1. says

    Gorgeous photos and what an eloquent, smart, beautiful boy–he looks so much like his father.
    Tarnation is one of the best documentaries of the last decade.

  2. GregV says

    The video and accompanying text never actually mention or suggest that either of his parents is not heterosexual. Only a reader/viewer already familiar with his dad would be aware of that aspect. The video tells a more typical story of a kid who’s parents have split up and who has lived with his mom and now has moved in with his dad.

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    Following on GREGV, I read a book of accounts from kids of gay parents, most from previous straight marriages. None of them had an issue (or much of a care) about their parent’s gayness, but they did have trouble over the divorce/separation. They could accept the gayness and the new partner/spouse just fine, but they still wanted their first set of parents back together. A sad commentary on divorce and the homophobia that leads some gay folks to lead the straight life. Not good for the kids.

  4. Thomasina says

    @GregV: This is one of several reasons I dislike the term “partner”–because it blots out a couple’s sexuality even when their intent is not to closet themselves. At the end of the short film, a paragraph comes up that starts, “Joshua and his father, Jonathan Caouette, a filmmaker, live…with Mr. Caouette’s partner of 11 years, a gardner….” You are correct that one would have to know something about Mr. Caouette already to understand that the gardener “partner” is male, especially given that the son talks in the film about his mother and father also having been unmarried “partners.” I also dislike the use of the term “partner” because, depending on the context, it absolutely fails to imply a romantic relationship among either homosexuals OR heterosexuals. If someone introduces me to someone else and calle him or her a “partner,” I usually assume they have a business together, not that they are romantically or sexually involved.

  5. Obvious says

    This is the kid from the independent movie Bi The Way, Obviously the writer did not see that movie or do any research.