Leading Catholic Cardinal: Gays ‘Will Never Enter Heaven’

Barragan Mexican Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan unleashed a torrent of offensive remarks about gays and trans people yesterday.

Said Barragan, the retired head of the Vatican's Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers: "Transsexuals and homosexuals will never enter the kingdom of heaven and it is not me who says this, but Saint Paul. People are not born homosexual, they become homosexual, for different reasons: education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence. It may not be their fault, but acting against nature and the dignity of the human body is an insult to God. Homosexuality is therefore a sin, but this does not justify any form of discrimination. God alone has the right to judge. We on earth cannot condemn, and as human beings we all have the same rights."

Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi responded to reporters' requests for a reaction:

"First of all I would like to point out that the site, pontifex.roma.it, lacks authority and is not a good source for understanding with objectivity the church's thoughts on complex and delicate issues like evaluating homosexuality. It would be better, for example, to refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which does talk about homosexual acts as 'disordered,' but takes into account the fact that 'the number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. [Homosexuals] must be welcomed with respect and sensitivity, and 'every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.'"


  1. Wondering says

    Did the Cardinal make any comment about pedophile priests & their accomplices getting into Heaven? Just curious. What about the Bishops, Archbishops & Cardinals who hid, sheltered & covered up decades of sexual abuse in Ireland? Pass to Heaven, or not so fast? Just wondering.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Gays may “not enter heaven,” but they also won’t enter hell, as I have a feeling Satan will be too busy down there lunching on the soulless, hateful, greedy, pedophile-enabling leaders of the Catholic church to even think twice about gays.

  3. J. Bocca says

    Listen Asshole, Maybe your the one who didn’t develop his own identity during adolescence considering you’re the one who joined a cult. Now please take this magical land you call *Heaven* and shove it up your ass.

  4. rae says

    if they think we’re going to hell, fine. let them think whatever they want. just don’t make it hell on earth for us too.

  5. stephen says

    can we all stop pretending that the Catholic Church is somehow deserving of any kind of respect?! It’s nothing more than a hate-group.

    Gays need to express to immediate friends & family that they must distance themselves from this organization asap.

    If people were joining other hate groups, would we remain silent?

  6. walter says

    Remember heaven is filled with all the pedophile priests bishops and even popes you would be safer in hell. statements like this then they say everyone hates them any wonder tax the bigots

  7. JTlvr says

    From my Catholic school days, I know many gays who’ve experienced heaven and seen God. Usually in the rectory..

  8. says

    As a Mexican gay man and a catholic, I feel completely irritated and annoyed when supposedly wise men of my church, a Prince of the Church, use the worst choice of words possible.

    To think that a man assumes he has the answers to everything that happens in the after life and can tell what my God thinks is beyond words and it saddens me.

    We are living in a time and age of education, tolerance, love, and acceptance. The words of the Christ should ring louder than ever. And yet again, some people of the Catholic church affect how we are seen and thought of.

    I’m so glad there are places like this one where more views can be discussed and people can come up with their own opinion based on truly educated responses and thoughts.


  9. says

    Ok… So I’m reading that gays aren’t going to heaven – I can accept that as it’s a personal “thing” I have to deal with if I’m inclined to do so.

    I’m also reading that gays should have the same rights as everyone else. True equality would include marriage to the ones we love – since obviously a 100% gay person can’t possibly love another of opposite sex the same way as a heterosexual.

    So… Reading more into it, this *leading* Cardinal supports gay marriage and all the other rights of equality we’ve been fighting for. Yay!

    Forget hell, this is Heaven! Of course that’s why the Vatican spokesman discounts the Cardinal’s words. Bah… Hum… Bug… Scrooge!

  10. ty says

    Hell sounds like much more fun. There is an open Grey Goose sponsored bar and Shrimp Cocktails for everyone !!

  11. says

    Seriously… Who the Fuck cares?? Does anyone really even want to entertain the possibility of spending eternity with this person?

    Demented religionists… I sure wish their rapture shit would hurry up and get here!!!

  12. Lars says

    I am an atheist, but were I religious (superstitious) I would rather spend eternity in hell than in heaven with most of the Christians I know.

  13. says

    As a recovering Catholic who attended a truly fucked up parochial school for 8 long years and skipped Cathoclism courses in high school, you guys pretty much summed it up. Never Neverland, Alice in La La Land, Santa and the Easter Bunny are things I would compare to the farce that is the Catholic church’s belief system. The only reason we have to pay attention to their nonsense (i.e. bullshit), is because they are moving towards setting policy in this country, and that’s not something I’m prepared to allow happen.

  14. jeffg166 says

    I’m going to gay heaven where it will be FABULOUS forever. Jeebus will be coming for brunch a lot to get away from all the christians in christian heaven.

  15. TANK says

    He used saul to defend his position on gay people? It is true that christianity is paul’s invention. He must hate women just as much as saul did…and a lot of other things. Paul was a raving lunatic.

    I don’t think that a legitimate disagreement can obtain after full disclosure between a religions person and a nonreligious person. Especially not one of the major christian demoninations, which make the most absurd claims about life after death, and choirs of angels…you either have to be actively supressing your critical thinking skills (or don’t have them) or are completely batshit to subscribe. And it’s not the suspension of belief that results.

  16. says

    Yeah, like anyone on earth has any authority to influence who goes to heaven or hell…or even has the foresight to know exactly what happens after we die.

    Remember purgatory? One minute it’s there; the next it’s not.

    Heaven and hell is just feared speculation by ignorant men; the statement by this mentally-ill man just enhances my hatred of organized religion due to the biased influences on “church” by prejudiced bigots…….

  17. BillyBoy says

    So the Vatican rejects what he says and he’s no more a leading cardinal than Roland Burris is a leading Senator.

    Next story please…

  18. TANK says

    The vatican didn’t reject what he’s saying. Read carefully. Nowhere did they disagree with his remarks.

  19. New Jersey Girl says

    Beware. These powerful rich religious fucks have saddled up with global corporations and intend to do away with us gays, ala The Holocaust.

    Doubt me? Uganda is the test case. They are holding their breath to see if the rest of the world even cares what is happening to gays in one lil’ old’ country. Barring that, the genocide will commence.

    Hear the seething hate in his voice, the disdain, the loathing for all gays???

    Sounds like Hitler and friends talking about the Jews. And I am old enough to remember it when it happened!

    Are you ready to Bash back yet?

  20. dizzy spins says

    Im not catholic, so its entirely possible one of the apostles said gays couldnt get into heaven–unlikely since “homosexual” as an identity didnt exist then–but possible.

    But Im pretty sure the Bible doesnt say anything about being born gay or not. Did Barragan conduct scientific research to come to this conclusion?

    My experience has been that the people who say we;re not born gay just dont WANT that to be the case. Because if we were born gay, you couldnt say it was wrong. But since being gay is WRONG, we couldnt have been born that way. Circular logic.

  21. sebastien says

    I’m glad someone knows St paul personnaly and can speak on his behalf. i thought he was just an imaginery character. That’s a relief.Sometimes I get confused between reality and fiction .

    I ‘m glad that bisexuals can enter heaven though because he didn’t mention them. That’s cool for them..

  22. NADA says

    Well it’s official you all now see it’s not race that breeds homophobia it’s The act of religion that does.

    SMDH @ these folks!

  23. NADA says

    @ Miss Billyboy you said “So the Vatican rejects what he says and he’s no more a leading cardinal than Roland Burris is a leading Senator.

    Next story please…

    Posted by: BillyBoy | Dec 3, 2009 3:55:22 PM

    You statement was stupid with a tinge of being prejudice at the only black senator in congress who actually believes in total equality..Try asking some of those white men senators what they think??????? BEOTCH

    Some fags…I tell ya. SMDH

  24. says

    Heaven, interesting concept but like the Easter Bunny not real.

    This is it, right here on Earth, your one shot at existence.

    Doesn’t change that the Catholic Church is .. well, I left it the second I could.

  25. patrick nyc says

    Hey Cardinal I hear fuckers are out as well, in fact you are even too ugly for hell, they’ll have to make a special place for those as ugly inside and out.

  26. Fred says

    LGBTs don’t need to listen to the rantings of a church whose obsession is human sexuality. Like the anorexic whose obsession is food, the catholic church’s obsesion is sexuality- loves it so much, teaches about it so much, but don’t know how to act upon it. Look at the sexual molestation cases- the solution the church came up with is 1. SILENCE 2. reshuffling and relocating- there’s your perverted sexuality experts. Your grace is in no position to say who goes to heaven or hell. Only heaven knows how these priests have made a living hell the lives of these young boys who are now permanently damaged.

  27. THREAT 2 DEVIL says

    Do not look to the world for your acceptance.
    Seek only me for I am the one that created you.
    I will give you the holly spirit and your heart will be filled with overwhelming joy.
    Rivers of tears will flow from your eyes as I pour my love over you.
    I will love you and keep you as mine forever.
    I have waited so long.
    Just call my name.

  28. says

    who gives a shit what this pig fucker thinks ? I could care less as I believe none of his superstitions. If he is an example of the inhabitants of heaven … what person in their right mind would want to share eternity with that deeply ugly and black hole of a heart sub human ???

  29. Rob says

    Someone remind me, which level of hell was it that was awash in “miters & Croziers”?

  30. says

    According to most of the people I grew up with, neither will catholics. They aren’t even Christians, according to them. They’re idolaters who bow to a Roman dictator.

    So maybe Miss Thang needs to check herself before she starts shitting on other people… oh wait… too late.

  31. says

    The big book of fairy tales also says that you shall know every tree by its fruit. See in particular Matt. 7:15-20. By that standard, I guess the leaders of the Catholic Church will be joining us queers in hell.

  32. walter says

    here’s a man dressed in a dress living in a mansion while most people in his country live in poverty. and he is talking heaven and hell. i thought the church was supoosed to ease suffering. maybe he should take some of mexico’s city’s homeless into his palace.beside there is no heaven or hell.