1. darian Zam says

    …but it’s OK if Britney Spears sticks her tongue down Madonna’s throat on prime time. I see.

  2. Nick says

    I don’t give a damn about the kiss. However, the performance was an epic fail of ego an hubris. It was terrible, and while I realize there were sound problems, he went off key more than once. Gaga didn’t. Kelly Clarkson didn’t.

    Way to introduce yourself a solo artist, Adam. See you on broadway!

  3. David C. in Chelsea, MA says

    His vocals were a bit off tonight, but his performance overall was great.

    He pushed the envelope.

    That said, I think any overt sexual stuff, gay or straight, on stage on a show that kids are probably watching should be kept to a minimum.

    The kiss was fine for anyone to see, adult or kid, but the simulated fellatio is just gonna give the other side (I’m talking to you, Fox “News,”) something to bash us about now.

  4. Christian says

    I am SO bored with him already. Are his 15 minutes up yet? If he can’t be proud to be on the OUT 100 then he has a serious ego problem. Over her.

  5. qjersey says

    Something was off about his performance, but I was entertained. As for the shock value…I could believe how much “pussy thrusting” there was in all the previous performances. So if anyone is shocked or appalled, it is about his sexuality.

  6. Mike says

    I like Adam but this performance was horrible. The music and his voice were bad and above all, he tried WAY too hard to shock. It was all rehearsed (and rehearsed badly), he was not “in the moment” on anything except when he fell and rolled.

  7. jesse says

    I haven’t been this “shocked” since the Doors and Jim Morrison forty years ago on stage in Miami. But that was man on man action.

    If I’d known ahead of time I might have watched the award show.

  8. Rob says

    Wow. I’m so disappointed. His vocals were a mess and he seemed a bit self-indulgent. Did not like it at all. He can do so much better.

  9. jondavwal says

    He’s managed to become a caricature of himself even before he’s begun — an astounding feat. Absolutely horrific performance. And his voice is just ugly from top to bottom now. I liked him on Idol. This is just tragic though. He has amateur written all over him.


    Shocking it was not, tasteless and bad, yes.

    Then again, Madonna did the same thing in 1985 with “Like a Virgin.” I thought she was history but there’s no accounting for the taste of the American public.

  10. Donovan says

    He’s such a boring, predictable phony. It’s all hype, all utterly fabricated and calculated. When this “performance” fails to generate enough buzz, we can expect an oh-so-scandalous sex tape (probably with another guy AND a girl) to be anonymously leaked by his PR team.

  11. crispy says

    I was impressed at how he apparently continued singing with his tongue down his keyboardist’s throat. Was there a microphone in there?

  12. says

    Good for Adam! Keep pushing the envelope.

    It’s not shocking for most queers, but what Adam is doing is important (on some political level). There is a double standard in entertainment and this he is not putting up with it. Nor should he.

  13. Ryan says

    I’d be SO turned on by this performance if he actually had the talent (and looks) to back it up.

    It would have been a great show if Adam was doing this AFTER he was an established artist – you know, something to give his career a spark after a few years. But when you’re essentially a “newbie” in the game, this is NOT the way you want to launch your singing career.

  14. ggreen says

    Another screeching ya-ya singer from American Idol. Never underestimate the power of American white trash with cell phones.

  15. David in PHX says

    His performance was tacky, to say the least. I know a lot of people are talking about double-standards and how groundbreaking his performance was but to me he just made us look bad. I know I shouldn’t generalize because not all of us go around wearing pounds of makeup but this is who we have representing us right now. All eyes are on him and instead of trying to shock everyone he should focus on delivering a positive message and use his celebrity to represent us in a positive way. He got to #2 on Idol, he has talent. The talent should speak for itself. He shouldn’t have to degrade himself just to get people talking.

  16. andrew says

    What a talentless screeching little hack.
    I’m embarassed for queers everywhere by this little mess.

  17. Wes says

    It was atrocious. I think it actually hurts the gay community to have this guy with his S&M act on ABC Primetime. I could barely watch I was so mortified. I’ve already read one comment somewhere by some idiot saying “this brings out the conservative in me. I want equality and all, but someone has to stand up for common decency” or some rediculous shit. For the half brained out there who can apparently be swayed on gay rights by some raunchy American Idol runner up, this just scared them further away. I can almost hear them thinking “OMG people become gay and suddenly everything DOES turn into and S&M pride fest!” This probably worked just as well as any Yes on 1 commerical with the “gayness will be taught to your children in school” shit in it.

    As for the performance itself, the sex stuff was over the top but moreso, it was just tacky and awful. The singing and music wasn’t even good. The guy has talent, he just seems to lack taste.

  18. says

    I’m all for same-sex kissing, but he’s randomly kissing a guy on his first major TV appearance that’s also occurring around a bad song with hollow gestures meant to shock…he just came off as a bad singer (which he’s not) and a big amateur (which he still is). It was so forced…it was painfully bad. It’s a shame his takeaway from this will be, “People just can’t handle me!” when really a large part of why he rubbed people the wrong way was just that his performance sucked. It definitely did bring out the homophobia in people, though…reading Tweets was depressing.

  19. Zeke says

    This is the same man that was concerned about doing the cover of OUT because he didn’t want to come off as “too gay”?


  20. Cameron Johnson says

    I love Adam Lambert, but this just wasn’t that interesting. I laughed. Repeatedly. However, I think he makes an interesting point with this performance: specifically, that he is an eyeliner wearing, penis-sucking, Burning Man going dude kissing homo singing a song about topping the bejeezus out of someone. And he won’t be switching that up or changing it out for anyone.

    I was disappointed in the vocal, but love the song. I’m interested to see what he’s going to do next…

  21. bearyl says

    Yowch! I hated this…this… well whatever you call it, I hated it! The hates not partucularly there because of the stage thingy, but the *singing* was horrible! Ew! Do they even have handy wipes for the ears?

    And BTW, kisses and fellatio aside, why is nobody (straight or gay,) having a hissy about the fondling of the girl who was hanging above the chair when Adam is down stage before he goes and kisses the keyboardist? Wasn’t that nasty too? Maybe he does have a point about the double standard.

    Still though, ewwww to the (w)hole thing! IMPO

  22. KJ says

    Sigh. Perhaps I’m showing my age, but my preference is for raw talent, a great voice, and a good song. Is all of this nonsense to make us forget about the absence of those things?

  23. DR says

    @Zeke, yeah I was thinking the same thing.

    Overall, that was a horrific performance. I don’t know what the problem is, but those vocals were totally off, the choreography, such that it was, was totally self-indulgent and the whole thing was too over-the-top.

    And I agree, the kiss was no big deal, but the fellatio, didn’t belong on prime-time.

  24. DairyQueen says

    Most of thes reviews/comment sound like they are coming from old bitter queens. Regardless what you think of him or his performance, You got to give this non political gay man some props for doing what he did on ABC AMA awards. He simulated oral sex with a man and made out with a guy too on national TV!
    I am getting bored with the whole OUT thing. Not every gay person is going to be political. This guy is trying to start a career to be an entertainer not a political activist who sings. Give him a break.

  25. jack says

    That boy has jumped the shark – ‘Bigger is better’ only goes so far. And simulated oral, regardess of sex, is pretty lame and tasteless.

  26. Q says

    He generates as much heat as a dead Eskimo at the bottom of a frozen lake. Wack ass music. Wack ass dancers. Wack ass vocals. Fucking awful!
    And yet gay media will heap tons of undue praise on him simply because he is gay. What a joke!

  27. Rolph says

    Adam’s statements about a double standard are true. Go back and watch Janet Jackson’s opening medley. At one point, she reaches from behind and grabs one of the male dancers crotch and he spins around and puts his face in her crotch as he moves his head around. Haven’t heard a peep about that. However, a gay man 3hours later does it and it’s “shocking.”

    That being said, despite the off-pitch vocals and the very busy set he performed on, it is THE performance everyone is talking about, so he did something right

  28. Rann says

    Q, I don’t think Out will agree to heap on the praise. But as for me, I really could care less about him or his antics and his screaching since he will not even offer an opinion on gay rights issues. Speak up for your rights and those of others in your community! No need ot be a spokesperson or messiah of sorts just be willing to answer questions asked of you and don’t worry if the interview is too gay! Good god what a joke he is.

  29. steve says

    nice to have the current face of gay America entertaining himself on the gutter level

    this is fucked up on multiple levels

    but i suppose it will be heralded as THE milestone in breaking down the walls of quasi non-specific, non-politically affiliated, non-labeled group sex/sexuality & bringing it out to mainstream America… in that he’s a pioneer i suppose

    the Liza Minnelli/Heat Miser get-up is just icing on the cake & the interview verifying that he has licked pussy just makes it all so authentic

    oh well, at least Kelly Clarkson was worth watching

  30. HankQ says

    Saw a blurb in “people” about him breaking up with his boyfriend, but this is my FIRST TIME seeing him perform or listening to his “music”! About a minute into the clip of the AMA’s I thought “He’s going to be on Broadway in a year or so” Glad to see other people agree. It was a mediocre performance and anything “shocking” he did has already been done and BETTER by female performers like Madonna and Britney!

  31. illusion says

    GAGA did not sing live on Bad Romance sorry to tell you. You see it at 3/4 mark when her head is down. BECAUSE SHE’S DANCING. Of course she didnt have pitch problems PLAYING THE PIANO FOR HERSELF on speechless. wtf. The voice you hear during the kiss is Monte Pittman the guitarist and background vocal who drowned Lambert out and was off key at the beginning of the pitch issue when he started the harmonies. @1:30 or so. Overall there were many pitchy issues last night this one was the most obvious. Lambert needed to remove his ear piece but there was too much going on. Bravo for LIVE SINGING that takes chances and embodies the spirit of rock and roll. And again, albeit a nice adrenaline filled f.u. message to Hicklin, he is not concerned over America’s opinion of how he “should” behave.
    Gaga -1 Lambert +2

  32. BobN says

    I realize I’m an old fogey, but I have to say I preferred music before it became a visual medium…

  33. Bitch says

    Grawl!! Why all the hate. Projecting much aren’t we? Just to tell you, from an outsiders perspective, you all sound like bitter hens who are simply jealous of the guy… It is clear Adam intent was to show the Bowie/glam rock influence. I don’t think that it is fair to expect him fit into whatever pre-conceived mold gays and straights have prepared for him. He is certainly a box of chocolates, and he is not the typical arrogant narcissist most of the the other hot gay guys can be. I completely agree with him about the double standard. As I straight woman, having to witness constant references to how lesbian (bisexual) sex or FMF menage a trois are what guys find attractive. It felt misogynistic and a tad humiliating, and the Adam comes along and gives us ladies (and non-bitter gay guys) something to titillate us and to meke straight men feel uncomfortable and inadequate. In addition, what do you old farts look like to critisize his looks!!!
    Ok, so he is not built like Jeff Stryker at his prime (although he seems to be well endowed where it matters,) but he still looks hotter than the average gay male, and I live in South Beach so I’ve seen what the higher end of the spectrum regarding desired gay guys look like. So if everything goes downhill from there, Adam is in pretty good standing. He is no bear and he is not a flaming twink, and he is not a butch jock for that matter, he is a David Bowie or a Lou Reed without the addiction. In fact, he gives me the vibe that he is a somewhat versatile top. He is also very youthfull, whereas most of the “accepted” gay guys in the public eye are older and boring or in the closet (the goes for Ellen too.) I always liked Adam, though I hate American Idol. He is in a different breed than Morrisey, in the sense that he has an air of irony, fun and dark humor versus papa mo’ who is all British melancholy. I will also say that David Bowie was quite cheesy and weird at the beginning of his career but found his footing and ways to embrace different personas at appropriate times. Furthermore, I listened to his record at lenght at a website, and the two incredibly good songs in the whole album where the ones written by him.

  34. ChicagoSam says

    My kids could’ve been watching. I could give a shit about the kiss, but the rest of that low class performance didn’t belong on network TV. And everytime he’s criticized he cries discrimination or homophobia. Get over yourself, Adam.

  35. Milan says

    Shocking? No, Madonna already did it. Twice! The performance itself and his vocals were off, and I’m a fan. The shocker to me this morning was reading that the person he kissed was a guy. A group of us watched the show and thought he had kissed a girl!!!

  36. DR says

    Well, we’re talking about Adam Lambert, not Janet Jackson, but if she did the same thing at the top of the show, then I say the same thing about her, absolutely NOT appropriate. Gay,Straight, Bi… it’s just not cool.

  37. TANK says

    Lotta absurd pearl clutching here. Funny. “Scandal!” Why does this matter? I guess because of the homophobes who are really turned on by it–bordering violent threats.

  38. David T says

    Lots of hate on this site. Not unusual. He’s gotten more comments than most other stories on more than a few sites. Sounds like a star to me. Good for him. And no, it hasn’t been done before, because he is in fact gay. His singing wasn’t perfect because he was actually singing. Did you guys enjoy J Lo’s and Janet’s pitch-perfect performances?

    So a day after the awards ceremony, who are all the queens still talking about? I believe that would be Mr. Lambert. Queen on queen crime is so boring.

  39. says

    So the controversial fellatio thing was a “blink and you miss it thing”. Seriously? Not that big a deal.

    What’s a big deal is T-Rex and Goldfrapp have done this whole thing a whole lot better and it looks like he’s being handled by the same idiots who handle most pop music in the US (and most pop music in the US sucks).

    And the derogatory comments about Broadway? Really? Really? As a New Yorker/theater person I have my issues with the lack of innovative stuff on Broadway, but those are still my peeps. And I think you should all see Alice Ripley in Next to Normal and then come back and discuss Broadway some more.

  40. Bitch says

    Yep, that song is a little bit subpar, but half of the record is pretty good and fresh. My theory is that although he is a somewhat seasoned and gifted performer, he had a clear idea of who he is and what the record should be. Of course, it being his first major label recording (doesn’t AI have a say in the record?,) they probably felt that he had to have a hygienic and sexy but safe vibe to it. To me, the end result sounds like a tug o war between Lambert’s fearless spirit and people who wanted for him to keep just a bit of his edge but not so extreme that it would turn off AI’s tween/mom fanbase. As I said, the too songs he co-wrote, plus a couple more and the Lady Gaga one are fantastic. I believe he could be as great as Placebo, if it wasn’t for these factors. Hopefully that’ll change for his second recording.

  41. DairyQueen says

    The commenters on here all worry “about the children”. Give me a break. Adam was one of the last perfomances on the show, which I believe came on around 10:45 pm. If your little ones were up that time, then it’s your own fault. Also the show did have a TV-14 rating. Do you let your kids watch other show @ 10:30pm that are TV-14 when they are not old enough for it? If so, then get off your moral soapbox.

  42. DairyQueen says

    Also I have noticed no one on here or the net bitching about Rihanna peformance with the white shotguns her dancers were cocking, swinging around, and pointing them at the crowd. I simulating violence is ok on TV for the children to see, but two men making out (which you can see on the soap operas)is the worst thing. DOUBLE STANDARDS folks.

  43. Martin D. Luther says

    Pushing the envelope. His act is so contrived. Scissor Sisters did this shit three years ago…and seemed more authentic. This dude is nothing more that a Walmart version of the greats that lead the way, including Freddy & David Bowie.

    Think Nick said it best. See you on Broadway in about 12 months!

  44. RL says

    Janet Jackson grabbed a dancers crotch and I think also put his face in front of her crotch. I think people are making a bigger deal about this because it was at the end of the show. By the end people had already forgotten most of the other performances.

  45. Jimmy/Boston says

    His parents must be so proud. It’s this kind of junk that makes the haters say gays are pervy. Lambert hasn’t been famous that long and he’s already showing he has no class. He’s not a big star yet…he just thinks he is. He needs to chill and stop trying to be so out there and scandalous. There’s only one Madonna and she was doing that shtick many, many years ago.

  46. says

    “It’s this kind of junk that makes the haters say gays are pervy.”

    Oh, please. Wrong: Haters think you’re pervy because you’re a man who likes having sex with men. Doesn’t matter if you’re Adam on TV in shock drag, in chaps at the Eagle, or dressed in a 3 piece suit going home from work to your husband and kids in the suburbs. Anyone who claims to take back their alleged tolerance for homosexuality based an awards show performance is lying–they always thought you were pervy. Policing (i.e. censoring) “junk”–whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not–isn’t going to win over the haters.

    I loved Adam on AI, but I always thought he was best when he just sang his ass off. The shock attempts–particularly when they compromise the vocals–pretty much bore me (I’ve seen guys kissing and real fellatio before–the shock wasn’t aimed at us, obviously), whether it’s Madonna or Adam or Lady Gaga, but let’s keep it in perspective and let the boy do what he wants without pretending that the fate of gay rights hinges on his every move. If we want our entertainers out, some of them might not be out exactly how we each wish. The alternative is telling them to behave or stay in the closet where they won’t risk offending the “sensitive” masses.

  47. Zazu says

    Bowie, 1972 sinking to his knees in front of Mick Ronson. This young man actually IS doing retro pop, and he isn’t a pretentious git about it. Yeah, this was a sloppy first performance, but he has a hell of a lot of pressure on him (no pun intended). He also seems to have a personality, which is always a big plus. Down with fembots chanting the same boring chorus, thumbs up to Glambert for at least giving it the ol’ hypersexual try. HE is more like Madonna, who was humping her microphone in ’82 and oblivious to the consequences of a camera up her buttocks. Ah, the golden years.

  48. mark says

    I think he still has a lot to prove before he gains any wide acceptance – which may or may not happen.

    We’ve seen the sex-shock before, and plenty of others have had vocally-off nights. So what’s he gonna do for an encore when it looks like he played all his cards in the first go-round? He better have some substance behind the glam, or he’ll be out on his ass before his gel dries.

  49. RBearSAT says

    Daniel did you really just say that what he did was important? Lambert’s definitely not a role model or political statement for our issues. He just set us back and did this more for self promotion. “For me, that’s a form of discrimination and a double standard. And that’s too bad,” quoting Lambert about possible suppression of the performance. Give me a freaking break. Lambert your career is washing up faster every day.

  50. says

    I haven’t seen Adam’s performance yet.(I tried to view the clip above but the Dick Clark people had it removed.) But I’m less offended by what Adam did or didn’t do, than I am about the fact that there is STILL an American Music Awards. I’m more pissed that that the blandest white girl in the history of the world, Taylor Swift, won five awards.

  51. cc says

    hot man on man action….on national tv….as for the performance….his CD is MUCH more impressive….its the Entertainment industry….raunchiness is kinda expected

  52. Phil says

    I have read some reasonable, non-hate posts which suggest that Adam should save ANY sexual stuff for later in his career, when he’s more established. I disagree. I do like when Adam concentrates on vocals rather than sex (which he most often does), but the performance at AMA was badly needed. Without it, he would be apologizing for his sexuality, which is always a losing strategy. The Christian Taliban crowd rewards apologies about sex with aggressive contempt rather than brownie points. “Fortune favors the bold.”

  53. Jimmy/Boston says

    Straight people are complaining about it more than gays. They can tolerate gays like Lance Bass who don’t wear makeup and act flamboyant. Lambert just got a tv appearance canceled because he wants to rely on shock rather than talent. Network tv is different than HBO or Showtime. I’m still waiting for the day when a singer comes along who is masculine, doesn’t wear boy george makeup, is classy, and just happens to be gay. Like a Johnny Mathis, but for these times.

  54. says

    Jimmy/Boston, there are PLENTY of openly gay and not flamboyant singer/musicians out there–Jonsi of Sigur Ros and Jonsi and Alex; Joel Gibb from The Hidden Cameras; Owen Pallet (aka Final Fantasy); Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear; Matmos; Stephin Merritt from The Magnetic Fields; Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affair; John and Frank Navin from The Aluminum Group.

    *granted, none of these guys are like Johnny Mathis (except the Navin Brothers who have very smooth and silky vocals) but they are all very talented and very very cool.

  55. crispy says

    Kele Okereke from Bloc Party.

    But let’s be honest… unlike all these gay band members, Adam Lambert is a solo artist and has a much higher profile than, uh, Grizzly Bear. It’s ok to not like his music (there are several tracks on the album that are just pop garbage). But don’t deny that he’s a pioneer.

  56. says

    crispy, no one is denying what you’re saying, but Jimmy is acting like all openly gay musicians wear tons of makeup and camp around and there are many who don’t.

    (As an aside: for an indie band, Grizzly Bear have a large profile. Jay Z and Beyonce are huge fans and Jay-Z just talked them up a bunch recently. Not to mention they appear on the soundtrack for the new Twitlight film (not something I’m proud of, but they’re reaching an audience that probably has no idea what Pitchfork is)).

  57. Jimmy/Boston says

    Alex, I never heard of any of those singers you’re talking about. I don’t think people are upset so much about the kiss, but grinding a guy into your crotch on a program mostly watched by youngsters was in poor taste. What I’m getting at is we never hear about a masculine acting well known gay man who is out. There has to be at least one current football, baseball, or hockey player or someone in entertainment(actor, singer, etc), very well known, who is not a caricature of what most of straight society thinks a gay man should act like. My own mother asked me why he(Lambert) looks and acts like a clown.

  58. Paula says

    So Mr. Lambert your obscene gestures were a result of “being in the moment”? So does this mean when you perform next and you have to use the restroom you will just be in the moment and do that on stage? That is what our world is going to become if you are not sorry and see the wrongness of your actions. You are WRONG to do what you did on national television gay or straight WRONG. Every critique is not about you being gay sir. If you cannot control yourself in the moment feelings then I think you are to dangerous to perform on national television again, for the sake of the young fans, (who by the way voted for you)! You are not sorry for your actions, but proud of them, which makes you a spin doctor on all the fans you betrayed despite there support on American Idol. For shame Mr. Lambert.

  59. natalie says

    honestly i think his performance was not shocking watsoever and people need to get over it.. seriously it’s not anything u haven’t seen before… and to say that it could harm kids in any way is just stupidity cuz they see this every day… i see it every day… in public, on tv, on the internet… it never ends… give our kids some credit… they’re smarter than u think. also i dont really go for the screaming singer i do think that adams performance was great… i love the song and the lyrics and he knows how to put on a good show…