First Look: Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga for M.A.C. Viva Glam


Here's the first image from a M.A.C. Viva Glam cosmetics campaign for Spring 2010 featuring Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga. Lauper and Lady Gaga are the newest faces of the M.A.C. AIDS Fund, which has donated over $135 million to fight IV/AIDS since 1994.

PopCrunch: "Gaga Lipstick and Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick, $14 each, will launch in
North America on March 18 and globally throughout the month, with 100
percent of the proceeds being donated to the MAC AIDS Fund." 


  1. fabrizio says

    What a great pic!! I would love for both of them to do a duet! Can you imagine Ms. Lauper and Ga Ga doing a song together? That would be A W E S O M E !!! Both ladies are amazingly talented!!

  2. Paul R says

    I saw Gaga in San Francisco last night and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen lots!). I expected it to last about an hour and it was more than two, and every aspect was incredible.

  3. Sonic says

    Ironic that these two are together because I think Gaga is the new Cyndi Lauper!

    She has exploded at the top and is VERY talented however, like Cindy, I think her image is going to restrict her and she will loose her staying power to the masses just like Miss Lauper did toward the end of the 1980’s!

    The new Madonna Gaga is not!

  4. jason says

    They both look like a couple of boner dykes posing for a sleazy straight man’s magazine. Shame on them. I loathe such images.

    And to think they’re doing it for AIDS! Give me a break! This is yet another example of how the cosmetics industries promotes images of women that pander to male heterosexual fantasy.

    Lady Ga Ga and Cyndi are an embarrassment to our community.

  5. Paul R says

    Anyone who has seen Gaga do an entire show will say that Gaga is the new Madonna. Not that Madonna probably cares much at this point, or there’s much reason to debate about the future of pop music. I loved Cyndi in the 80s, but she pulled herself out of the game. Gaga has already had more hits and is much younger (no offense to Cyndi, but her career didn’t take off until fairly late).

    I actually worry that Gaga is going to overextend herself and collapse. She is everywhere and seemingly inexhaustible.

  6. jason says

    Lady GaGa is a tacky cow who has exploited gay male allegiance to build a power base. At the same time, she sells herself using lipstick lesbian imagery which plays into the hands of sleazy straight men who think gay men are disgusting.

    Lady Ga Ga is essentially promoting a subservient form of female bisexuality – ie subservient to straight men.

  7. says

    @jason: Just shut the f*ck up

    @gaga and cyndi: you look amazing and do amazing work! Thanks for giving back in the ways you do!

  8. John Normile says

    Chill Out Jason.. Lots of hetero feminists are into cosmetics these days some sort of evolution of feminism

  9. Pescopo says

    PAUL R: I agree with everything you said except for “Gaga has already had more hits… ”
    Look at Cyndi’s list of hits. She had at least 4 or 5 very successful singles off her breakthrough album “She’s so unusual” (Time after Time, She Bop, Money Changes Everything, All Through the Night, Girls Just Wanna have Fun… ) Add those to her 2nd. album’s hits (True Colors, Change of Heart, What’s going on…) plus those off her “A Night to Remember” album, and you’ll see that Gaga hasn’t had as many hits as Cyndi. I am not saying that she may not surpass Cyndi’s success in terms of hits, but that just hasn’t happened so far.

  10. alguien says

    i’m no fan of gaga’s music but i absolutely do not question the sincerity of her support for the gay community or AIDS prevention & cure.

    like her music or not, she IS one of our best allies and jason needs to hide is bitter head in a tea room somewhere and see if he can alleviate what seems to be a perpetual dudgeon.

  11. judez says

    what the h*ll is a boner dyke?!!
    I didn’t for a second think they were trying to look like lovers. And I’m a “real” dyke who reads lesbian sexuality into everything (ha ha). Plus, a MAC ad focused on straight men? uh, no. Simmer down Jason. Cyndi has done more for the gay community than just about anyone.

  12. crispy says


    Rejoice, rejoice… we cannot let this monumental occasion go unnoticed. It’s a Christmas-time miracle. Merry Bisexual Double Standards to all!

  13. Marco says

    I second or third or fourth the “Jason, what the hell?” comments and add that I think the photo is nice, if unspectacular.

    I am not a huge Ga Ga fan, although I enjoy having an odd popstar ala Grace Jones on the charts again. I fear she’s going to reach overexposure soon. Sure, same was said about Madonna, but there are a lot more avenues to get overexposed now than in Madonna and Cyndi’s heyday.

  14. Justin says

    How sad to see that instead of being glad that this two decided to do something nice for our community “some” are leaving nasty comments. Cyndi Lauper has done so much for our community and she doesn’t have to…I truly admire her for being real and for being true to herself. Cyndi did it her way without following trends and is still one of the most amazing artists out there. Cyndi didn’t hire the latest trend to be cool…She is cool by making wonderful music and while her record company wanted her to promote her last album Bring Ya To The Brink..she decided to do the True Colors Tours to bring awareness for the LGBT. Hats off to Ms. Ga Ga and Ms Lauper for being friends of our community….sad to see the bitterness of some people…but this is a great photo and a great cause! I will continue to support Cyndi’s music as well as Ms. Ga Ga’s music for their kindness towards our community!

  15. Tell it like it is says

    To Paul R. –

    Who cares if Cyndi didn’t hit it big when she was 16 or 20…she still became an international superstar.

    And who said she wanted to be like Madonna and take over the world and be the most famous person on the plant? Maybe that was not her goal. Maybe her goal was just to sing and be an artist. It is not all about fame.

    Hell – Susan Boyle did not become famous until she was almost 50, but she still has a great voice and the biggest selling album right now.

    So save it. The Madonna vs. Cyndi thing is so over. And I don’t think she is trying to compete against Gaga either. Just be herself.

  16. fabrizio says

    Cyndi wanted to be an artist and by looking back at everything she’s done…She was able to accomplish her goal! She writes her own songs, produce her own albums and does her own videos. In the world of “real artist” Cyndi Lauper is someone well respected…and she can actually sing! I don’t think people realized how much she really does for our community! Her tireless work for the LGBT Community is real and welcome by many fans! I can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work for ALL of US!!

  17. says

    I agree with Jason. It’s refreshing to hear this infrequently heard point of view amidst a bunch of cheerleaders, especially regarding another overblown dance music singer.

    I loathe her wholesale public embrace of “the gay community” as it only perpetuates the idea that homos are another herd of single-minded cows.

    Jason, keep talking.

  18. crispy says

    You agree with Jason? You know he’s like functionally retarded, right?

    It’s like hearing Rain Man say “It’s 10 minutes to Wapner,” and thinking, wow, he’s right… it IS 10 minutes to Wapner.

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