Thousands Rally for Marriage Equality Across Australia


Cities across Australia saw demonstrations on Saturday after a government panel rejected a proposed marriage equality bill. The rejection occurred the same week the Australian Capital Territory approved civil unions. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said he will overturn them.

The Courier Mail reports: Equallove "Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Alex Greenwich said strong attendances by more than 2000 people at rallies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, ACT, Adelaide and Lismore today to launch a national year of action showed positive community support.' I think the bill's rejection has re-energised people's commitment to marriage equality,' he said. He said same-sex marriage could become a key issue in the lead-up to the next federal election. 'The inquiry put on the official record thousands of personal stories about the way marriage discrimination hurts, harms and hinders same-sex couples, their families and the nation - stories we will continue to bring to the attention of politicians and the public,' Mr Greenwich said."

Watch video from the Melbourne demonstration, AFTER THE JUMP...

(image above by flickr user bsolah)