Gay Malawian Couple Who Married in Symbolic Wedding Arrested


Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, who 'married' in a symbolic ceremony at Mankhoma Lodge in Blantyre on Saturday, defying the nation's anti-gay laws, have been arrested:

 "[Chibalanga and Monjeza] are to be charged with gross public indecency, police say. 'We arrested them because they committed an offence; homosexuality in Malawi is illegal,' police spokesman Davie Chingwalu told the BBC.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza held a traditional engagement ceremony over the weekend – believed to be the first gay couple in Malawi to do so.

Homosexuality carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years in Malawi.

The pair are being held in separate cells in Blantyre until their case is heard, Mr Chingwalu told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

They are due to appear in court on Wednesday."

Two Men Defy Anti-Gay Laws, Wed in Symbolic Ceremony in Malawi [tr]

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  1. says

    I think the US government need to re evaluate where it decides to go to war, and where the interest needs to be placed internationally. Oil…..saving lives…….. I am not sure really which one means more to them…………wait i am but its still not right.

  2. says

    What the hell is going on in Africa?

    Is it just that there’s finally some media attention towards the draconic policies towards gays in some of these countries now . . . or is this all just reaching a boiling point now?

    In any case, I am glad Andy is covering all of this and I hope some international pressure can be put on some of these countries for human rights violations.

  3. CKNJ says

    These guys took a brave stand, and it’s sad that they have been mistreated so badly!

    I am from Africa and it appalls and galls me when I see how governments that have much more important things to take care of, people to care for, poverty to overcome… take the time out to piss on the rights of their fellow citizens. All this in the name of morality? Are they kidding? These African regimes have their morals totally misplaced!

    The worst part is these governments, by turn, harm the well-being of the rest of the population because if we feel any kind of outrage and try to pressure them (sanctions?) then everyone suffers by proxy. I guess one has to hope that if the straight citizens feel the pressure they will in turn pressure the government to change their policies. Does that always happen? No. But then one has to assume that if these collaterally affected citizens do nothing, they are complicit in the government’s heinous actions.

    Africa really does show its nasty underbelly when it comes to gay issues… all the way from the ‘Christian’ South to the Muslim North, they have a hideous track record for civil rights!

    At least in South Africa, gay marriage is legal… in fact it was the first country in the world to have discrimination against gay people outlawed in the constitution, not merely on the law books. One progressive beacon of hope. Interesting that South Africa is the most progressive and has the better record on civil rights (for the most part – they are not perfect), whereas these corrupt little bigoted regimes are all in shambles… maybe if they changed their ways other things would change for the better for them too!

  4. Morgan says

    You’d think the 1 million plus orphans would be the priority…or education, AIDS, clean drinking water, food, sanitation. It seems like African leaders want to fail their people. Africa: the world’s most beautiful shit-hole!