as you.

    "And even NPH was closeted for most of his career."

    Yes it was so shocking that he didn't come out at 10!

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 29, 2009 8:33:46 PM

  23. He is a bitter old queen who blames his coming out for the shape of his career.

    Posted by: jaragon | Nov 29, 2009 8:48:36 PM

  24. Ya know, a lot of actors make "bad choices" and still go on to stardom. Rupert is probably right. Had he not come out, he'd probably have a bigger career. Just because it's true doesn't mean staying in the closet is the best choice for a young actor. It might have been a better choice for Everett, since he seems to value his career above all else and, unlike a lot of people, would have really enjoyed a furtive sex life conducted in the shadows.

    Posted by: BobN | Nov 29, 2009 9:13:37 PM

  25. But that's ridiculous. If he wanted 'a furtive sex life conducted in the shadows" he would never have written "Hell Darling, Are Your Working? " and "The Hairdresser of St. Tropez." The bottom line is Rupert has fucked up his career all by his won little self and rather thatn face his failures he wants to blame everything on someone or something else. Were he not the raging cunt that he is he'd be one of the biggest stars ever -- instead of a raging has-been.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Nov 29, 2009 10:58:00 PM

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