Yalies of the Day


Love this photo – by Daniel Carvalho at the Yale Daily News.

Apparently, 25-year-old evangelical preacher Jesse Morrell has been attracting a crowd on campus:

"While Morrell failed to attract much attention from passersby during his first two days on campus, on Thursday afternoon, about 100 Yalies gathered to watch him rail against moral corruption at Yale. Several of those gathered wondered aloud if Morrell actually believed the things he said, and others heckled during his sermon, while others still took photos and videos on their cell phones. 'It seems like he’s really enjoying this, frankly,' Jeremy Poindexter ’11."


  1. jimmyboyo says


    I could fit 15 of those

    LOL I’m a Big time heathen and will end up the Devil’s boyfriend…that is if the fairytale of the devil was real

    All You others r pollyanas

  2. Greg says

    New Haven would have a tax base and wouldn’t be such a pit if it wasn’t for Yale.

    Yale faculty can be fun as can grad students, but Yale undergrads are generally horrid (as they continue to be throughout their lives.) I was shocked, year after year, to see them fling themselves back into the closet upon graduation when they realized they’ll lose their Yale-bestowed privilege if they didn’t conform…. It really puts the previous 4 years into perspective. That said, it was fun fucking my way through all the colleges, well, mostly fun, not being able shut up without a cock in their mouths was a common flaw.

  3. daws says

    I lol’d when I saw “Obama Voters” on his board. Nice that gays and women with a brain are condemned. I’m surprised minorities weren’t on there…maybe on the front side. Lol, sorry but it just sounds like all the cool people will be partying in Hell.

  4. says

    LOL, I love how two guys kiss in front of him! Kind of makes you wonder about the his right to free speech though? I mean he should be able to say what he wants but then again if he’s causing a public nusance…hhmm. 😉 peace

  5. Jeff Dunivant says

    I have not seen so much talk about religion since the “tent revival’s” of the 1970’s when I was a youngster. There has always been religious nutcase’s in my family; why do you think I ended up far away from them. Congrats to those people in the picture; somebody needs to put a face of the movement.

  6. DD says

    Leonard, he is saying what he wants. So are the other guys, and they’re not preventing him from saying what he wants. He’s using threats and they’re defying them, since those threats are based on superstition and judgement. That’s free speech in action. I’ve got plenty of respect for the process, if not for that individual.

  7. EM says

    Nice list by why aren’t ‘war mongering bloodthirsty corrupt greedy Republicans’ on there?

    And Leonard, the point is, he IS being allowed his ‘freedom of speech’ by being able to walk around with a board telling certain people they are going to HELL. So he should get what he deserves if he
    chooses to incite people. It’s his own fault and he only has himself to blame for any adverse publicity HE incites. He doesn’t have to go out and antagonise people. He could go and dole out soup at his local shelter or help those in need like the good christian he obviously is.

  8. Arkarian says

    “Obama Voters”
    Huh? Why’s that on the list? I know “god” says blacks can;t be priests, but nothing against president that i know of. Looks like someones racism is leaking into that…

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