1. ruby says

    but she was just on ellen at 4pm pst. how can she already be rehearsing in montreal? the thanksgiving miracle?
    i hear you matthew, and i’ll be 41 in a few weeks. doh! she won me over at the march in dc.
    i think part of it is i find her so refreshing: she can sing, communicate, write and perform music, make a statement, etc without (so far) all the drugs, missing panties, tmz coverage, etc.

  2. charles Fournier says

    I’m from MTL and i just came back from her show. After 2h in line under the rain, a weird performance by semi-precious weapons and another 1,5h of waiting, she finally showed up at 22h. The high tech and very creative scene is definetly a plus. Everything went fine in the jamed Bell Center. The slippery stage caused dancers and gaga to fall a few times. Yet not apparent injuries. The show was worth the very affordable 65$

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