1. tropos says

    At least “The Situation” seemed to be somewhat aware. Either way, who cares, considering how good he looks. Very cute smile. Totally do-able.

  2. DR says

    it was just as embarrassing when his show would do this to people on the streets. why are we surprised at the stupidity of celebretards?

  3. TANK says

    I just have one question. When Snooki got sucker punched, was she giving the thumbs up when she was going down?

  4. anthony says

    only goes to show how self-involved and clueless these people are. Can you imagine the Kardashian idiots trying to answer these questions? Why does America aspire to be ignorant like these idiots? I don’t get it.

  5. rhintheham says

    You would think that at the least Pauly and The Situation would know who the hell Ol’ Blue Eyes is.