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Rupert Everett: 'I Would Not Advise Any Come Out'

Every six months, it seems, actor Rupert Everett gives another interview, in which he warns of the dangers of being out in Hollywood.

It's that time again. Everett

Says Everett to The Guardian: "The fact is that you could not be, and still cannot be, a 25-year-old homosexual trying to make it in the British film business or the American film business or even the Italian film business. It just doesn't work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point. You're going to manage to make it roll for a certain amount of time, but at the first sign of failure they'll cut you right off. And I'm sick of saying, 'Yes, it's probably my own fault.' Because I've always tried to make it work and when it stops working somewhere, I try to make it work somewhere else. But the fact of the matter is, and I don't care who disagrees, it doesn't work if you're gay...It's not that advisable to be honest. It's not very easy. And, honestly, I would not advise any actor necessarily, if he was really thinking of his career, to come out."

Things are worse, now, Everett says, than they were a few years ago. "It's worse now. A gay man can only do drag. I've been reduced to drag. The next stop is probably The Dick Emery Show for me."

Of his co-starring role with Madonna in The Next Best Thing, Everett writes: "I have never read such bad reviews in my life. It blew my new career out of the water and turned my pubic hair white overnight."

He's also still not a fan of civil partnerships or marriage: "If you want to have a marriage with some bad-tempered cow from Camden Council officiating, then you must have that, and I think it's nice that you can have it. But I liked being a poof when it was illegal, frankly; it gave me a sense of being outside."

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  1. "Hafta be honest, I haven't heard of a lot of those names"
    Then you just confirmed that you have no idea what you are talking about. Actually, you said it best: "... my views are just anachronistic and totally irrelevant." Your big example was John Gielgud.
    Nuff said.

    Posted by: jeffrey | Nov 30, 2009 12:55:29 AM

  2. Doesn't Everett have a reputation as an unprofessional prima donna who is incredibly difficult to work with?

    I can't find the citation now, but I could have sworn that years ago I read a letter in The Advocate from John Schlesinger's partner, photographer Michael Childers, that laid a huge chunk of the responsibility for the stroke that essentially ended John Schlesinger's life at the feet of Everett and the difficulties he created on the set of The Next Best Thing.

    Posted by: RedCedar | Nov 30, 2009 3:51:38 AM

  3. I wonder if Rupert knows of John Barrowman.....

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Nov 30, 2009 7:10:07 AM

  4. There are obviously personal, practical reasons for actors not to come out, and I'm sure agents and managers make their clients well aware of them.

    Nevertheless, from a group standpoint, the best salve to cultural homophobia is to have a prominent actor openly come out, and then live their life. I wouldn't advise an ardent activist; it's alright to march in parades, but advocacy should largely be left to those not in the entertainment industry (even when entertainers make a good point, it's callously dismissed because of the source). But visibility and notability are key. And yes, for up and comers, you may hit a wall, but if enough are forthright, if they dispel the illusion of heterosexuality, then Hollywood thinking might begin to change.

    Even within the personal realm, I don't think I could live like Jodie Foster - never attending events with my partner, or acknowledging them as such. I think I'd rather struggle to surmount the wall.

    Posted by: Zach | Nov 30, 2009 10:23:41 AM

  5. This man is a freak. When will he shut the hell up?

    Posted by: KFLO | Nov 30, 2009 11:19:42 AM

  6. Tired of this guy. I read an interview with Wesley Eure who has paid a price for coming out but doesn't regret it. He knows the importance of not being silent.

    Posted by: Aaron K | Nov 30, 2009 12:16:53 PM

  7. I can't tell anymore whether or not DE's being deliberately obtuse or is just missing the boat yet again. No one's debating that Rupert chose to come out of the closet (including him). It was a career mistake.

    "Then you just confirmed that you have no idea what you are talking about. Actually, you said it best: '... my views are just anachronistic and totally irrelevant'. Your big example was John Gielgud."

    You're so right, Jeff. I mean Sir Gielgud (and he wasn't my example, to be clear) just couldn't hold a candle to the likes of Andy Dick... And Noel Coward was no Cheyenne Jackson... Oy.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 30, 2009 12:39:20 PM

  8. OK Tank we heard your "opinion" and we're pretty much done paging down and ignoring your stupid rants.

    Just get lost now, we could care less what you say.

    Posted by: FunMe | Nov 30, 2009 3:01:49 PM

  9. I read his book. For the first few chapters I was bored and ready to put it down, but kept reading. Actually, this guy is very intelligent and has some wisdom going on, in the end I found the book pretty enlightening and true to life. I am tired of being told I have to 'come out' (of where?), support gay unions, etc. Must we all think alike, have the same politics? Life goes by in a hurry so do what you want, when and how you want.
    p.s. Everybody at any age needs to go out once in awhile, it does a person good. Youth is great, enjoy it as it only lasts a few years. I am not going to spend my life judging my worth by comparing ages.....

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 30, 2009 3:28:45 PM

  10. He really needs to warn people of the dangers of too much plastic surgery.

    Posted by: mojo | Nov 30, 2009 3:54:27 PM

  11. Tank

    Agree with 100%.

    These guys live in their own little world.

    Posted by: Rowan | Nov 30, 2009 5:17:45 PM

  12. Rupert Everett has Joan Rivers previously botched face.

    The last good thing this A-Hole did was write "Hello Darling Are You Working"
    Must be still be working the kneepads of the Velvet Mafia to get the animated roles at least...cause he has become as shallow of an actor as self hating Kevin Spacey has become.

    Posted by: MCnNYC | Nov 30, 2009 5:59:08 PM

  13. Andy must post this Rupert stuff merely to tweek the comment traffic, as it is always as fothy as an Anne Coulter thread.

    Despite his penchant for living his public life as if he were a character in a Oscar Wilde stage play, I love R.E's acting chops.

    I bank than most of the US doesn't know that NPH is gay. Brit Russ Tovey is out, very successful, on the telly, & most don't know he's gay.

    Did Spacey relocate to Britian more to live an "open secret" life than assume his theatre directorship role?

    Posted by: hadassah weinreb | Nov 30, 2009 8:08:02 PM

  14. "If you want to have a marriage with some bad-tempered cow from Camden Council officiating, then you must have that."
    My (American) partner and I (a Brit) were married in Camden Town Hall, London, over 2 years ago after more than 20 years of life together in the United States. The officiating Registrar was a charming, elegant woman who treated us with deep respect and sensitivity, and shed a few tears as my partner and I exchanged vows. As did her lovely Assistant. And the Camden Council staff were outstandingly helpful and supportive during the few weeks' run-up to the Ceremony, walking us through the Labyrinthine paperwork necessary for a US/UK marriage. As was the staff at the British Consulate in Los Angeles (where we were living), who issued the 'fiance visa' (yes, it's really called that) to my partner so that we could enter the UK together and be married. Everett might change his tune if he were to fall in love with a non-Brit and want to sponsor his partner into the UK to live with him. Immigration Rights were not available when we were 'illegal', no matter how much Everett romanticises those dreadful days.

    Posted by: iain | Nov 30, 2009 11:48:26 PM

  15. I like Rupert but he is naive. Hollywood deals in brands and if your brand is too gay, you won't be getting any straight romantic leads anytime soon. The difference between NPH and RE is that NPH looks very straight; he is CONVINCING as a straight man. He hasn't projected his sexuality out there to the extent that ol' Rupes has. NPH looks like he could f*** a woman and might even enjoy it, RE looks like he'd be more at home bottoming in a porn movie. Mainstream american audiences ain't buying that.

    RE is right in that you have to stay closeted if you want to be a big romantic lead a la Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt kinda thing. RE should've carved himself a role as a character actor like McKellen, Geilgud, Simon Callow etc and all the other out UK gay actors. Now, he can't even do that. RE queered his own pitch (no pun intended) a long time ago and is paying the price. An actor has to be able to "disappear" behind the role and to do that, needs to keep a low and neutral profile to avoid being typecast. RE is not a good enough actor to be able to transcend his own very gay public image.

    Posted by: meaculpa | Jul 28, 2010 5:27:37 PM

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