Jersey Shore‘s ‘The Situation’ Enjoys the Attention of Gay Men


Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino (aka 'The Situation') tells E!'s Marc Malkin that he enjoys the attention he gets from gay men:

"I'm very confident in being Italian. I'm proud to have
spiky hair and I'm proud to have my six-pack. Whoever doesn't like it,
I'm not really too worried about it because everybody should love
themselves. If you don't love yourself, who will? I'll be honest, I like the attention [from gay men]. I'm flattered if there are guys with different preferences that have crushes on me."

In related news, Rich over at FourFour has posted one of his thorough wrap-ups of episode two.


  1. differingview says

    Excellent for him, make that money, get those fans, don’t isolate one group to get to another; he is showing many others how it is done…yeah he is sexy and I love a Jersey boy on the downlow because they know what they are doing

  2. TANK says

    Please, if anyone has any information that could help me locate my dog, I’d greatly appreciate it. He’s got a broad flat nose, like a garden gnome, and big bushy eyebrows that he plucks and trims. Hair on his back that I have shaved relgiously. I named him after an eighties yazoo song called the situation, but he responds to the name gino, too. He’s about five feet ten standing up (I have to help him with that as his legs are completely deflated)…

  3. JTlvr says

    Jersey Shore is a trainwreck, but it’s sexy trash TV that I can’t stop watching. My gaydar def goes off when the camera’s on Mike. He doesn’t seem all that straight to me. I’d absolutely work over that Situation.

  4. differingview says

    Tank are you talking about what you Mom had to endure to look decent after hauling your ass out of her tired clap trap.

  5. TANK says

    that didn’t even make sense, differing. I understand that you don’t have a good brain, but put some effort into making sense.

  6. Fred says

    Anyone think Mike became less hot when Ronnie ran off with the skank he was interested in, and then Mike started macking on Snickers in the tub? Like so many of these types, he seems to be hiding or afraid or something, compensating, whatever… also, I think he’s short, am I wrong?

  7. Michael says

    He needs to stop pouting over the girl and find someone new…he is looking kind of pathetic right now. I do think he is a genius by playing up The Situation to the point of having girls having it screenprinted on their shorts – very smart.

  8. DR says

    I’m torn on this. More reality TV “celebrities”. Why should we care, or be surprised, especially considering the overall trend of gay-friendly MTV? He’ll get his 15 minutes of fame, then God willing will fade back into happy obscurity. On the other hand, well, it’s nice to hear that he appreciates the attention and respects it, never know who might listen to him.

    Overall, I’ll put it in the “thanks for caring, and have a nice life once your TV show is done” category.

  9. richard s says

    Very Drudge Report , you could have worded the headline a little less luridly. Not have it all in a disrespectful tone. Tolerance works both ways gentlemen.

  10. shannon says

    THIS is why you dudes need to STOP every time some “straight” dude come along ans takes his shirt off you fall the fuck out “he is so hot”! THIS GUY IS DISGUSTING…GROSS AND UGLY! And it shows the lack of self love for yourselves!

  11. Dave says

    Hey, you guys! We are allowed to look at this guy who takes his shirt off on TV! Tell everyone!

    Come on. Is our collective self-esteem still so low that non-negative statements from reality show participants are news? Every time a hot straight guy comes along and acknowledges that gay men are able to see him, it’s posted on here. We get it. Move along.

  12. DR says

    and yet every time a straight guy says “faggot” you all are ready to have him drawn and quartered. nice to see the positive as well as the negative.

  13. Russell says

    This is definitely not appealing… he is so not “portable”…where could you ever take him?

  14. rhintheham says

    >I think he’s short, am I wrong?

    I don’t think any of them hit 6 feet with the possible exception of Vinny, the youngest. Ron-Ron is barely a head taller than Snooki, and she’s 4’9″!

  15. Fredo777 says

    I don’t watch the show, but I appreciate any positive, accepting comments such as these without any snark or b*tchiness. Wish some of my fellow GLBT fam could do the same.

  16. SeanR says

    And I thought his name was derived from the song out of ‘Oliver’… cue Ron Moody (Fagin), as so many of ye want to ‘review the situation’…: