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Tracy Morgan Calls Homosexuality 'a Choice' at Carnegie Hall

Gatecrasher reports on the statement, which reportedly didn't fly:

Morgan "It turns out that some New Yorkers really can’t take a joke — especially when it’s unspeakably filthy. 'People seemed to not be laughing at his jokes, but more because they were shocked and appalled with what was coming out of his mouth,' reports one audience member. Morgan talked trash about homosexuality (saying it’s 'a choice,' which drew gasps), drugs, pornography and what he calls 'politricks' — far edgier subjects than what his alter ego, Jordan, gets air time for. 'There was a continuous flow of people getting up and leaving throughout the show,' our spy reports, adding that many in the crowd clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Middle-aged women were the most flabbergasted when he started ­mimicking explicit sex acts on stage."

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  1. Im really upset about this because 30 Rock is my fav show and I really liked him and his character. I even ordered his book, but I was able to cancel after this

    Posted by: carl anthony | Nov 11, 2009 9:48:30 AM

  2. This guy has always been THE biggest closet case in town. EVERYONEEEEEE knows it. He is the epitome of "down low brother"....
    I hope he loses his job at 30 rock for this. That is the last show to applaud homophobia and bigotry. Plus, he is the least talented one on it. There is nothing fun about a black man who plays a streotypical black man.

    Posted by: Bayley | Nov 11, 2009 9:57:56 AM

  3. Completely talent-free. He should kiss the ground Tina Fey walks on for rescuing him from his well-deserved post SNL flame-out

    Posted by: Christopher | Nov 11, 2009 10:03:08 AM

  4. I've always thought Morgan was a jack-ass!
    I do enjoy 30 Rock, when Morgan is not in a scene. That's the only thing I can't figure out concerning the casting of 30 Rock. Why did they choose that prick. He's not even funny.

    Posted by: Jake | Nov 11, 2009 10:03:26 AM

  5. Seriously, Look at the photo this guys a homo.... When I first read the headline I thought "who the hell is Tracy Morgan?" Who gives a shit what this guy thinks...

    Posted by: deiter | Nov 11, 2009 10:09:54 AM

  6. What? Did Tracy Morgan choose to be gay?

    Posted by: J.P. | Nov 11, 2009 10:24:22 AM

  7. Yeah he made some comments in bad taste; oh well that is what humor sometimes amounts is just that plain and simple.

    Let's take Family Guy for example: nobody goes after Seth MacFarlane and the writers for what Stewie says and YES Stewie has said homosexuality is a choice (when Peter's father came to visit and he created his own religion to worship the Fonz) addition to many other tasteless jokes about the handicap and the I have to mention South Park.

    Just to be sure you do know that cartoons do not talk on their own, they are drawn and their words/voices come from another source.

    Here are some options: deal with it; boycott 30 Rock, try to get him fired from the show; call him a closet case, a no talent hack, do whatever you want...but there are so many other people doing the same thing...

    Posted by: differingview | Nov 11, 2009 10:24:42 AM

  8. Has nobody ever seen a comedian live? A lot of them just say things for shock value, it's their thing. I'm not sure why this is even news.

    Posted by: Michael | Nov 11, 2009 10:25:13 AM

  9. @MICHAEL: And that worked so well for Michael Richards, right? Oh, but that was different....

    Posted by: BradK | Nov 11, 2009 10:34:55 AM

  10. I never thought Morgan was funny on SNL and why after two attempts I could not watch 30 Rock. Love Fey and Baldwin but Morgan is doing what he always does, being himself, a loud stupid turd.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Nov 11, 2009 10:40:05 AM

  11. for a long time 'till now, i really thought he was gay, that's why he was getting away with all the sh!t he was saying,

    Posted by: josepe | Nov 11, 2009 10:41:32 AM

  12. I like Morgan - especially on 30 Rock but also on SNL where some of his characters were truly hilarious if not completely insane. I find him super charming (his act? not so much) so I hope he gets the memo that while being gay is not a choice, supporting him is most definitely one, so it's in his best interest to cut that particular ish out.

    Posted by: giovanni | Nov 11, 2009 10:44:40 AM

  13. Tracy Morgan was never funny. I have no idea why he has a career in comedy.

    Tracy is heterosexual. Black culture is very flamboyant. Don't be fooled because many flamboyant black males are heterosexual. He's also been a big druggie so his mind is scrambled. His smile face is more the look of an airhead.

    Posted by: Bill | Nov 11, 2009 10:46:44 AM

  14. Are you guys kidding me? You didn't like Astronaut Jones or the Safari guy? Lol, those were hilarious bits!

    As for his limited understanding of human nature, hopefully Tina will set him 'straight' ...

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Nov 11, 2009 10:57:13 AM

  15. wow. all I can say is that Towelroad comments have become more and more outwardly prejudiced toward black people over the past couple of years. they really, really have. if anybody were to suggest that "Jews are stingy" or "whites are, as a culture, power-hungry", imagine the uproar. yet anytime there's a posting about Obama or any other black, controversial figure, the nastiness comes out. I have to remember - being gay and living in a major metropolitan area where by-and-large people are accustomed to diversity - that not all gays are as accepting of difference. maybe some of these ignoramuses who say stupid shit should get out a little more and meet some people. I hate coming on here and feeling like I'm on some right-wing website.

    Posted by: buzz | Nov 11, 2009 11:01:25 AM

  16. White gays tend to forget that they were white and indoctrinated with feelings, biases and other misshaped ideas about Blacks LONG before they discovered their desire to be with someone of the same sex.

    Ergo: it is LAUGHABLE to believe or assert the following: I am gay therefore I can't be racist or have a bias against blacks or any other group.

    Posted by: differingview | Nov 11, 2009 11:15:41 AM

  17. BUZZ I just read all 14 posts before yours and only 2 mention race, 4 support him and 2 point out white comics Richards and MacFarlane. The rest are like mine, we just don't like him or find him talented.

    So are the latter group ignoramuses because we don't agree with you or do you see prejudice everywhere? By the way, I think NYC would rank as a major metropolitan area and there are racists and bigots in all races, gay and straight.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Nov 11, 2009 11:26:05 AM

  18. If sexual orientation is a choice is Morgan admitting he chose to be heterosexual?

    Maybe Tracy Morgan, Larry Johnson, Robert Bellamy, Jr. and Robert Hannah can all get together and form a new Gay Hating club.

    Morgan owes his relevance to Tina Fey. I'd like to know what Tina Fey thinks about Tracy's bigotry after Robert Bellamy, Jr. just attacked two Gay men in the street less than a week ago. As it stands right now watching 30 Rock, a show I really like, is a real turn off. I just can't watch that and not feel really uncomfortable.

    Tina, would you like to tell us about your "choice" of heterosexuality? Your silence is collusion.

    Posted by: Mark | Nov 11, 2009 11:30:48 AM

  19. Buzz:
    To my count, only two of the comments mention anything race related. The majority of the comments were based on a comedian's offensive comments, nothing more. I agree, there have been a lot of shockingly racist posts on this site, but don't confuse all negative comments about someone who is incidentally a minority to be inherently racist.

    Posted by: Henry | Nov 11, 2009 11:32:19 AM

  20. Awesome.

    I've never liked Tracy Morgan. I hope this finally launches his raft on the ocean that will wash up on an uncharted island, never to be located again.

    ...or at least until I'm too senile to remember who he was.

    Posted by: Kevin | Nov 11, 2009 11:38:42 AM

  21. let me be clear. I was referencing - in particular - the individual who suggested that black men are - because of their culture - flamboyant. that is, any way you look at it, ignorant. I didn't find any of the previous comments to be offensive at all. but if you go back and look at the Mixner/apartheid post from last week, maybe you'll see a little more of what I'm talking about. or go back to last year with all the disgust people on here showed towards blacks regarding the passage of prop 8. you can choose to see it or not see it (by the way, I'm not the only one who has pointed this out). I'm just frustrated by it.

    Patrick - you should really reread what I wrote. I never suggested that anyone who dislikes Morgan is an ignoramus. I like him on 30 Rock but would have probably not enjoyed his Carnegie Hall performance. my frustration is placed firmly on those who will attempt to make this a "black" thing - namely "Bill". sorry if it seemed I was directing my frustration to the lot of you. perhaps I should have provided more context.

    Posted by: buzz | Nov 11, 2009 11:52:58 AM

  22. Morgan's comments are especially disgusting after:

    1) Robert Bellamy, Jr. attacked two Gay men in New York less than a week ago, admitting "god made me hate Gay people"

    2) Daniel Rodriguez brutally attacked and hospitalized a Gay man in New York a few short weeks ago

    2) Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson recently hurled the "faggot" slur at reporters

    3) Robert Hannah was charged with a misdemeanor and given a six month jail sentence after murdering a Gay man in DC

    4) A 50-year-old Buffalo, New York man was the victim of a "near-fatal" Gay bashing in the West Village in May

    5) Two Gay men were hospitalized in two separate Gay bashing incidents in June over Gay Pride weekend

    I guess god made Tracy Morgan hate Gay people. Morgan owes his relevance to Tina Fey. If, as Morgan says, sexual orientation is a choice then Morgan and Fey should tell us all when they chose to be heterosexual.

    The idea of watching 30 Rock, a favorite, now just turns my stomach. I just can't watch that without being extremely uncomfortable.

    Tina Fey: Governor David Paterson places a marriage equality bill on the state Senate agenda while your "star" Tracy Morgan bashes Gay people. Your silence is collusion.

    Posted by: Mark | Nov 11, 2009 12:00:29 PM

  23. He is the reason I don't watch 30 rock.

    Posted by: KB | Nov 11, 2009 12:09:04 PM

  24. if we're gonna start calling it "bashing" when someone says something stupid, we're gonna need to grow thicker skins. i have a friend who was seriously disfigured by an ACTUAL bashing.

    Morgan suggesting that being gay is a "choice" is just dumb and sure, i won't be rushing to go see him live [i probably would have before this]. but it would be awesome to direct our justifiable anger toward someone other than Tina Fey.

    can i also just point out that nobody on here seems to know EXACTLY what he said. to extrapolate that he his a homophobe or gay-hater or anything like that from what is not even a real paraphrasing of what he said just seems a little dramatic to me.

    what if he said something like "If I was gonna choose to be gay, I'd wanna fuck Robert Pattinson doggie-style"? clearly i'm no comedian, but to get so bent out of shape and start railing on him based on something none of us actually know much about seems counter-productive.

    Posted by: buzz | Nov 11, 2009 12:14:34 PM

  25. Does anybody know what he actually said? All I've seen is a second-hand account that claims he went off on homosexuality and called it a "choice,"(this part didn't appear in some of the earlier versions of this "people walked out on Tracy Morgan" story I'd read elsewhere) but there aren't any actual quotes or details that really suggest what he actually said, nor how he said it. Why is the account so vague? Tracy Morgan may well have said some really offensive things about gays, but can somebody at least provide something with more specific details so we can judge his actual words and intent for ourselves?

    Posted by: bobbyjoe | Nov 11, 2009 12:36:20 PM

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