Hot Santa Couple Alert: Ryan Barry and Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach


Fitness model and personal trainer Ryan Barry and decorated (and discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell") Lieutenant Colonel Victor Fehrenbach wore their "Hot Santa" outfits to the AIDS Services Foundation fundraiser last night in Orange County.

Barry and Fehrenbach have been dating for several months, says the tipster who passed along this photo. Last we knew Barry was dating SLDN spokesperson and former Air Force officer Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Happy holidays to the couple!


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  1. says

    wow. i’ve been lusting after the Lt Col for months now, having seen him on Maddow a few times. i should have guessed, but had no idea he had THAT body underneath. smart, brave, and gorgeous too. no wonder i’m none of those, he took my share… it’s just so sad he’s been forced out of the service. he’s definitely one of our best, brightest and bravest.

  2. MayoClinic says

    par·a·site (păr’ə-sīt’)

    Biology. An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

    One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
    One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.
    A professional dinner guest, especially in ancient Greece.
    [Latin parasītus, a person who lives by amusing the rich, from Greek parasītos, person who eats at someone else’s table, parasite : para-, beside; see para-1 + sītos, grain, food.]

  3. says

    When I first heard Fehrenbach’s story on Maddow, I thought he was a dignified, respectable role-model. In this picture, he destroys all of that by looking, dressing and acting like a male prostitute.

  4. says

    Oh my sweet Jesus. I might black out.

    And honey, “respectable role-model” or not, if I looked like that with my shirt off, I’d be half naked ALL THE TIME. At home. At work. At church, on Easter Sunday. At the grocery store. During family pictures.


  5. David in Houston says

    If anyone deserves some happiness (in the sack) it’s Colonel Fehrenbach. Based on the photo, he should be VERY happy indeed. *swoon*

  6. FunMe says

    It seems like it was only yesterday that I saw that Ryan guy with Reichen at a GLAAD event in West Hollywood. so much for being “so in love” … it’s all about the next big thing.

    And that Lt. … cover the body, and his face is just OK.

    Honestly, I agree with OH WELL. The Lt. did not really help the cause by exposing his hot body. It just perpetuates the myth that all gays want is a hot body.

    Trust me I love hot bodies and keep mind in check, but come on! Doing this in a charity event to expand the cause?

  7. b mac says

    yes, god forbid he be allowed to have fun and to take pics with his boyfriend. he should learn to be entirely one dimensional.

  8. Jay says

    “So why does the Lt. Col. have правда [Pravda] tattooed on his pec? Was he a fan of the paper?”

    Pravda is the Russian word for “truth,” isn’t it? Maybe that’s the reason, although why he’d have it in russian is a mystery…

  9. Charlie says

    Reichen an SLDN spokesperson? Didn’t that end long ago and badly? Or did someone out there actually buy the alleged naked painting of him that allegedly was to raise money for them before the huckster came calling with the idea for “Fly Reichen” jewelry?

    But, hey, all you droolers – – maybe HRC will start selling a “Christopher Radko Ryan & Victor’s First Christmas” ornament to make up for all the money they lost on their “Christopher Radko Reichen & Lance’s First Christimas” ornament.

    Ryan sure learned from The Master but you’d think Fehrenbach would have learned to do a little more due diligence about his suitors before hooking up after the sex-laced scandal that ended his 18-yr. Air Force career. Well, those Palm Springs temperatures can affect one’s thought processes and when Reichen’s away…..

  10. shane says

    Why is this a post? Did I miss some significance these two guys are supposed to have in the world?

  11. DR says

    I’m torn.

    they should be allowed to have fun, just like the rest of us. who cares?

    on the other hand…if you’re going to put yourself out there as a representative of the community, you do have to be careful.

    overall, with the pic being blocked on my computer and therefore not being able to speak about it, i think the bigger issue is that pics are being snapped and turned into tabloid fodder. we need to be better than that!

  12. RP says

    Oh, please. Good for him for getting laid. Role models are still human. You can fight and be willing to die for your country, but you can’t have a shirtless picture of you in a santa suit? Seriously?

    WTF is with people who think role models must be perfect. Even more WTF is role models that think they need to apologize for not being perfect. (Let’s hope Fehrenbach isn’t one of those.)

  13. grant says

    I first would like to thank you for your service to our great country. I also, would like to extend my great regret that our country can not, at this time, accept us in honor!
    And, last but not least, I want to wish you two a gr8 Christmas and best of the New year!
    God bless!

  14. SFshawn says

    Amazing how quickly people forget that Harvey Milk was a very loud,very foul mouthed jew who smoked tons of pot,slept with tons of (very young) guys and was a total slut. Being sexy and hot and showing off your body doesn’t make you any less of a role model or leader. If more men(straight and gay) became comfortable in their own skin/sexuality the world would be a much more peaceful and sexually enjoyable place to live. Marry whoever you want,fuck whoever you want and keep the government AND organized religion away from my persuit of freedom and happiness.

  15. Christian says

    Everyone who dates REICHEN and gets to know him eventually dumps him and runs.

    Despite what he thinks, Reichen aint all that…tired tired tired.

  16. Reggie says

    I was waiting to see how long it was before the Anti-Reichenites came out. It is a sad commentary on the civility of our times, when the bitchiness and one-liner jabs passes as wit. if their relationship did not work out, there is no cause for rejoicing, or smart ass comments. Why can’t we just hope they both move on peacefully? I, for one wish Reichen and Ryan all the best even if apart. Can’t we just exhibit some good will towards others for a change?

  17. Fed Up says

    God, you bitter queens make me sick. No wonder it’s so hard to win enough straight allies to help win us equal rights. Who in their right mind would want to lift a finger to help any of you miserable sad sacks.

    Btw, “Oh Well” . . . aren’t you late for a Log Cabin Republicans meeting? Or Weight Watchers, for that matter?

  18. Michael @ says

    Lt. Col. Fehrenbach [whose discharge, I believe, is still in process] has done a great deal to advance opposition to DADT, and for that I salute him.

  19. TANK says

    Yeah, because what I really want is a big fat disgusting pigbearman or manbearpig (sorry, building a community around clinical obesity and old age is just masking the truth) covered in clothing…representin’ me. Respectable!

  20. says

    There is nothing wrong with a gay man acknowledging and celebrating his sexuality, especially after he’s been forced to keep it hidden for so long. Good on him for being just as free and open as his straight counterparts could be at a private party.

    And Michael’s right, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach’s firing is still in process. It appears that if the Obama administration has its way, even if DADT is repealed, cases already underway would still be persecuted (not a typo). Details at the link on my name.

  21. Sancho says

    Call me strange or old-school gay, but for me the coolest thing about entering gay social life was to meet writers, artists, actors, politicians, etc. – interesting, talented people whom I never would have known if I’d married a woman, bought a house in the suburbs, and devoted my weekends to keeping my picket fence painted. Meeting personal trainers and fitness models seems kind of banal by comparison, but if that’s Fehrenbach’s personal pursuit of happiness, it’s a free country. I’ll admit to a bit of personal disappointment, though, because on MSNBC he comes across as more substantial than that.

  22. Tony X says

    Yawn Yawn Yawn

    Emaciated – and am I the only one in 2009 that is bored to death with the muscle queens and the endless attention given to them by blogs like Andy’s … when in real life we know they are elitist self-serving a-holes ?

  23. Tony X says

    Being sexy and hot and showing off your body doesn’t make you the least interesting either.

  24. Jim says

    For godssakes, you uptight queens, it was an AIDS fundraiser, not a fucking Repeal DADT rally! I don’t recall Fehrenbach asking to become anyone’s political poster boy, why are you laying this on him? Get a multi-dimensional life, people, and let him live HIS!

  25. Jim says

    Sancho, you’re sounding rather bigoted, assuming that fitness models and personal trainers are somehow less interesting, or at least banal, compared to writers, artists, actors (?!), politicians, etc. I’ve read of many of the former who hold advanced degrees and are very successful business people.

  26. says

    To “Fed Up”:

    Don’t bring your hatred against overweight people into this (or maybe you have weight issues of your own – thou dost protest too much?) Quit being a d*** and leave fat people alone. Some of us happen to love them!

  27. TANK says

    Fat “people”? Listen, porky, fat is unhealthy. SO either shed those pounds, or shut the fuck up.

    And Jim, you’re delusional. Fitness trainers and models aren’t known for their conversation or thinking abilities. I’m sure you’ve met very many fascinating male models and fitness professionals with advanced degrees in health science and business administration…but you’re an idiot, so that’s a pretty low threshold.

  28. Shane says

    What a bunch of skanks. Maybe he can wear the same outfit when he shows up in the Senate to testify in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I’m sure the outfit will give him an enormous amount of professional credibility.

  29. Writer says

    Ryan’s no intellectual slouch. He’s a Phi Beta Kappa graduate in neuropsychology and a Cambridge educated fellow. They were in Cambridge (Ryan studying at Darwin, Victor stationed at Lakenheath) the same 2 years!


  30. says

    I’ll say it, “eeew! hairless mole rats!”

    But yes, I’m glad they’re happy. I personally would prefer they’d be happier with the hair that nature gave them. But then, they’re probably not thinking about me right now. So sad.

  31. says

    Tank, your post is so full of hate I feel sorry for you. You whine like a child and call names. You are either sick or insane or both.

    To Andy – you’ve blocked people before from your site for posting hateful messages, why’d you let this one go? Block him!

  32. userAlert says

    Ryan Barry uses everyone he knows. He constantly is seeing several people always saying they’re just his buddies. He had countless guys on the side while he was with the queen from Amazing Race. He sleeps with guys who have richer boyfriends and they have secret affairs while enjoying the money from the boyfriends of the twinks he sees who are lying to their sugar daddies. Ryan expects everything to be paid for him by the shallow who believe his “good guy act.” He is a tragic trainer in his mid 30’s. The truth is he is a hollow guy who has no problem taking gifts like cars from people who fall in love with him even though he could not care one bit for that persons soul. He currently drives a mercedes given to him by some twink that is in love with him. Meanwhile the twink who gave him the car has a rich older boyfriend who they both lie to and say they are just friends. This is not a good guy. Ryan and the Victor look like major queens. Victor has such a fruity face. Ryan seems to only be photographed with his shirt off. What a cheese ball. Muscle queens like these gay santas give gays a bad name.

  33. observer says

    What has this Ryan Barry fella done for the world other then be shirtless? If he went to Cambridge for this alleged degree, why can he be seen in gyms training people and paying more attention to his own reflection in a mirror than his clients? Would he not be using his psychology studies to better the world? The disgraced Lt. has very creepy looking eyes. Instead of letting grinder website guide them around life from sexual encounter to sexual encounter, maybe they should use the press opportunities to do some good for mankind, keep their shirts on at functions and speak to some issues that matter.

  34. says

    I do look like that with my shirt off, and I’m in medical school, and I’m still dignified enough to keep myself covered.

  35. Алёша says

    I was prepared to think that Victor was not “all that”, just one of the ballyhooed military pinups we all seems to worship around here. However, the fact that he chose to have the word Truth inscribed in Russian above his pectoral makes me wonder—is there more than meets the eye? He might be Russian himself (“Victor” sounds Russian to me). The post-Soviet version of the paper was a rollicking read, not dedushka’s paper! In any case, no periodical can copyright the name.