1. ealan says

    I hope they take that badge. If all it takes is a snowball to make him draw on somebody, he’s dangerous. I remember a few years ago, a man i philly (not a cop) actually shot & killed a kid for hitting him with a snowball.

  2. veg says

    Sorry, but pelting someone with ice balls (and that is what snowballs feel like) is an assault. I have been assaulted like that on the streets and it is almost as violent as any other kind of assault. Getting hit in the face is extremely dangerous.

    What is even worse is that these were grown adults in a mass fight, snowball or otherwise, play or real, in the streets of the city.

    Sorry, but there’s no excuse for such infantile behavior in a city space prone to violent acts.

    If you want to play go find a private backyard or a park! 14th Street is near 16th Street and Rock Creek Park.

    The cop was being assaulted without his doing ANYTHING to provoke it by ADULTS, and I don’t give a damn if they were straight, gay, black or white.

    The snowballers were lucky not to get arrested for CLEARLY disorderly conduct in the middle of a city street.

  3. says

    Chill out, VEG. This was a snowball fight that people posted about on twitter and facebook in one of the bar/club districts of DC. Everyone showed up knowing what was going to happen. Don’t be such a grinch.

  4. Rob says

    This detective was not pelted with iceballs. He was safely ensconced in his own truck. He happened to be driving through an intersection where a friendly snowball fight was occurring. This guy must have a very short fuse. I’m sure it would be, at least, annoying to have your vehicle hit by a snowball or two in the space of the few seconds it takes to cross an intersection.

    Washington is not known for getting massive snowfalls. Many of the residents have moved from countries that see little or no snow, and something like this is truly exciting for them.

    Apparently, the location was an unfortunate choice. It sounds like a spontaneously planned community celebration that would have ended up, after a while, to be a pleasant memory for the participants had it not been for the overreaction of this detective.

    Maybe the President will invite them all over to the White House to make nice over a beer, no, make that hot chocolate!

    When it comes to snow, we could all take a lesson from dogs and kids. Relax, people.

  5. jeffrey says

    This is precisely what’s wrong with having lax gun laws. Far too often, when someone has easy access to one, a gun is pulled when a few WORDS might suffice. People feel powerful when they hold a gun and unfortunately that leads to pulling the trigger in many cases. This country is insane.

  6. Nick says

    Seriously, Veg?

    First of all, as you can see in the clip all the snowballs are practically disintegrating in the air, not exactly deadly iceballs. Secondly, it’s not like he got snowball sniped walking down a deserted street…there’s clearly hundreds of people around, in a snowball fight. A peaceful one. AND he’s not even on duty!

  7. DR says

    Just to get it out of the way, what a bunch of self-entitled, immature little brats some of these kids were. The snow is coming down at almost an inch an hour, so they decide to go and have a massive snowball fight, on the city streets, and hit other moving vehicles. Yeah, really bright. Think, kids!

    Having said that, the detective was in the wrong. There was no need to pull a gun on these kids, it was a case of wrong place and wrong time. He needs to be reprimanded, big time. People were clearly frightened to the point other police had to be called in! I would love to know what he thought was going to happen when he gets out of the car and starts waving a gun at an intersection full of people!

    Lots of bad decisions all around.

  8. JIM says

    This officer did the right thing. He unholstered his weapon and kept it pointed in a safe direction (down). This is the exactly correct action to take when an officer is or sees a civilian being assaulted. I bet the snowball fight stopped in short order. Remember, this world is on the verge of explosion becauase of attitudes and politics. People MUST keep in mind … this ain’t the world it used to be!!

  9. Matt says

    Good Lord, if the potential for possible tragedy wasn’t so real, this would be comic: taking a gun to a snowball fight.

    Brandishing at gun at something like this is something you might not be surprised to hear about from a character under the influence of drugs, not a trained, professional law enforcement officer.

    Thank God, none of the participants also had a firearm and pulled it.

    This could have made for a tragic Christmas, and lives could have been changed forever.

    This could have been deadly serious, and the detective was incredibly irresponsible.

    I hope there is enough video, yet unreleased, that will help counter the cover-up and damage control that is, no doubt, being concocted.

  10. Mark says

    Jim, if this is standard operating procedure and such a sound, common practice, why is it garnering national attention?

    To quote Charlie Brown, “Good Grief!” These people were having a harmless snowball fight on a Saturday afternoon when the city was virtually on shut-down due to snow. They weren’t exactly disrupting traffic during a weekday rush hour.

    I am a strong supporter of law enforcement. But, it’s this kind of overreaction that tarnishes the profession and makes the public lose respect for the good, responsible professionals in law enforcement. Wrong is wrong.

  11. Alex says

    Pity the poor uniformed cop who had to respond and try to defuse the situation. Anyone not paying attention may this he’s the perp.

  12. 33mhz says

    This is so far the best argument I’ve ever seen in favor of gun control: a disturbing number of both cops and civilians think it’s acceptable behavior to bring a gun to a snowball fight.

    Go institutionalize yourself if you think that’s acceptable; you’ll get the tightly controlled, authoritarian lifestyle you hunger for when you’re in a padded cell.

  13. bobbyjoe says

    What’s next on his agenda, calling a SWAT team to help him deal with someone spiking the egg nog?

  14. taxpayer says

    I had a run in with a black DC cop and he was totally in the wrong but wanted to keep this white faggot in his place. This story is about a racist black cop.

  15. Wade says

    It appears to me to be a group of young adults basically playing in the snow in a pretty decent (based on the buildings in the background) neighborhood. A vehicle is hit with one of the snowballs. All of the sudden a black man jumps out of a truck and displays a weapon. It turns out that the man is a detective — apparently plain clothes.

    A commenter above defends this detective’s response as “the exactly correct action to take.”

    I doubt that. But, if it’s the case, wouldn’t it also be the exactly correct to simultaneously and immediately display your badge in the other hand and shout that you are a law enforcement officer so that a panic is not started?

    Does any of the video show the detective displaying a badge with his weapon or show him declaring himself to be law enforcement?

  16. Rowan says

    @ Joe


    “What’s next on his agenda, calling a SWAT team to help him deal with someone spiking the egg nog?”

    It’s snow!!!!

  17. John says

    @ Niles and Taxpayer

    Yes, a great racial injustice has been committed here.

    After all the suffering the white people have endured at the hands of those cruel Africans, it is only right that they should be allowed to have their snowball fights.

    You two are definitely not overreaching at all.

    What we have is an idiot with a gun. He should be disciplined for his reckless behavior. But I can assure you it is not some widespread conspiracy against your people and their love of snow.

  18. taxpayer says

    @John: Did someone mention conspiracy? Great racial injustice? Your people and their love of snow? You, sir, are stupid.

  19. Andy says

    Why does something like this so often take on a racial slant? Whether the detective was black, white, or orange, he grossly overreacted, and there could have been a tragedy.

  20. Rafaelr says

    I’ve lived in D.C. for 17 years. The D.C. police is mediocre at best. The new chief Lanier is not qualified and made some very poor decisions. This is not the first time that a D.C. officer (either in uniform or undercover) has pulled a gun or worse killed a youth who stole a bike or was killed by a another officer at a club. They are too quick to pull the gun.

  21. bren says

    I was walking around DC at that time. There were no cars in the streets, no stores or business open, nothing. It was like a ghost town. I walked down Virginia Avenue to the national mall and only passed one car (a police car as well). The streets were the same as the parks: empty except for people enjoying the snow.

  22. Randy Novak says

    He deserves a medal for not capping that particularly fat-mouthed bitch. What a pack of assholes.

  23. John says

    “This story is about a racist black cop.”

    I suppose there’s no mention of racism here.

    “If they had been brothers no gun would have been pulled”

    Or here.

    White people always start up with the racial nonsense and then pretend it is the blacks’ fault when there’s a negative reaction to their incitement. One can only conclude that they enjoy causing mischief, but are also too cowardly to take any actual responsibility for it.

  24. says

    I am absolutely annoyed that a) people are trying to make this a race issue and b) a class issue. Just because people organized the snowball fight via facebook and Twitter does not make them over privileged “trustifarians” . Get over your own classist issues and see the real problem here. a snowball hit a truck and a guy pulled a freaking’ GUN. absolutely uncalled for. A plain-clothed off-duty detective pulled a GUN on bunch of people throwing snowballs. Guy deserves his badge yanked. There are consequences for your actions its something we all have to learn the hard way.

  25. Alex says

    The race of any of the participants should be irrelevant.

    A supposedly mature, trained, law-enforcement professional — without identifying himself — drew his weapon on people throwing snowballs because his personal vehicle had been hit. I can’t imagine how many guidelines this must have violated.

    Given his training, if he truly felt threatened, shouldn’t he have used his cell phone to call for back-up before exiting his vehicle.

    I suspect this is a man abusing his position because he was annoyed at the snowballers. Sad.

  26. hephaestion says

    I live in the neighborhood of this snowball fight. There were no stores open yesterday or today due to the snow, and there was no auto traffic to speak of, but they should have had the snowball fight two blocks north in Meridian Hill Park.
    I don’t know how they made any snowballs because I live two blocks south of this incident and I couldn’t get ANY snow to pack at ALL. A bunch of people had another giant snowball fight in the park at Dupont Circle fountain and there was no trouble at all there. CNN said this incident happened in the middle of downtown DC but it was a good mile north of downtown DC.

  27. John in Boston says

    LOL! We got at least a foot of heavy snow in Boston; streets have been cleared, stores and whatnot are all open. Baltimore south, ANY snow and people can’t drive, everything shuts down. Funny.

  28. Wheezy says

    @ Taxpayer,

    If he’d been a white cop, he’d still have been a douchebag. His race is irrelevant…except to dopes like you.

    The streets were empty, the city more or less shut down. The folks were throwing loose clumps of snow at each other, not ice balls. One hit his car. He over reacted and flashed his gun rather than his badge. Race is not an issue. His incompetence *IS*.

  29. Dave says

    A friend of mine was present. He said the whole thing was all in good fun and that a couple of marked police vehicles driven by uniformed officers had driven through the snowball “fight” and never said a word. The guys even gave a hand to some vehicles that were having trouble. Then this guy driving a Hummer shows up and loses it. How threatened would you feel by a snowball if you were in a Hummer? A gun and a Hummer. If this detective dude needs this kind of compensation, make that over-compensation, he’s pathetic.

  30. TheNiebur says

    “White people always start up with the racial nonsense and then pretend it is the blacks’ fault when there’s a negative reaction to their incitement.”

    So nice to see that YOU don’t fall into that racial nonsense, John. YAY you…

    Why does ANY post here ALWAYS turn into this shit about race? Grow the f#ck up, people! Geez…

  31. TonyRz says

    This country is so, SO fucked.

    That cop was completely out of control, and I’m just talking after he put his gun away, looking at some of the YouTubes.

    A once-in-a-century snowstorm, but all citizens must stay indoors cowered in fear of the crazy, gun-wielding, Hummer driving douchebag cops. Jesus H. Christ.

  32. Sean says

    Dear god! Race is unimportant here. This guy violated every sensible and written policy in the book.

    1.) It wasn’t his place to handle this “situation.”
    2.) If he felt it was his duty to do so he should get out of the car, show his badge and tell those involved to stop.
    3.) If they fail to comply call for backup, in the form of uniformed officers and have them tell everyone to stop.
    4.) Don’t EVER pull a gun on people posing no threat of violence and start demanding their compliance.

    I say take that assholes badge.

    Stupidity comes in all colors and this guy just proved it all over the internet.

    He needs a new job. Preferably one that, to borrow a phrase, involves touching shit with his hands.

  33. Gus says

    Spoiled brats play in the streets and whine when made to stop interfering with public safety. If I was driving down the street, I would have called the cops, grow up. Next…

  34. Dan says

    What do you want to bet that the damn Hummer is red? Look at me, dudes!

    This guy is a joke. If he wasn’t dangerous, he’d be funny.

  35. stewart says

    okay so the kids could have perhaps been well advised to do this at a park of course, but being as there was no real violence per se and there were no reports of vandalism and damage?
    It seems like drawing a fire arm was over the top, a big smile and a badge held high over his head with a call to order might have been more apropos…as is often done several times a day all over the country in all sorts of other humorous situations, here is where the theory of escalation of force runs amok, it was a snow ball fight, not a bottle and rock throwing riot?

  36. stewart says

    uh matt? it is national story, CNN to the LA TIMES and around the globe, it is the age of the inter net ya know?

  37. john says

    They deserved to be taught a lesson. If I was bombarded with flying projectiles I would tell them to stop. Its an assault. You think its all fun and games. Even if he was in the car, it can cause damage, distrupting the condition of the driver, it could have cause collisions. If this wasn’t such a civil society I would have pulled the trigger on these punks.

  38. grego says

    I wonder what that cop did in grade school after getting bopped by a dodge ball? Seriously – google “court rulings on excessive use of force.” You can’t legally shoot someone who might hit you with a snowball any more than you could shoot someone who had hit you with one :)